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  1. I would absolutely recommend the Pulsar LT. I adjusted my throttle response, increased the speed limiter, adjusted speedo for tire size and disabled DFM on my 6.2. Drives like it should have from the factory. If you use the chat function on Realtruck.com, they'll give you a better price than what's listed and they price match. I got mine for around $430 before tax.
  2. Thanks. Yes, my drive to work consists of about 25 miles of interstate, and it drives very smooth at highway speed. I've had it up to 95. Rides great with no vibrations. And the truck feels more planted in the turns now that it's a little lower to the ground.
  3. Just thought I'd update everyone on what I wound up doing. I initially was going to replace the 2" rear blocks with 1" blocks that I bought but the center hole in those blocks were too small for the dimple in the leaf spring to fit into. Instead of going to the trouble of modifying those blocks to fit, I just removed the blocks altogether and dropped the rear the full 2". I'm actually glad I did. I think it looks good. I'm now about 1/2" higher in the rear, which gives it a level appearance with no sag anywhere in sight.
  4. I do like it. But I installed an exhaust a day later, so I can't really hear the intake anymore lol. I didn't really see much improvement in MPG, but it does seem to make the truck more responsive...and certainly cleans up the engine bay nicely.
  5. In all the install videos I watched, I didn't notice it, but you're right! I just watched another one and noticed it plain as day. Nothing is mentioned about it on their website or in the instructions, so I wasn't sure. I appreciate the info. It didn't seem like it needed any extra clearance on mine though. I had plenty. But, good to know it's normal. Thanks again.
  6. So, I bought a new intake for my AT4. And I assume a new intake tube isn't suppose to have a big dent in it? I thought maybe for clearace sake, but that doesn't seem to be an issue. Anyody with a S&B intake that can chime in? See attached pic. https://imgur.com/a/BuoPXcb
  7. Just trying to get a less drastic rake, not even level. (Mine is nearly 3" higher in the rear) I don't think there will be any sag.
  8. I appreciate the info. I actually bought some shorter u bolts from Rough Country. I haven't installed them yet or removed the rear blocks, but I have been thinking about getting 1" blocks instead. Only reason I'm thinking about removing them altogether is because my AT4 is closer to 3" higher in the rear. So, it would still give me a very slight rake.
  9. May be a dumb question, but should I replace the u bolts if I do remove the rear blocks?
  10. A lot of the pictures I see where people remove the rear blocks on the AT4, the rear looks lower than the front. I definitely don't want that look. I'm thinking maybe the Rough Country 1-1.5" lowering shackles or replace the 2" rear block with a 1" rear block.
  11. Do you think it would be better to lower the rear with lowering shackles, or removing the rear block?
  12. I have a 2021 AT4 with 18" wheels. I've gone over 110 mph with it. But the tires it came with are Goodyear Wrangler Fortitude 265 65 18, which has a speed rating of 118 mph. Seems like GM is limiting the speed of these trucks to match the tire's speed rating. So, not necessarily based on wheel diameter.
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