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  1. I have the same setup. Definitely all the bass you could want. How bad does your console rattle? I put some foam tape around the back sides of the joints and it help allot but still the a little bit. Did you hook up to the sub output of the Bose amp or rear door speakers? If you have active noise cancellations it still works with this setup hooked up to sub output
  2. My truck has not seen a dealership since I bought it. Did first oil change with mobile 1 020 at 700 miles and been every 5000 miles since
  3. I just looked the information up on alldata and min. Oil pressure is 22psig at 1000 rpm , 30 psig at 2000
  4. I plan on making a appointment for the dealer soon and have them look at it. Just for peace of mine, but I don't think they will do any thing. Plus my factory trailer brake controller don't work when I tested it on my father's trailer
  5. What's your rpm? Mine is lower in gear since the rpm is lower. In park it's above 20
  6. Cruising is about 35.if I lightly put my foot on the gas and bring the rpm up around 700 it goes pretty much to 30. But my engine idles around 500 550 rpm. I can't remember what the pressure was last year when it was new. I know it was around 20 than too but not sure if it ever went below 20
  7. How much above 20?I would love for mine to be above 20.my we 2016 5.3 stayed above 20. But not by much. I am a little concerned about it. But I hear no engine noise at all. I know dealer will say Normal
  8. When the temperature outside is cooler below 75 80 ish. It will not go below 20psi. It's only goes below 20 when it's hot out side. I blame the 0w20 water weight oil
  9. What's your dash show when it's 10psi. Is the dash Farley accurate. I don't tow with my truck at all. Mine is just mostly highway driving. I'm not going to say I don't beat on my truck(anyone with a6.2 that says that it's lying) but it doesn't matter if I just cruise at 70 either
  10. I know this thread has beaten like a dead horse. But from what I seen in common is that most people have around 20psi or higher at hot idle. I've noticed this summer(can't remember last summer) that my oil pressure is below 20psi.i would say between 15 to 17psi. This is after driving for maybe 25 mins mix highway city. No additional weight in the truck. I've seen the pressure slightly lower than that but not much. Cruising is usually around 30 to 35.i run mobile 1 0w20 with mobile filter and change oil around 5000 miles. Currently around 3200 on oil. Just wondering if you think it's a indication of weak oil pump or something. My 2016 5.3 never went that low
  11. You have a bad front wheel bearing. If the noise goes away turning left than theleft is bad. You will probably notice if you turn slightly to the right it will be louder
  12. So far I haven't had it fix. I talked to a body shop and what they would do is liquid weld (glue)a reinforcement plate over it.i don't want it welded cause I know it will rust from the back side. With the GM factory board it doesn't stress the crack at all with full weight on it so I kinda forget about it but I need to get it taken care of
  13. This is my aftermarket. I too had a rattle for several weeks. My boards were flexing a lot and rattle over bumps
  14. This was my post. If youlook at the pictures closely you can see after market brackets don't go to the top where there is multiple layers of metal on a seem. This is factory bracket
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