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  1. This thread is going on 2.5 years old so I betcha it's wired by now
  2. @J_Mas6.2 - I got mine installed this AM, easy peasy and works like a charm, thanks again.
  3. Thanks, but yeah I already looked into that approach. Parts from my local Leer dealer are about $300 plus tax, it comes with free install but it's the same price just for the parts from them. This one from Amazon is only $93. Just seeing if anyone has installed it (or similar) before? If so any feedback and where's the best place to tap into the keying voltage for the lock/unlock? I'd assume the line running to the power locking tailgate due to proximity. If no answers then at some point down the road I'll likely just order it and reply back to this thread with my own feedback.
  4. Sorry about that, I edited my post for clarity - the Canopy came with all the options except the remote lock and unlock. I'd like to add the linked to kit to the canopy.
  5. Hey all, I just added a canopy to my 2018 crew cab and I think the canopy came with every option available save the remote lock/unlock which is one I actually wanted So any experiences installing an aftermarket one? I think I am going to order this one. Feedback? Any assist: Where's best to run it to? The tailgate power lock wire (and if so where do I grab that?) Thanks much!
  6. Went with a Leer 100XR: Here's the bed extender through the positions: I need to wire it up and sell the tonneau later in the week when I have time but I think I'm going to be pleased with the above set up. Edit to add: I just noticed the bed extender is upsidd down in the pic lol
  7. Just in case anyone else searches for this info: Answered : no issues Source: local dealer who installs several brands
  8. Hey all, Looks like there should be no issues at all but I figure since someone already has this set up I might as well ask first and avoid any headaches. My Google-Fu didn't turn up anything. Thinking of replacing my tonneau cover with a canopy, and I want to keep the GM bed extender I've already installed, I'm likely to go with a 4" rise too. Any issues with it flipping in and out? Thanks
  9. Well, maybe it's padding my vehicle count but I count all the vehicles I've bought for my wife and kids over the years (especially if I maintained them)
  10. I've a 2018 5.3 Eco and when I bought it it came with warranty and free oil changes for life. The dealer uses Mobil 1 Dexos 0w20 and the dealer's recommend change interval is 7,500 miles or when the DIC shows 20% or less. This is all that is required to satisfy GM's warranty. Fwiw I'm onto my 12th or 13th Chevy (that's chevy alone lol), I've had them go over 200K with no issues (and little maintenance) and I've had engine's blow at 45K with perfect maintenance, in the end it beats me, that's why I drive a Shipoopi BLT
  11. For OP: While it's been answered here's a snip from some pdf I saved off awhile ago. Sidenote: I like small light hybrid trailers since I'm still sleeping in a tent I get to feel like I'm camping and I can still fit in little camping spots and not have to be in the RV section. Hybrid's are not for everyone obviously but there's bennies, just as an example if I didn't have my center mirror I could easily forget the one in my sig is behind my truck (my tow cap is 9100 and that is 3500 loaded). Edit to add: pic is for 2018's
  12. @3tspapat I did, however it may have just been psychosomatic as I had read about that on this and other forums so I was looking for it Regardless it went away, or I got used to it, after a few days and it's like butter now. I'm no expert so just my thoughts: I believe the brains need to relearn habits without AFM so if you're going back and forth between L7, the Range, and nothing: it may not be able to figure it all out. Maybe just leave the Range in for a week of driving and see? Mine's staying in until next spring when we go camping and I'm doing long highway trips.
  13. I love mine and it has a couple of bennies that I never see mentioned on forums. e.g. adds a little bit of HP and torque when you need it and you can also jump start off the e-assist battery without ever leaving your cab. I haven't needed that yet but I like knowing it's there, there's been times in the past that would have been really nice. My over one year old 2018 truck runs great, never any issues with anything at all, however I did add a Range AFM delete because I live (Puget Sound) in horrendous traffic and I just didn't like the concept of turning on an off so often (it worked fine, just the concept bothered me). I take the range out for highway trips and enjoy the better MPG. my 2 cents
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