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  1. I have had an elite engineering can installed since 23,000 miles and now have 55,000. No issues and I drain it once a month, which is probably too long, but sometimes I forget :).
  2. New Battery is drained

    Napa just tested the battery and said it was good. The new negative battery cable just arrived, so I will be replacing it either today or tomorrow.
  3. New Battery is drained

    It is a napa legends battery and I just got it 3 months ago. Going to try and get over there today and see what they say.
  4. New Battery is drained

    I also checked the alternator and it is charging at 15.1 volts.
  5. New Battery is drained

    Charged the battery and the truck fired up. I cleaned and re-tighten the battery cables on Monday. Everything was good till this morning when the truck wouldn't start again. Check the battery cables and re-tighten them again. Used a jump box to get the truck started. New cable will be here today. Going to go over to napa and have them test the battery.
  6. New Battery is drained

    The only thing plugged in is a 12v phone charger and I don't have anything plugged into that.
  7. New Battery is drained

    Called the local dealer and got the part number 84319729. They wanted 116 dollars, so I ordered one off ebay for 67 dollars and some change.
  8. New Battery is drained

    Thanks @wforrest08 if I get to drive it tomorrow I will take it over to the napa where I bought the battery and have them test it. I might just buy a new negative cable to be on the safe side. Can anyone link a part number for an updated battery cable?
  9. New Battery is drained

    I was thinking the new battery maybe bad. Can they test the battery while in the vehicle? I always just take it in, but I don't have an extra car anymore. I will double check the connections on the terminals tonight to verify, but I torque them to spec when I installed the battery.
  10. New Battery is drained

    Going to start it up when i get home after leaving it on the trickle charger. The volt gauge was reading around 15 yesterday when I was driving it, but I can check it with my volt meter. Well when I first turned the truck on the lights came on, but after the third time turning the key the lights were off. I guess I will keep an eye on it to see whats going on.
  11. Hello Everyone, My truck is a 2014 silverado with the 5.3 liter. In December the original battery died, which was weird because it was perfectly fine the night before. I figured the battery was old, so I replaced it. Everything has been fine until today when I go to start my truck and I'm getting clicking from the starter. The battery wasn't completely dead because the radio and the lights turned on, but weird because I had just drove the truck 6 hours prior to that. The only mod I have that would be related is a heated steering wheel. I didn't have time to troubleshoot it much this morning. I threw a trickle charger on it and will check on it later. I have been keeping an eye on the volt meter and it seems to be above 14, so I don't think it is the alternator. Any ideas to try?
  12. Mine had a crack in the casting, so I got a new cylinder head.
  13. Put the michelins on my truck with 3.08 gearing and I love them. I didn't even put it in 4wd last winter.
  14. I had an issue where it would do this from 2 to 3 only when cold and the dealer said it wasn't an issue, because they drove it when the transmission was hot. I ended up with a black bear tune and that fixed the issue.
  15. Rough idle

    Dealership said mine was normal... got a tune and it went away.

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