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  1. Put the michelins on my truck with 3.08 gearing and I love them. I didn't even put it in 4wd last winter.
  2. I had an issue where it would do this from 2 to 3 only when cold and the dealer said it wasn't an issue, because they drove it when the transmission was hot. I ended up with a black bear tune and that fixed the issue.
  3. Rough idle

    Dealership said mine was normal... got a tune and it went away.
  4. 2500 to 1500?

    I should have bought a 2500 instead of a 1500. Love your truck btw!
  5. My truck I bought was a demo and I was the first owner. Got a great deal on it at the time.
  6. The Complete Video Guide to Changing Fluids on your GM Truck

    Perfect timing! I'm going to change all these fluids tomorrow and your videos are going to speed up the process. Thank You!
  7. Well that's good. I personally like the suburban over the truck, but I'm glad they are taking care of you. Some dealerships will have issues with a tune and others won't, but it also depends on the logs that GM wants pulled from the ECU and or TCM. I waited until mine was out of warranty to do the tune just to be safe.
  8. You will be losing a ton of money trading in that suburban. I would just keep driving it because the issues you have had aren't that bad. It sucks that its happening on a new vehicle, but at least you know you got new parts :). It took me going back to the dealer several times for a coolant leak and it ended up being a bad cylinder head. It was a pain to make them actually find the issue, but it finally got resolved. The stock transmission tune shifts like crap and it will be that way of the truck too. I just got a blackbear tune and my truck's shifting is night and day.
  9. I just got my black bear autocal in the mail. I will let you know how it is once I get it hooked up.
  10. Thanks for the quick reply! Fingers crossed this solves my shake :D!
  11. Perfect! Thank you for the information. I have a 2014 as well :). I was going to change my rear diff fluid here in a couple weeks, but I'm going to check the axles first before changing the fluid. Did you reuse the axle bearing and oil seal or did you get new ones?
  12. Long story short my dealer was no help at all. They replaced my driveshaft and road force balanced the tires. At first I thought it was the crappy Goodyear tires, but I got Michelin's and the problem was still there. Just had my driveshaft balanced per the forum. It was a iron driveshaft and the guy could see where it would shake at high speeds. Got that correct and the shake is worse..... not bad, but worse then before. I'm going to measure the axles to see if they are out of round next. Can you tell me the Yukon axle and wheel stud part number? Also what rear end do you have? I have my fingers crossed that the axles are the problem! Thanks!
  13. I put on 275/65/r18's with no lift and have no issues.
  14. I just picked up a pair of Michelin LTX AT2, 275x65x18 LT tires and they are great!
  15. I order the volant intake. It was between the volant and the aFe. I like the volant once I got it installed. Let me know how you like the aFe.

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