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  1. Shorter antenna

    It is on tight, used needle nose vise grips to remove ball and tapped with a hammer back on. Their are some YouTube videos on it.
  2. Shorter antenna

    I had to shorten my antenna to fit in the garage. Pulled tip off, chopped 1.5 ". Reinstalled tip, works great.
  3. Hello, Anytime you have a misfire the stabitrac light will also be on. If no code is stored, the bad cylinder will show in misfire data under history. If a code was cleared this data is also reset. Maybe try another dealer. If the trans. has codes it will illuminate the check engine light. The code will be P0700. The trans codes are stored in TCM. There should also be freeze frame data stored if the code was not cleared.
  4. Key programming

    Hello, In GDS2 all can be erased and relearned. The dealer or someone with access can reprogram your truck.
  5. Sounds like the steering box adjuster screw came loose. There is a bulletin on this. See your dealer.
  6. Disable chimes via flash

    Hello, the chime is programed in the radio. I have reprogramed radios for a lower audible tone. Dealer can do it if a new calibration is available.
  7. Heated seat issues

    Hello, The install instructions say a truck has switches on the dash. Suv's have the switches on the doors. They are required to have door modules programed in addition to. Do you have the right kit?
  8. The check valve in the fuel pump assy. is weak. Replace pump and sender in tank.
  9. Hello, that module needs to be programmed before use.
  10. Sounds like starter,gear is hitting against flywheel.
  11. The oil pressure switch/sensor is bad.

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