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  1. That extra "1" is there on the gas trucks too. I haven't seen an explanation for it. It could be something useful like a gear indicator, but apparently it's more important to just show a 1 all the time.
  2. Looking to buy new or used? There are towing guides published every year, so you can find the max tow ratings available by searching for the year you're looking for that way. Living in a 5th wheel you're betting off jumping right to a one ton in my opinion. You're going to have it weighed down much more than someone going on a camping trip and you'll run out of payload much faster than you'll get to the tow ratings. Used, I would look for as new as you can afford. The older you go the lower you can safely tow behind it.
  3. I have two trailers I haul (one a 24' cargo trailer and the other a 23' camper). We took trips with both over the warmer months this year. Even towing with air temps the high 90's, I never saw the trans temp get higher than 170 degrees. I didn't know if it was worth the $300 for a deeper pan.
  4. I'm not quite to my first transmission service yet, but I'm not happy there isn't a drain plug on the pan. It looks like I need to spend about $300 on a new pan (with extra capacity) for a pan with a drain plug, or a new OEM pan is only $20. How about buying a stock pan and bolting in a Fumoto or similar valve? I'd like to be able to swap out some of the fluid, or drop the pan without having to drain the fluid that way. Any reason this is a terrible idea?
  5. I fear the 10 speed trans is going to give Ford's new engine a big advantage over the GM.
  6. I am curious how different the runs would be I'd they would take advantage of the manual shift option instead of leaving it on auto.
  7. I guess it will.give.it away if the new engine pulls 16k in about the same time.
  8. TFL episode last night mentioned they tested the new 6.6L gasser pulling 16k down and back up the Ike. They were teasing the video since it's not out yet but I'm excited to see this test.
  9. That looks pretty decent for $20 for a year.
  10. I have an '18 2500 gasser and the newest Haynes manual is for 2015-2016 2500 as well as 14-16 1500. Is there a better manual available specifically for the 2500?
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