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  1. I had this on my '19 but it will probably fit other years...dunno. It's the black front bowtie. I had it on my truck for about 2 months. Perfect condition. Then the dreaded rear window leak caused me to ultimately get rid of the vehicle. I also have a new in box black lettering kit. Both are OEM GM. All or nothing...really don't want to separate. $110 shipped with Paypal fees included. Bowtie part number: 84133640 Letters/Emblems part number: 84300952
  2. Exactly. Got a 2019 F-150 Limited. I also drove the new Dodge 1500. REALLY nice truck but it's also the first year of the redesign just like the Silverado and I'm not going to sign up for that risk again. That, plus they weren't running any financing incentives. Ford had held the 0% for me. So, with the Dodge, I would have been financing a less expensive truck, for MORE...AND it would have had interest. So the less expensive truck would have been like 200 more/month give or take. We really liked the Ford(we like all 3 trucks) and it made the most sense. All in all I think we ended up financing about 68k on the Ford at 0% for 72 mo.
  3. Technically yes...but it could have been worse. Part of what tarnishes this truck's history for me is that the very week I got it, a 16 year old on her phone crashed into me. Just a fender bender but did 11k worth of damage. That being said, and given that it had a bad Carfax, I think the dealer overbid on my trade. When I delivered the truck they tried to waffle on the price but I had it in writing...too bad for them. So, it was an LTZ, with 6385 miles. Sticker was originally 58,750. I think I paid 53,950...something like that. Dealer said there are no book values out yet so they had to take a guess. They bid 43k on it. I owed about 50k on it and I also got a diminished value check in the mail for about 4k. So, I had 3k in negative equity. The new truck I bought stickered for 73.8k. So they had PLENTY of margin in that to knock a bit off(which they should do regardless of trade but you know how that goes). All in all, it was worth the 3k(depending on how you look at it) to my wife and I to be rid of something that has been nothing but a source of stress for the last almost 5 months. The car payment sucks anyway so may as well have something that actually sits in your driveway. Also, I got in on the 0% for truck month and that was nice timing too. One thing I learned...and this probably isn't new...but they offer trade in price based on what you are trading for. If you trade your truck in on a 10k car, they aren't making shit on that new car so they are going to make it up by giving you crap on your trade in value. You buy a car with a lot of margin and they give you a little more for your trade to give you that warm and fuzzy. But, I think 10k off what I paid for a used truck, w/ 6k miles AND a bad Carfax isn't terrible considering you can get a new one now for about 50k if you buy at the right time. If you wait a couple of months and the incentives start for them to get rid of the 19s to make room for the 20s, that price drops even more. You get into the territory where they can't offer you what you want for the trade because you are so close to new price at that point, no one will buy your used truck.
  4. So, I'm gonna get a bunch of shit for this. I LOVE/LOVED my Silverado LTZ but this was the last straw. Dealer had my truck 29 days. I picked it up yesterday morning. -My truck is white..white sealant all over the bed liner. Not sure how that would come off. -No sealant around the edge of the glass...a glass company did the rear window swap so they did a good job. -Interior, headliner and seats are covered with greasy finger prints. I found "extra" screws under the rear seat...no telling where those went. -The headliner is effectively ruined...which means they'd have to replace it...which means the windshield and lane departure camera has to come out....which would be another month and would create these same problems again. -It rained it's ass off last night even though they said it would remain inside. Saw a few drops on the inside. Nothing like it was, but it means we'd start the process all over. -The dealer gave me a loaner...which means lemon law is a really grey area. When I first got the truck, it sat at the dealer for 22 days because the front park assist camera was screwed up. They didn't know how to work on the truck as it was so new. So, unfortunately this beautiful 60k truck has been nothing but a headache and 2 dealers now have given me no indication that will change. I traded it in yesterday and will hope for the best with another manufacturer. I'll revisit Chevy in a couple of years when they work the bugs out a little more. Truth be told, the problems are what they are...it was mainly the level of service that broke the relationship for me. But hey...they did ask me to take care of them when the survey arrives. Lol. Queue the "good riddance" comments. Lol.
  5. Today is 27 days for me. They are replacing my rear window as I type this.
  6. Well, I just heard back from the dealer on the fix for my LTZ. I feel this is the best possible scenario based on what I've seen here. To recap: -This is the 15th day it's been there. -They've done the remove/reseal of the rear spoiler in the TSB. Solved some of the leak but not all. -Headliner doesn't appear to be water damaged(caught it early I guess). -Had a glass company out(Safelite...meh) to inspect the glass. Said they would remove/clean/reseal/reinstall. Safelite advised them that there was a 100% chance the rear window assembly would break if they tried to remove it. My Service Advisor told them not to even try. They are ordering a new rear window assembly and Safelite will install it early next week. He said parts availability don't appear to be a problem. They will remove the old, install the new and then do a thorough leak test. He said keep my loaner til then and don't worry about it. BTW, I did NOT buy the vehicle at this dealer. I know there have been a lot of bad experiences with dealer repairs in this thread. Believe me, it scared the hell out of me. However, this dealer has so far taken good care of me...and even kept my truck inside full time(which I have visually verified). So, I'll advise on how it comes out, but if you're in central TX, you might want to consider a trip to this dealer and Service Advisor. I'll post the details if anyone is interested. Quite possible that on future repairs they will take this route but who knows.
  7. F*ck dude. That sucks. The TSB on the rear upper spoiler sure didn't resolve me issue either. They are working on my rear glass now. Fortunately for me(or maybe not?) my dealership says they are not glass experts and want no part of removing/installing/resealing glass. They are having a company out next Monday to inspect/remove/clean/reinstall the window. I have no idea if that will solve my issue or not...maybe temporarily. I'm just blown away that the GM of the dealership would allow this type of shit to happen given the problem is so obvious. I thought I read somewhere that this is essentially the same rear window setup that the K2 trucks use. Do those have leak problems?
  8. Hot all the time. Found that out when I was installing my dashcam.
  9. I don't have any headliner damage so i don't think mine leaked right away...and it's got the brown interior so I think it would show. Side note...the dealer has my car right now and I'm in central Tx. Which means if they don't keep it inside the shop building, I can possibly add a **** ton of hail damage to my list of headaches. I think I'm going to call them up and tell them if they can't gaurantee me that it will be kept inside a building, I'm going to go get it in whatever state of disassembly it might be in and then return it in the morning. At least I can keep it covered. All they will say is that it is kept covered...which probably means there is plastic over the cab.
  10. While they have been cooperative except for the gross deficiency in communication skills, they did supposedly follow the TSB. And by follow it, I mean they removed the upper rear spoiler, and put the sealer in there. I don't think they messed w/ the back glass at all. I find that odd because the TSB clearly says that if the first procedure doesn't work, that they should dick with the back glass seal next. But, they seem confused. I'm going in this morning to pick up my loaner. I'm going to casually mention that I have been advised by a Field Warranty Manager for GM to start open an issue with Customer Care. I am hopeful that the mention of being in contact with a Field Warranty Manager will at least put a little priority on my vehicle as I think it probably sits there most of the time untouched. As far as how long it's been leaking? Unknown. My headliner doesn't have any damage that I could see(thank God!). I live in Austin so it's not like we get a ton of rain anyway...although it's obviously more common in Spring. When I noticed it a couple weeks ago, there was just a light trickle down passenger side rear seat. It was a pretty heavy rain too. The driver's side...even though it was dry at the time, was not wet. But, I looked at the glass and noticed that it had leaked before as it had dried runs down the window. So, my theory is that the leak wasn't terrible yet but was headed that way. So, I am hopeful that nothing had gotten so wet yet that it will start stinking. Like I said above...I know these things happen. I think these types of problems would all be taken a little more in stride by the owners if the dealers were able to instill some confidence that they have the ability to resolve these issues. Every single dealer seems to take a different approach with varying degrees of success. Half the time they damage the vehicle while working on it or fail to reassemble it correctly. That, for me is the bullshit part. If it weren't for the cost of the parts themselves, most of us would be better served by reading the forums, and performing the repairs themselves. This isn't rocket science...its a question of motivation and commitment to do the job right. That is the part that is grossly lacking.
  11. Yea, I agree. I'm not picking it up until the damn thing doesn't leak anymore. The big challenge will be to keep it dry while it's at the dealer. I can't imagine they keep it inside... So yeah, I'm going to call and get a case started just because. I've kept meticulous records of every conversation and phone call up to this point just in case a problem arises. Sorry yours is such a cluster f*ck. I get that these problems happen...but geez, I shouldn't have to tell the technicians how to fix the truck.
  12. I had the TSB performed on my LTZ today. They let it sit for a day and then tested it(I guess thats good...). It did NOT resolve my problem. The advisor said they are kind of stumped on where to go next and the foreman is getting involved. Luckily, I got my issue addressed before it ruined my headliner. I did NOT want them taking my windshield out...I'd even live with a small amount of discoloration to avoid that. Luckily...no damage to that yet. So, truck is still there. I would think that they'd try the back window next(as that is listed as the contingency fix in the TSB) but they damn sure don't seem to want to give me any details. Their communication is definitely not the best but I also don't want to stir up a bunch of shit as long as they are trying. Think I should open a case with customer care or let them keep trying for a while? They are putting me in a rental car tomorrow morning. This type of shit shouldn't be this stressful.
  13. So, my LTZ has been in for this fix for 10 days now. I usually only keep my vehicles for a couple of years so no extended warranty. The dealer has implied that no loaner vehicle is possible. Are you guys getting loaners because you bought an extended warranty? Or is it just a dealer policy thing....?
  14. My Ceramic Pro guy told me that for the DIY version, the CQuartz UK hands down.
  15. Yea, same issue. Right below the nav. There was another thread on this but the guy that tried to fix it had limited success if I remember correctly. Mine only does it when it's cold out though. Still annoying.
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