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  1. Yep, you got it. A nest on top of the filter, at least one of them was still alive. I've about had it with mice. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Metallica_-_Kill_'Em_All_cover.jpg[/IMG]
  2. I have an '18 2500 but I posted in here because of the higher traffic and thinking the AC systems are pretty similar. I've noticed the smell the last day or two, 100% worse when the AC is on. There are mice around my barn so I figured one crawled in somewhere and died. I have opened the glove box trying to look where the cabin air filter is and I can't smell anything coming from that area. Anywhere specific I should look?
  3. I have an '18, so question answered. Thanks.
  4. That is my question... sounds like a 1500 would be better for him.
  5. They were barely built to carry 100,000 miles. I had to have mine rebuilt
  6. Interesting the odometer had to be reset after passing 999,999, and they couldn't even get it to display more than 1,000,000 from the factory.
  7. Have you tried restarting the phone? The last time I had that problem, I ended up parking, shutting the truck off and restarting the phone. Once everything was restarted it worked. Personally I found life easier to just use the bluetooth connection, especially since it connects itself whether or not the phone is plugged in. Unless I want my navigation on the display, I don't bother using the Android Auto.
  8. I get better mileage putting back and forth to work...country roads, mostly flat, and the best I typically see is 15.5. My best 25mi is 18.4, best 50mi is 17.7, and best 400mi is 15.2. Typically I'm sitting around 13 and change for my last 400mi this time of year. Long trips on the highway do not get any better than 15 if the speed is faster than 65 (I'm not a slow highway driver). I am curious what you mean by "struggles to pull". Is he not expecting the engine to rev? The most power comes with the engine revving higher, and using tow haul mode will allow the engine to rev higher to achieve that. I can't comment on the comparison to the 6.2 because I've never driven one in a truck, but it baffles me that it would pull better with 3.23 gears than a 6.0 would with 4.10. Surely the 2500 would provide a more stable ride and braking than a 1500 truck would. The difference between the ride of my old half ton and newer 3/4 ton is night and day pulling my camper.
  9. I checked back through my photos and found I got 8.4mpg towing this 335miles through Kentucky and Tennesse (not exactly the Rocky mountains but by no means flat land, either). I didn't get an exact weight but I believe it was around 7000-7500lbs loaded, maybe a bit more. I'm sure the 6.2 would seem like a hot rod motor compared to the 6.0 in my truck but there's a lot more to towing than a powerful engine.
  10. I tow 7-8000lb car hauler and get a hell of a lot better than 5.4, taking it through the hills of KY and TN.
  11. Gas engine.... 18.2mpg, 17.7mpg, 15.2mpg for 400 mi. The 18.2 and 17.7 were set at the same trip, descending from the highest point in Ohio. Couldn't believe when I saw that number on this truck. The 15.2 was not set on a highway road trip, it was putting back and forth to work on rural roads. Not surprisingly, the 80mph interstate driving trips don't give as good of mileage as my 50-55mph commute.
  12. That extra "1" is there on the gas trucks too. I haven't seen an explanation for it. It could be something useful like a gear indicator, but apparently it's more important to just show a 1 all the time.
  13. Looking to buy new or used? There are towing guides published every year, so you can find the max tow ratings available by searching for the year you're looking for that way. Living in a 5th wheel you're betting off jumping right to a one ton in my opinion. You're going to have it weighed down much more than someone going on a camping trip and you'll run out of payload much faster than you'll get to the tow ratings. Used, I would look for as new as you can afford. The older you go the lower you can safely tow behind it.
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