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  1. Sorry yes, this is Not for Dinali trucks with the lane assist option. It does have the upgraded stitching that the stock all terrain wheel did not have though. So to be clear, this is for the std trucks that did not have heated wheel that want to upgrade to a heated wheel.
  2. Sold! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  3. Catch can for your direct injected trucks. Used for 2 months max. Like new. Easy install. Just remove one nut from the booster and bolt it up. Then cut the 2 hoses from the factory vent lines and attach the new hoses. Works well, easy to drain. $100 shipped Paypal Only 48 state shipping only.
  4. MIT intake tube and AEM filter for 5.3L k2xx trucks. Comes with AEM dry flow filter. (28-20129) Both used for 3 months tops. Look brand new. No issues. $130 shipped. Paypal only. 48 state shipping only.
  5. Used for 3 months in my Sierra. 2 fronts and the one piece rear. Fitment is great with these. Clean up very nice. Sell for $152 shipping on Amazon. Asking $100 shipped Paypal only 48 state shipping only.
  6. I purchased this as a brand new steering wheel and brand new clock spring. Its a Dinali wheel so it has the red stitching which is a nice upgrade from a stock wheel. Was only on the truck for ~2 months. So everything is like new. Ill include the wiring and fuse holder to add the power wire for the heated function. Pretty straight forward install but there is a thread here to help with the install. Paypal Only. 48 state shipping only. $300 shipped.
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