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  1. my 2017 silverado does the same thing when i make a sharp right turn, sounds to me theres something sliding in center of the dash near stereo. I would make a sharp left afterwards don't hear it. I have a post on here about this and i done evreything as others said. Like drive in 2wd mode. Can't remember the others but no luck. Again it sounds like plastic on plastic sliding to me, maybe a wire connection not zip tied?
  2. I have a 2017 silverado double cab 1500 z71 LT. I have 5,000 miles on her now. I have been hearing a squeech noise when i turn the steering wheel left or right from a dead stop at a stop sign or signal light. The squeech sound starts out low and revs louder just for a second. Its been doing this now for the past 2 weeks. It doesn't do it all the time. Sounds to me its coming from the my link screen? another issue started the same time the my link screen would go out to a blue screen while driving and come back on, moments later the wifi now connected pops up. Anyone had or have the same issue? Thank you
  3. I have the dura tracs on my 2017 silverado now. It came with the good year fortitude's P265-65-18. 4,000 miles & 7 months later, i replaced them with the dura tracs P265-65-18. I was getting 23-25 MPG with the fortitude's. What i can tell you about the dura tracs . Before the cold snap an the high winds hit here in Pa. around trip 60 miles to PSU (state college) i still got 23 mpg with the dura tracs. Now that its been in the high 30's - low 40 degrees an much more windy, i get 19-20 MPG. LOL i not upset about that. Trucks i had in the past years 1990, 1994, 1997, 2007 silverado's i was trying to stretch it getting 13 MPG. As for the ride on highways? Yes a little noisy at speeds 55-70 MPH just a very low humming noise. The truck handles much better in the turns & the ride is smooth. Running over pot holes, you can feel it more in the suspension than the fortitude's. Wet highway's to me the tires grip the road much better. I was out in the field on a farm machinery road before i got the dura tracs an i got to the bottom of the steep hill, backed up got 1/3 of the way up. I was spinning, standing still, turned the knob to auto, she backed up the hill then. After i got the new dura trac's i went back. The switch on 2WD. It backed up with ease. I have nothing bad to say about these tires, my plan was just to have the dura tracs on my truck till spring. There staying on all year round. Yes i only have 500 miles on these tires. IDK how they will handle in the snow, but i do know i didn't have to use auto 4WD to back up the hill. I feel much better having these tires on my truck now vs the fortitude's. The tread looks more like a mud tire lol. I am impressed with these dura trac's. When i bought the tires, it comes with a 5,000 mile free tire rotation and balance for the life of the tire. 60,000 miles i believe? Thank you for reading...

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