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  1. moaning/resonating noise

    You have a bad front wheel bearing. If the noise goes away turning left than theleft is bad. You will probably notice if you turn slightly to the right it will be louder
  2. Found the source of my rattle

    I don't think we have to many other options tho
  3. Found the source of my rattle

    So far I haven't had it fix. I talked to a body shop and what they would do is liquid weld (glue)a reinforcement plate over it.i don't want it welded cause I know it will rust from the back side. With the GM factory board it doesn't stress the crack at all with full weight on it so I kinda forget about it but I need to get it taken care of
  4. Found the source of my rattle

    This is my aftermarket. I too had a rattle for several weeks. My boards were flexing a lot and rattle over bumps
  5. Found the source of my rattle

    This was my post. If youlook at the pictures closely you can see after market brackets don't go to the top where there is multiple layers of metal on a seem. This is factory bracket
  6. Rocker panel tore

    I'm sure all the aftermarket one mount in similar fashion. And I'm sure they will flex the rocker panel more than factory ones will. I put gm oem on yesterday and all the flex is completely gone. Lesson learned... the hard way
  7. Rocker panel tore

    Oh trust me I did. There still saying misuse. You can clearly see the support difference in the brackets.
  8. Rocker panel tore

  9. Rocker panel tore

    So I ordered gm factory running boards. Got a deal on them threw my shop. 540.00 out the door. I installed them asst work and compared them and could not see a difference. It wasn't until I had the first board installed did I see the mounting bracket difference. Gm ones are longer.i no longer have flex at all in them and not rattles. First picture is aftermarket. Second picture is gm factory. Gm running board brackets contact the spot welded metal above it where it is thickest.
  10. Rocker panel tore

    I've had my tires rotated at discount tire and watched them set it correctly everytime. Other than that it's been only lifted by me. From day one they seemed to flex the rockers panels more than normal. I could just pushed down on the boards by hand and watch the rockers flex
  11. Rocker panel tore

    I did contacted them and they say there not responsible. This is there response. I bought them from running board warehouse. Com incase anyone is wondering. That product does not cause damage to the vehicle unless an excess amount of weight or pressure it placed on the running board itself. The board itself would not have been able to cause the damage, but however the board was used would have been what impacted your rocker panel. We don't offer rocker panel replacements that is something you would have to go to a local auto shop for most likely. The only way it would crack the rocker panel is from mis-use or install issues. I have spoken with my supervisor and he let me know there would not be anything we can do.
  12. Rocker panel tore

    Would you mind taking a picture of your truck so I can see how to boards look on the truck?
  13. Rocker panel tore

    They are IONIC 6" BLACK NERF BARS. I had the brand on my last truck and didn't have a problem.
  14. Rocker panel tore

    I do noticed that my boards do flex the rockers a decent amount. More than I like. I'm just going to buy oem running boards I guess. Now the question is what's the best way of fixing it? See if the dealer will do anything. Truck is only a year old. Would a body shop be able to weld it or would it habe to be replaced?
  15. Rocker panel tore

    How does the factory boards mount. I was looking at factory brackets and I thought they looked similar

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