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  1. I just switched from a Ford. So I don't know. If they don't come out with one publicly. Maybe some tech savvy person can figure out how to be able to do it. I know that was the case on a few secrets like getting the seat belt alarm off.
  2. Our devices will stream it fine but the sounds of it but it is the head unit (the stereo)that cannot receive it. without re programming. If it does come out in the 2021 models they can re program the 19s and 20s too.
  3. I have gotten the krown rustproofing on my old truck. This is the first time I have heard of the salt eliminator wash. I will have to look into that. Is it done right through Krown? Or is it a concentrated bottle like regular car wash you do yourself.
  4. I figured as much. Just like anything else they sell in the service dept. The Chevy racing jackets. The bar stools with the chevy racing logo, etc. overpriced big time.
  5. in all fairness that also included tire guard (replaces flat tires no questions asked), Apperance guard that will fix any scratches or dents I get, and some other roadside assistance on top of the typical roadside assistance already offered. As soon as the price came up I could set that money aside each month and if I did all those repairs once, I would not spend all that $$ over the 72 months. I agree I cant believe people get sucked into it.
  6. And there lies the issue I have surfed the internet and I read the articles like your first one of an oil based rustproofing company commenting on an electronic rust proofing like it is the competition and flat out saying it doesn't work. Is that the truth? possibly, But it can also be a marketing ploy. The internet is full of it. I have also read a few articles that I have come across in the past ( that I don't have access to right now) that suggested other wise and I WAS sceptical. That is why I posed the question to real truck owners that might have some experience with them. But after a quick surf of the internet. https://driving.ca/auto-news/news/whats-the-best-way-to-beat-winter-rust https://www.readersdigest.ca/cars/maintenance/rust-proofing-methods/ They suggest it might be a viable option. So I apologize for apparently wasting your time, I guess when I have a question regarding vehicles or anything for that matter. I will do a google search and believe everything I read, and not take into consideration who is posting it and why. I recognize you are a senior enthusiast and you are probably very knowledgeable. I understand now there can stupid questions.
  7. So the dealer tried to upsell the electronic rust control (among the tire guard and apperence protection) Up hear where we use a lot of salt and brine on the roads I have used a oil undercoating on my vehicles for years, I am a firm believer that it works. But this electronic module they put on I have done a bit of research and from what I hear it is as good as oil underspraying. But for an extra $50 a month over 72 months. I think that is a little pricy. So my question is who has this electronic module on their truck and does it work? And where can I get it aftermarket.?
  8. That sucks. But thank you for the explanation. guess I wont bother taking the SD card out of a buddies truck when he turns his truck in 6 months. lol
  9. Just curious. How much did the navigation package cost for those of you that have it. I do not have it on my 2020 RST and I am not sure if it was an option. I know I can get the SD card for about $50 and then go to the dealership to program the computer. I imagine probably about 1 hour shop rate to do that. I do use my AA through my phone now. But when I do cross the border I don't have data anymore so AA becomes useless. (not that any of us can cross the border right now) I would just rather have it in the truck if possible.
  10. I bought OEM sensors online had them installed into aftermarket wheels. I have driven about 60K with them. I tried the relearn in the truck (turn it on, go to TPMS section of the DIC put it into learn mode and done the procedure of releasing air and re inflating) with no luck. I have not got the re learn tool yet. They are the 433mhz. part number 13516165. Do I have the wrong ones? or do I need the tool to have the sensors program?
  11. Do you notice any difference in driveability with having spacers in the front and not the rear?
  12. That is a really good write up. I have 265/60/20 fuel maverick wheels to put on, they have slight rubbing at full turn when I have 1.5 in spacer in. I think this would stop the rubbing. You don't happen to have before, during and after pictures do you?
  13. good year wrangler fortitude all terrain HT are on mine. They are 265/6518.
  14. Any idea on if spacers will void the factory warranty? I need to put probably a 1.5 in spacer in to use my fuel maverick tires. I plan on using my factory tires as winter tires and when I put them back on in the fall I may take out the spacer. Just use it for my summer tires.
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