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  1. That could be complicated depending on which wires they cut.How many cut wires are there total behind the dash?I could look at my database and help you out.
  2. I can make a harness for the green plug systems(I05-IO6) for either just adding a sub amp or full system installs.I charge $40 and will come with a 12v,ground and up to 4 channels of high level output. Email me at [email protected] if you're interested.
  3. 12v......not sure ground........black/white serial data.......not sure left front +.......tan left front - ........gray right front +.....light green right front - .....dark green left rear +.....brown left rear - .......yellow right rear +......dark blue right rear - ......light blue
  4. I'll check my database after work and give you the info.
  5. That's pretty sweet.I know those things are pricey but they're worth it if you are doing a full system.I sell integration harnesses for 2010-present GM's that are more geared for adding a subwoofer and amp to a stock system.A lot of the models from 2010-2016 still used low level audio signals if the vehicle had a stock amp so thats where I grab my signals from for those harnesses.It is actually a very clean and flat balanced signal that produces zero noise whatsoever.Impressive for OEM!
  6. Out of curiosity,do you know where the PAC amp pro gets the signal from? Does it get the data signal from the stock module and convert it to RCA analog or does it provide high level after the amplifier?
  7. I'd also like to mention that with all of my harnesses the standard wire leads for the LOC are about 10-12 inches.I will make those leads as long as you'd like for an additional charge.
  8. That harness is not for what you are looking to do.Bypass harnesses like that are for adding new amplifiers by utilizing the stock signal.
  9. You could try hooking the low level signals straight into the speaker output wires at the amplifier.Not sure if all your speakers are powered by the amplifier,I'd have to check the wiring diagram.If you were able to do it there would not be very much volume.
  10. If you have a Non-Bose system in your truck I do make harnesses for the IO5 and IO6 systems.If you don't have your vehicle RPO codes then you'll need to get behind the radio and check the color of the main wire connector entering the unit.If it is the green 16-way then I do have a harness available.If you have the brown 20-way then unfortunately I do not have an available harness at the moment(working on that). Email me at [email protected] for further inquiries.
  11. Yes,you still have handsfree.The microphones for OnStar and Bluetooth are completely separate from the noise reduction microphones that run into the ANC module through the Bose amplifier.
  12. For anybody interested in adding a subwoofer amplifier and sub to their stock Bose system,I build and sell a very reasonable harness.Below is a video about how it works and in the description you'll find pricing options and contact information.Feel free to send me an email with any [email protected] Just an FYI...I'll need to know whether your Bose system has a center console subwoofer or bench seats without a subwoofer.
  13. OP,I sell subwoofer amplifier integration harnesses for GM's with the Bose systems.Here's my video on it.....
  14. Hi all

    I"m just saying hello all.New to the forum.

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