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  1. I guess it will.give.it away if the new engine pulls 16k in about the same time.
  2. TFL episode last night mentioned they tested the new 6.6L gasser pulling 16k down and back up the Ike. They were teasing the video since it's not out yet but I'm excited to see this test.
  3. That looks pretty decent for $20 for a year.
  4. I have an '18 2500 gasser and the newest Haynes manual is for 2015-2016 2500 as well as 14-16 1500. Is there a better manual available specifically for the 2500?
  5. No I meant the transmission pans between the 2017 and 2018 HD trucks.
  6. Is there a difference between the 17s and 18s? I have a little while before my trans fluid will need to be changed but I'm interested in a pan like this when I do.
  7. I certainly wasn't looking at it to make any permanent modifications... but having that part in there the opposite way it is makes more sense to me. If the underbody spray hadn't gotten on the tabs I probably would have already answered my own question.
  8. The 7 pin plug in on the top, allowing water to sit inside the lid, is really stupid. The shape makes it look like the outlet could be flipped over for the 7 pin on the bottom and 4 pin on top. It started raining when I crawled under the truck, but I wasn't sure there was enough excess wire to allow this to happen. Plus I was having trouble getting both tabs in at the same time to pop the thing out. I was guessing someone would have done this is already if it works, or have tried it.
  9. I used this on my last truck for a few years before I sold it. My new truck has an integrated brake control so I no longer need it. Works fine. Includes a 3015-P wiring harness for a GM truck (mine was a 2003, not sure exactly what other years it will fit). Comes with the controller, wiring harness, mounting bracket, and two mounting screws. $55 shipped (with tracking number). I can take paypal.
  10. I was wondering if someone had added a plug to the factory pan. I actually figured there would be aftermarket pans with cooling fins and a slightly higher capacity (like there was for my old truck) but I don't see any specifically listed for what I have. It doesn't sound like the transmissions have changed much over the last few years.
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