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  1. I looked/measured my bosses '15 and it appears the threaded holes are in addition to the holes used with the earlier hitch, i see no reason an earlier hitch would not work.
  2. Has anybody tried to fit the B&W gooseneck for an 11-15 on a 16-19 2500 HD? In looking at the installation instructions and parts list the only difference I can see is the earlier model uses a through bolt and guide for the side plates to the frame versus having the threaded frame on the newer trucks. I can't imagine B&W making a new model number over a bolt difference but I do not see any other differences. I am trying to find a used hitch for my '16 but only seem to find 11-15.
  3. 2016 Duramax, what is the 1 position after the manual mode gear? Why would you use this gear instead of leaving manual mode in first? I have looked through the manual(s) and did not come up with anything on a search.
  4. Bought my '16 a couple weeks ago and my HMI module is bad, $1060. Arguing with the dealer now as it was listed as CPO but they are trying to deny it.
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