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  1. Well I'm sad to see my 2014 silverado go, but I couldn't pass up a deal on 2007 dodge 3500 quad cab SRW cummins 6 speed manual. I bought my truck new and have kept it well maintained. I will stick around the forum because I like to hear the topics that are talked about.
  2. I have thought about swapping gears, but I'm going to wait. When I get around to doing it I'm going to 4.10. When I tow on the interstate with a heavy load and there is a lot of hills I just keep it in manual 5, so it doesn't keep up shifting and down shifting.
  3. When I bought my truck i didn't realize it had 3.08 gears and everything you read says you can't tow with them. I don't tow all the time with my 2014 silverado that has 3.08 gears, but I do take trips with an enclosed trailer. I took it up to the black hills last year with 4 dirt bikes and I thought it would have struggled because the trailer is pretty heavy ( I think 5000 pounds). As long as I kept it from shifting into 6 gear it did great in my opinion.
  4. I had this problem, but it ended up being the cylinder head wasn't cast right from the factory and had a pinhole in it. It would only leak when up to temp and the anti-freeze would then hit the exhaust manifold and burn off. I got lucky and the dealer found it and it was replaced under warranty.
  5. Does the price include shipping?
  6. I have a 14 with the same setup. I have towed 7,000 pounds with no issues. I usually tow a single axle 7x12 trailer with stuff from the home store. I just put it in tow haul and if I'm going down the highway I will put it in 5th gear to keep the rpms up.
  7. I have the chevy shake and I need to put new brakes on the rear, so I figured I would do it all at one time.
  8. I'm going to be swapping out my stock axles for the yukon replacements. This is my first time doing this and I'm wondering if I need to replace the axle bearings as well. The truck has 60,000 miles on it and I don't see why I would need to change the bearings since there haven't been any failures. I tried to look online and found no advice on this topic. Let me know!
  9. I have had an elite engineering can installed since 23,000 miles and now have 55,000. No issues and I drain it once a month, which is probably too long, but sometimes I forget :).
  10. Napa just tested the battery and said it was good. The new negative battery cable just arrived, so I will be replacing it either today or tomorrow.
  11. It is a napa legends battery and I just got it 3 months ago. Going to try and get over there today and see what they say.
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