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  1. I agree with all of that for the most part. My backup camera never keeps the setting either. Seems like it should be an easy fix so hopefully an update will roll out soon.
  2. So, things finally came together. Amica appraiser came out. Initial damage estimate is 8500. No structure damage. No electrical damage. Amica talked w/ their customer. They have formally accepted liability. They have sent a tow truck to pick up my truck and take it to my shop of choice. They have authorized a truck as a rental. I'm a bit relieved! Thanks to everyone for all the input. Get a dash cam!
  3. So, this will be the high level version but it's super easy. I've followed this recipe in all my cars for the last several years. I put this together because a dash cam just saved my ass with respect to an accident. Many of you offered valuable input on that and I appreciate it. Get a dash cam! Disclaimer: This procedure works for me. If you don't feel comfortable poking around in your fuse box, this procedure isn't for you. If you don't have some of the fuses/options that I reference in this, you'll have to locate an alternative fuse which should be pretty easy. Just be really careful poking around with a test light. If you mess your truck up..it's on you. Just keep in mind the concept of retained accessory power. Something may appear to have +12v when you turn the ignition button off...but it may only be hot for a few min. The way I checked this was to hit lock on my alarm remote. From what I can tell, this should kill RAP. If you still have +12V, then it should be a good source. Also, if you have suggestions or see problems with my procedure, by all means shout it out. I'm all for making a safer/better procedure. What you need: A dash cam. I like the Garmin 45 but you have about a million to choose from. https://smile.amazon.com/Garmin-Extremely-GPS-enabled-Recording-G-Sensor/dp/B06XFQTDQL The hardwire kit for that dash cam. https://smile.amazon.com/Garmin-Parking-Mode-Cable-010-12530-03/dp/B06XTBPYS2 2 ATR/Micro2 Add-a-circuit Adapters https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LFXA5YQ or Autozone 2 5amp Micro2/ATR fuses Autozone! 10mm socket Summary: You need key on power for the camera. If the camera you choose has a parking mode(the Garmin does), you need a +12v source when the ignition is off(not a RAP only source). 1. Disconnect the battery negative terminal. 2. Pull the fuse box cover on the passenger side of the dash board. Grip the bottom and pull it directly away from the dash. It will unsnap. It is MUCH easier to remove on this truck vs. the previous generation. 3. If you have a pull handle on the passenger side, remove the covers and the 2 10mm screws. BE CAREFUL NOT TO HIT THE WINDSHIELD. IF YOU DO, YOU'RE SCREWED. You don't really need to pull the handle, you just need to loosen it. 4. Mount your camera in center/right side of the windshield. Make sure to mount it far enough away from the review mirror assembly as to not have that in the field of vision. You can also mount it on the right side of your windshield. This particular camera has placement configuration in the software. Technically you can mount it wherever you want! 5. Plug in the cord to the camera and start CAREFULLY tucking in the wire along the headliner. Be very careful about prying it down as to not damage the liner or crack the windshield. Run the wire all the way over to the pillar/handle that you loosened. Run it down the handle trim and tuck it in under the plastic and behind the weather stripping. Run this all the way down. The cord will pop out nicely right above the fuse box you just exposed in step 2. 6. Gently pull the lower kick panel trim. You may have to pull the scuff panel trip to remove it. It just pops out and pops in. Very easy. 7. Behind that kick panel trim, there is a very nice ground. Run your ground wire to that. 8. For the +12v key on power, I used the heated steering wheel fuse. It's a 7.5 amp fuse. Pull that fuse out. Add it to your add-a-circuit. Put one of your 5A fuses in the other fuse slot. Make sure you have the right fuse in the right place. I didn't the first time and when I turned on the heated steering wheel it blew the fuse. Strange that a 7.5A is enough but a 5A isn't. Seems to be cutting it pretty close but what do I know. Anyway, I reversed the fuses and put in a new 5A fuse and everything is good. Plug your new circuit into that slot in the fuse box. 9. For the +12V key off/battery power, I used the garage door opener. It's a 10A fuse. Seems to have power when the key is off. Odd because it would seem that if someone breaks your window, the garage door opener would work. Maybe it doesn't transmit or something but that circuit definitely has key off power. Assemble your add-a-circuit w/ your fuses in the correct orientation and plug it in to the fuse box. 10. Tuck in all your wires. Use zip ties to bundle up the excess. Make sure all your connections are good and secure. 11. Reconnect your battery and make sure your camera works in run mode as well as parking mode. For this camera when you turn the truck off, it should say "Starting parking mode" on the LCD...or something like that. When you turn on the ignition/engine, you should see the camera power up. 12. Assuming everything is good, put all your trim back in place and carefully reattach your pillar handle. Don't hit the windshield! 13. Got for a drive and then check the video when you get home. Make sure it's clear and free of obstructions. Fusebox image: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z0hd6gptnsrupdc/2019-01-11 14.53.58.jpg
  4. Yes, they direct you to a self report form. I am asking advice from a buddy who is the assistant chief of police in a neighboring county.
  5. I am leaning toward just opening a claim with Farmer's now. I got an email back from the Amica claims adjuster. She reviewed the video and said it is clear as day who is at fault. So, the only hurdle is her getting the insured to return her call. So, at least it looks like Amica will pay for my truck regardless of the route I take. Some good news was welcome. Lol.
  6. Yea, I did that but 911 flat out refused to send the police. I told them I needed a report and they said no. Sucks but I think a lot of states do that.
  7. Yea, that was my thought when the accident first happened. I called 911. They asked if there were injuries or the car wasn't drivable. Technically mine was but the chin spoiler was slightly rubbing the tire. Hindsight being 20/20 I should have said I needed a tow truck for that very reason. But yeah...get a dash cam. It's always the responsible adults that end up paying the price. Lol, I can even tell you EXACTLY how to hardwire it for a clean install.
  8. The latest on this is that I opened a claim w/ Amica yesterday. The customer service, claims adjuster and the appraiser(coming out today at 1pm) were all very nice. The problem is the other guy. The claims adjuster told me they of course can't pay anything out until they get a statement from their insured driver. Makes sense. I texted with the other driver yesterday morning and gave her all the claim information. She responded with her dad's phone number because he is the policy owner. I texted and called him several times. Left him a couple of voicemails...nothing. The claims adjuster also left several voicemails yesterday as well as an email. If it were me, I would be anxious to get the ball rolling and get the issue resolved. That being said, only one of the cars on his policy are newer than 10 years old. So, I suspect that the out of pocket deductibles may not be something he is looking forward to paying assuming his daughter has shown him the video and told him what happened. The claims adjuster said that it is not uncommon for these calls to go unanswered because of this reason and they have to give him up to 30 days to respond. Wonderful. She said that she'd recommend exactly what most have recommended here....that I let Farmer's drive the repair and recover the costs from them down the road. So, that being said, their appraiser is coming out to my house at 1pm today. If the policy owner has not made contact with Amica by then, I will open a claim with my insurance company and let them drive the repair. I'll unfortunately take the(hopefully minimal) hit and get my truck fixed. As it is now it is likely going to take them several weeks to get this fixed correctly. My need for a rental car to get back and forth to work trump the risk of my insurance rates going up. Once again I really appreciate the discussion and all the advice.,
  9. My agent has actually been really nice about this. I'm sure it's not him that makes the call on how stuff counts against you...its the insurance company. That said he has been very supportive in handling however I want. He just recommended the safest way was to give Amica the chance to handle it in full. If I'm happy w/ the way they handle it, then let them handle it was his advice., I understand he is saying that whether I was at fault or not, a claim is a claim. And even not at fault claims affect how the parent company assesses risk. While I understand that, it truly sucks for the customer when they are not at fault.
  10. Speed limit was 45 there. And you're absolutely right...I saw the cop almost exactly at the moment that she pulled into my lane and was going for the brake. If I had just seen the cop 1 second sooner...
  11. Yea, I don't know if there is any mechanism for her to get a citation at this point. In Texas I'm supposed to mail in this accident report form but there is no provision to provide any evidence other than a written statement. I wish the cops would have come out because then it would be more cut and dry. I just have to hope that a reasonable person will look at the video and realize that they'd probably loose if my insurance company takes them to court over it.
  12. The Dashcam 45 is what I have in all my cars. Fairly cheap but decent video quality.
  13. Hmm. Well, I hope they've had time to crank out some extra parts....
  14. Lol I am hoping that is the case. Just trying to play devil's advocate because insurance thinks "outside the box".
  15. Yea, I chose the highest end body shop in the area. I've used them before. How long ago was your incident? HOPEFULLY since then parts are a little more readily available but who knows. That had concerned me as well.

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