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  1. Torque converter was replaced under warranty. It did not damage trans. I tow 10,000 lbs. trailer also, but it happened while not towing. Works good now.
  2. I had same problem, torque converter clutch was bad. 2017 with 30,000 miles. No check engine light, had p0741stored.
  3. Check spark plugs, if gap is too large, it causes a lean misfire. Especially if temperatures are cold.
  4. Turn Signal Lamps For turn signal lamp operation, the left and right trailer stop/turn signal lamp relay’s are supplied with battery voltage at all times. Ground is applied at all times to the turn signal/multifunction switch. The turn signal lamps may only be activated with the ignition switch in the ON or START positions. When the turn signal/multifunction switch is placed in either the TURN RIGHT or TURN LEFT position, ground is applied to the body control module (BCM) through either the right turn or left turn signal switch signal circuit. The BCM responds to the turn signal switch input by applying a pulsating voltage to the left and right trailer stop/turn signal lamp relay control circuits energizing the relay’s in an ON and OFF cycle. With the left and right trailer stop/turn signal lamp relay’s energized, the relay switch contacts cycle ON and OFF applying battery voltage through the left and right trailer stop/turn signal fuse’s to the trailer turn signal lamp control circuits which illuminates the trailer turn signal lamps in an ON and OFF cycle. Maybe the fuse relay center, check for power at the relay.
  5. Fuel pressure can be read in the chassis control module. I use a mdi 2. I am not aware of any aftermarket scanners that can read it. Check your fuel trim numbers and O2 sensor readings.
  6. They have problems with valve springs and rocker arms breaking. Hopefully not a valve.
  7. It's available at GMupfitters website. Search for aux switch bulletin. Switches are fused in under hood fuse panel. You will have to buy a connector that plugs into the drivers lower panel to connect your accessories.
  8. Check distributor shaft, the magnets are cracked. Replace shaft and pick up coil. This causes a lot of stalling and drivability problems.
  9. Code 32 is a egr solenoid code. Torque converter clutch is also on that circuit. It is on the same driver from the ecm, if your tcc solenoid is shorting out it will prevent your egr solenoid from working.
  10. It is on tight, used needle nose vise grips to remove ball and tapped with a hammer back on. Their are some YouTube videos on it.
  11. I had to shorten my antenna to fit in the garage. Pulled tip off, chopped 1.5 ". Reinstalled tip, works great.
  12. Hello, Anytime you have a misfire the stabitrac light will also be on. If no code is stored, the bad cylinder will show in misfire data under history. If a code was cleared this data is also reset. Maybe try another dealer. If the trans. has codes it will illuminate the check engine light. The code will be P0700. The trans codes are stored in TCM. There should also be freeze frame data stored if the code was not cleared.
  13. Hello, In GDS2 all can be erased and relearned. The dealer or someone with access can reprogram your truck.
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