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  1. You betcha I would be. Ford, Nissan, Ram, Toyota - heck Kia - it don't matter - if I bought a brand new vehicle in December and had 3400 miles on it when they told me I had to have a head replaced - I'd be yapping. Add in the sticker price of $65k+ and I think I have some valid gripes. Also - I don't think I ever said I wish I'd have bought a Ford - I said I "wish I'd have waited and driven a Ford (and maybe even a Ram or Tundra) before taking the plunge."
  2. Dropping it off Wednesday morning - I'll report back what they ultimately find wrong with it. Thanks for the replies to my complaining!
  3. Yea Dan I agree about recalls. My main gripes are simply about features that I feel are missing and poor design decisions - and again - it's my own fault for jumping into a new vehicle so quickly. I just cannot believe what's missing from a $65k+ vehicle. And now this head issue is just another thing to disappoint me with my decision. First world problems I know.
  4. Just a few drips on my garage floor - mainly after the truck sat unused for a day or so.
  5. Well my passenger headlight LED surround burned out at about 500 miles. That's the only other "service" issue I've had with the truck since I bought it in December (which incidentally I had zero issues with my F150 until approximately 45k miles when the AC vents stopped circulating correctly). I'm now at 3400 miles and I'm looking at a head replacement. The other issues I have with the truck are related to my purchasing it too quickly and not really taking enough time to look at other options and features and really doing a better comparison - completely my own stupid fault. That being said some (but not all)of my personal beefs with my 2018 Sierra Denali are: Cab room - what's up with it? Where is it? The rear seat area is pathetic compared to my old F150 - especially when you look at it from the outside. It looks like it should be huge but it's not. And why's there a huge hump down the middle of the rear floor? Certainly not for a driveshaft. Having a big flat area there (like my F150) is really nice. The infotainment system stinks on ice. The screen resolution is lousy and why no artist/song art and station art like my wife's 2016 Highlander has? The Bose sound system is respectable enough I guess - but not really in a $65k vehicle - it should be much better. The rear view camera sucks - no zoom - really? Even my 2011 F150 had zoom for hooking up my trailer - and the camera resolution in the stinking rearview mirror on my F150 was much better. The Sonar is flakey - sometimes it's fine - sometimes it doesn't seem to be detecting what it should. The front crash avoidance is bizarre and I am not convinced it will work when it is needed. I may try to do the big cardboard box trick out on my street one day to make sure. The Lane Departure / Lane Keep assist suck. Compared to my wife's Highlander the Lane Departure works maybe 50% of the time. The blind spot monitor sucks - wait - there isn't any blind spot monitor - again on a $65k vehicle. The laser cruise control sucks - wait....there isn't any. The push button start is …. wait - there isn't one. Why is there no rear a/c vents in the back of the center console? Why are there no cup holders on the back of the center console? Again - all of my above gripes are just that - gripes. But given the sticker price most of that should be on a truck of this level. I take complete responsibility for not realizing all this prior to my purchase and got caught up in the excitement of a new vehicle. This is the first time I've ever bought a new vehicle so quickly and I truly do wish I'd have waited and went out and driven a new F150 (and maybe even a Ram or Tundra) before taking the plunge. But it's water over the dam now and I'm stuck with it. I've considered seeing if there's a chance I could trade for a new F150 but since I got 20K in trade for my old F150 and like 13k off sticker on the Denali - I just don't think I'd be able to pull it off this quickly. All that said - I will say it's the quietest and nicest riding truck I've ever owned - and that 6.2 (when it's not leaking coolant) is AWESOME. Bill
  6. So took my truck back to dealer - currently has 3411 miles and they confirmed the coolant leak is coming from the freaking HEAD. Not terribly happy about that diagnosis or needing to pull the head to fix it. They say they won't know if it's a cracked head or broken bolt until it's been removed and possibly sent back to GMC to test. I'm so disappointed with multiple things with this truck - and now with this head issue I'm wishing I'd have never traded in my F150. edit - sorry should have put this in the Troubleshooting section - mods feel free to move.
  7. Traded my GMC for a Toyota

    Do yourself a favor and DO NOT put the Toyota factory remote start in it. Bought the wife a 2016 Highlander Limited Platinum (that did NOT come with factory remote start standard - shockingly!) - so we had the dealer install the Toyota remote start before we even picked it up. In short - it SUCKS. Only works from maybe 60 feet away tops. She can't even use it from her desk at work which is only maybe 100 feet away (my Denali works thru all the walls at my office - which is brick - and probably over 100 feet away for comparison). She literally had to get up - put on the protective stuff to walk through the production area - go to the back door and stand there pointing her fob at the darn thing 60 feet away hoping it starts. She eventually gave up even bothering to use it because it's such a hassle to get to a line of sight area at her work.
  8. So my new '18 Sierra Denali with 6.2 has a small coolant leak somewhere. I noticed it this morning on my garage floor - just a few drops. I slid under and looked around but couldn't find anything (was heading to work so couldn't spend to much time) so over lunch I stopped my the local dealer. They put it on the rack and couldn't find a thing either - ended up putting dye in it and said to drive it for a week or so and stop back to have it checked again. Just curious if anyone has any typical culprits for where it may be leaking so I can give it a once over myself when I have more time. Kinda bummed I'm dealing with this at 2700ish miles. Thanks.
  9. X3 Seriously though, GM should be ashamed at how pathetic these safety features are in these trucks. My wife’s 2016 Toyota Highlander and my dad’s 2016 Lexus RX350 put my 2018 Denali to shame when it comes to the lane departure, parking sensors and forward crash assist features. I would have thought those sensors and cameras only came from a couple of suppliers but apparently GM has found the absolute cheapest supplier on the planet to source theirs from. And don’t get me started on the horrible backup camera.
  10. Didn't search entire thread to see if it was mentioned yet - but on my '18 Denali - I just noticed that when you activate "trailer mode" on the shifter - the Battery Gauge in the cluster disappears and is replaced with a Transmission Temp Gauge.
  11. Depending on what state you're in - there's often times a threshold that has to be met before a loss can be surcharged. In PA your insurer must pay out $1,700 or more for the loss to be considered surcharge'able. So if you were in PA and you had say a $500 Collision deductible - you'd have to have an estimate of $2,200 or more before that claim would cause you to be surcharged. You can also try to work out a deal with your body man to pay some extra out of pocket to the keep the insurance share below the $1,700 threshold. Also regarding 1SLOW1500's comment - in PA - even as a hit & run claim - it still falls under Collision and your deductible still applies. Only difference is it's non-surchargeable regardless of payout. Every state insurance law has it's own way of interpreting how hit & runs are handled. That's how it is in PA. As far as I recall Michigan is the only state with true "no-fault" auto insurance so I'm sure they handle hit and runs much differently than most.
  12. Simple Fuel Cap

    Yes sir. It fits perfectly and is a nice soft rubber to it's easy on/off.
  13. Simple Fuel Cap

    Here is my $4.49 solution from my local hardware store. As an added bonus I have a nice shiny new stainless steel hose clamp I can use for some other project in the future!
  14. Have you verified that the Android Auto app on your Pixel is up to date (or perhaps it got uninstalled previously)?
  15. That's great news. I had a feeling Amica would pony up - they have a good reputation as far as claims go. Glad things are working out!

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