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  1. Depending on what state you're in - there's often times a threshold that has to be met before a loss can be surcharged. In PA your insurer must pay out $1,700 or more for the loss to be considered surcharge'able. So if you were in PA and you had say a $500 Collision deductible - you'd have to have an estimate of $2,200 or more before that claim would cause you to be surcharged. You can also try to work out a deal with your body man to pay some extra out of pocket to the keep the insurance share below the $1,700 threshold. Also regarding 1SLOW1500's comment - in PA - even as a hit & run claim - it still falls under Collision and your deductible still applies. Only difference is it's non-surchargeable regardless of payout. Every state insurance law has it's own way of interpreting how hit & runs are handled. That's how it is in PA. As far as I recall Michigan is the only state with true "no-fault" auto insurance so I'm sure they handle hit and runs much differently than most.
  2. Simple Fuel Cap

    Yes sir. It fits perfectly and is a nice soft rubber to it's easy on/off.
  3. Simple Fuel Cap

    Here is my $4.49 solution from my local hardware store. As an added bonus I have a nice shiny new stainless steel hose clamp I can use for some other project in the future!
  4. Have you verified that the Android Auto app on your Pixel is up to date (or perhaps it got uninstalled previously)?
  5. That's great news. I had a feeling Amica would pony up - they have a good reputation as far as claims go. Glad things are working out!
  6. It would depend on if they recoup what they paid out and if Amica admits fault. In PA there's a specific threshold for an auto accident (not a comprehensive claim) to be surchargeable - it is currently $1,700 - so if your carrier pays out $1,700 or more on your behalf (and you don't have accident forgiveness) - you are subject to an accident surcharge at the next renewal. You may want to ask your agent what (if any) the threshold is in TX - as well as if you maybe have accident forgiveness (not that it should even matter in this case) - but I would doubt given what you've said so far that it's going to go against you once the dust settles. As far as it "never being the same" goes - if you have a good body man you'll never know anything happened. Don't sweat it.
  7. You can try calling Amica direct and initiate a claim as the claimant. Happens all the time. Obviously the quickest way is turn it into your own carrier and handle it there and let them later subrogate Amica to collect back your deductible and whatever else they have paid out. In PA unless a vehicle is non-drivable or someone is injured they won't do a police report. It sucks.
  8. I’ve got a friend who has 3 Dodge Vipers, a new Challenger Hellcat and the “vehicle” in the pic below. Guess which one gets more attention and draws crowds. He says he has more fun tooling around in that crappy Zapcar he paid 6k for than all three Vipers or the Hellcat. He stopped by my office with it this summer to show it to me and within 5 minutes there was a crowd forming around it. It’s crazy what people gravitate to sometimes.
  9. I’m in Western PA. The Costco I just filled up at this evening is in Cranberry Twp., PA and it was $2.57/gallon - by comparison the Get Go just up the street was $3.09/gallon (which more typical of premium prices around me). Costco’s gas prices are ludicrously good. The ethanol free prices near me are always over $4/gallon.
  10. I’ll stick with my $2.57/gal 93 octane from Costco vs the $4.15/gal 91 ethanol free from the Citgo near me. I only spring for that expensive stuff in my Echo and Stihl weed wackers, blower and chain saws.
  11. Yes...two 21/64 holes on each side. Pretty simple install really....about 30 minutes or so depending on how particular you are. btw....if anyone decides to get one and you have a BakFlip MX4, I can confirm you do NOT need the optional spacers they sell for tonneau cover users. Mine cleared fine with plenty of space to spare without using them.
  12. I installed my Amp Research HD Max bed extender.
  13. I love it! Super well built, the powder coat finish is great and it’s easy to adjust. The stowaway feature is really nice too.
  14. Not sure but I can confirm my B &W hitch doesn’t interfere and it appears to stick out further than that step. It’s not as wide though...

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