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  1. Also a sort of... I had a Roush F150 went to 2020 AT4 6.2 Carbonpro The 24 gal tank in the Sierra is absurd, esp w a 6.2, you'll never see a gas station that your truck doesn't like!!! If you're looking at a Sierra, and if you run it at all...get 20" rims on Denali, otherwise you'll run into your governor constantly!!! I go and test drive Raptors every time I trade, but just can't feel the 6cyl in them, the 6.2 has OK power. If you go Carbonpro, tonneau covers are very limited... Enjoy the hunt
  2. Had I known this, I’d have bought a Denali w 20” rims then upgraded to better tires. All these issues are trivial, but they’re cumulative... Only 500 miles on it ...I’m going truck shopping again!
  3. oh my... hope that wasn't first hand experience!!!
  4. I'm going to start a new thread regarding governors on our trucks. I have a 2020 AT4 Carbonpro 6.2L that startled me Friday by flashing a warning that speed limited to 98 and shut the truck down, obviously until I got below 98. Some other owners are stating 106, but they seem to be Denali owners. My friend has a 19 AT4 that he's had over 105 without hitting the wall. Can this be adjusted or what's going on here???
  5. I think you may be referring to the speed warning setting... which mine is turned off. I'm quite sure my truck shut off with warning light like on video above, which was 106, mine was 98!!! 8 mph difference!!!
  6. the graphic that came up on mine was just that "speed limited to 98" I'd have bought a denali for 7 more mph...Heck, they are discounting them something crazy!!!
  7. interesting... I wonder if its adjustable somehow. A warning flashed on my screen about maximum speed 98mph and it shut down momentarily.
  8. It was first Ford Ive ever owned. The Roush package was neat, but the big Mickey Thompson tires didn't go for crap in snow or rain, and the catback exhaust was really loud...I liked it but family hated it. The driver doors(both) wouldn't stay closed when it was really cold out(had to push down the door lock to keep it closed) It had 32000 miles and I got a good price at one dealer(like $9000) more than anyone else so I dumped it. And it had 32000 miles...warranty was expiring I've never been totally brand loyal, it's what catches my eye and something everyone doesn't have
  9. I do usually run in 2WD but if its really raining or there's slush/snow I use the Auto 4WD mode. As for going 98... I tried passing a semi that was being a left lane Nazi...It doesn't take much to reach 98 in trucks nowadays when you step on it. I haven't researched it but what are the 1/4 mile times and speeds for these? Would be silly if it shuts off before the 1/4 mile was done...
  10. Let me start this topic with a disclaimer, that's there's nothing really WRONG with my new AT4 Carbon pro but there is a big list of annoying quirks that irritate me more and more each drive... Things I like: 1) Auto 4WD, last truck didn't have, and I missed it from previous one. 2) Quiet, I had a Roush F150 and family hated riding in it. New GMC is silent comparatively. Things that annoy me...that I didn't know about before buying... 1) Have to turn seat heaters on each time I start truck. If it knows to do it w remote start by outside temp, why can't it do upon starting??? 2) Have to turn heated steering wheel on each time I start truck. See above 3) Have to turn foglights on every time headlights come on. 4) Had SERVICE 4WD light come on at 250 miles, disappeared before I could get it to dealer. May be nothing, but now it's in my head. 5) 24gallon gas tank??? Really??? It's a 6.2 L getting 14 mpg, so every 300 miles I have to stop for gas? WTF 6) Governor at 98MPH. I realize governors have a purpose but at 98??? 7) Carbon Pro bed which initially I thought would be novel has turned into a headache. Tonneau cover options are limited, and the texture is too smooth, everything slides around back there. 8)The channel surf button on left side of steering wheel won't follow preset buttons, it will occasionally start scrolling through whatever channels it wants, vs my presets. 9) Sport mode does next to nothing. At least let it run up to redline instead of shifting whenever it feels like. 10) Auto stop is a pain. Last truck, if I put it in sport mode then auto stop would be shut off. I know I can push button, but it's still annoying. I'm 2 weeks in, and I hope there won't be more to add to this list! Just stupid little things that irritate but that you wouldn't necessarily know about until you've lived with the truck for a few weeks. I'm not one to keep trucks more than 18 months, but this one will be a challenge to keep that long...
  11. There's a thread in the mods section with pics and info. I just installed a GM one(at this point its the only option). Give yourself some time to install, it's not a 5 minute job, and don't assume the dealer has a clue either!!! There's a 10% off promo code also through gmc site.
  12. Yep, the heated features come on with remote start... but can it be programmed with each fob as a personalized option? I cannot find a favorites on infotainment area to save songs etc on Sirius.
  13. New owner of 2020 AT4(1 week old), and my service 4WD light came on last night on way home from work too. I was in AUTO when I noticed it. Was still on this AM. I restarted truck and it wasn't there. Dealer told me that it has to be on for them to see, but they didn't know the carbon bed was different than a regular bed....SERIOUSLY!!!
  14. I just bought and installed one of the GMC trifold hard tonneau covers on my 2020 AT4 Carbon bed. I'm embarrassed to say it took me 2+ hours to install. I think the French version of the instructions was clearer than the English. I did lose 2 J clamps inside the frame of the bed and I missed a clamp on each side with drill hole, so mine only has 4 bolts each side... Its heavy and clunky and it will NEVER get taken off, it's just too difficult, so I hope the wife doesn't buy something big to bring home. Not impressed but it was the only option out there...
  15. Hi, this is my first post to the forum as I just bought a 2020 Sierra AT4 Carbonpro last week... I have a couple dumb questions, maybe there's someone can help? 1) Is there any way to set the seat heater, steering wheel heater to be on automatically when I start the truck? 2) Same idea, any settings to keep the fog lights on automatically when the headlights come on without having to remember to push the button? 3) Can you mark favorite songs/ singers to be alerted to the radio when on SiriusXM? Other recent trucks I've owned had all these features, hoping this one does too. Thanks for any help
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