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  1. Thanks for everyone's input! After weighing all the pros and cons I've taken a a really hard look at the price of gas and decided to just sell my truck and use the proceeds to buy a big ass bag of cocaine and run everywhere for now on. Thanks again, Me ;)
  2. Fwiw, I'd highly suggest starting a seperate thread to ask that question. Your audience is limited inside this thread and the answers will likely be biased towards afm related issues. Also, thanks everyone for the feedback!
  3. Howdy folks, I've a 2018 low mileage 5.3 and have used a range device that shuts off afm and start/stop since ~500 miles (edit to add, I had planned on taking it out for highway mileage and being active about not using it at times but truth is I've just left it in all this time) . Currently gas prices are sky rocketing to the point I wonder if financially I'd be better off potentially risking lifters later to save gas money now and yanking the device?... Brain hurt... Too much math... What do you hopefully more edjumacated people think bout it? Tia, Me
  4. Howdy folks, I’ve a 2018 crew cab short box and my rear window is a standard solid window. Would any of you know if I could replace the glass with a rear window that has a manual (not powered) sliding glass door with in it? Did GM make a manual slider for my model year? Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks for everyone's input and feedback. I'm old and have been hauling and towing for decades so I thought I knew the answer but I'm glad I asked because it's always worthwhile to get other knowledgeable folks thoughts too, and I hadn't heard of Roadmaster Active Suspension. One of the weaknesses of my trailer is it has a very limited cargo capacity because they should have used a heavier axle (or two) - not usually a problem as I just toss the gear in the back of the truck. I'm usually just under cargo limit with my family, gear, tongue weight and my truck has never flinched about it. This trip though I wanted to bring an additional two adult children and all their gear along and that would have put me about 5-600lbs over cargo capacity. I've made lots of mods and I love my truck so I'm not trading it in for a 2500 for one trip. So after this thread I was prepared to do Roadmaster Active Suspension, bilstein 5100 shocks, and some new heavy tires (only 16k on my current) and then... I thought, ya know, they can just take their own car, 5 adult sized people is a lot for that long of a trip anyhow Good thread, thanks all!
  6. Thanks all for your input and feedback, appreciate it.
  7. I’ll be taking my family to Yellowstone this summer towing a camper. I have a light trailer and as such I am well within my towing capacity however with the people in the truck, the leer canopy, camping gear, weight distribution hitch and tongue weight I am worried I will be over the hauling capacity. What can I do to increase my hauling capacity? What’s the weakest link in my system? e.g. should I change tires first? Or tires and shocks? Whipple? I really love my truck and want to keep it so what can I do other than trade it in on a 2500? Thanks!
  8. This thread is going on 2.5 years old so I betcha it's wired by now
  9. @J_Mas6.2 - I got mine installed this AM, easy peasy and works like a charm, thanks again.
  10. Thanks, but yeah I already looked into that approach. Parts from my local Leer dealer are about $300 plus tax, it comes with free install but it's the same price just for the parts from them. This one from Amazon is only $93. Just seeing if anyone has installed it (or similar) before? If so any feedback and where's the best place to tap into the keying voltage for the lock/unlock? I'd assume the line running to the power locking tailgate due to proximity. If no answers then at some point down the road I'll likely just order it and reply back to this thread with my own feedback.
  11. Sorry about that, I edited my post for clarity - the Canopy came with all the options except the remote lock and unlock. I'd like to add the linked to kit to the canopy.
  12. Hey all, I just added a canopy to my 2018 crew cab and I think the canopy came with every option available save the remote lock/unlock which is one I actually wanted So any experiences installing an aftermarket one? I think I am going to order this one. Feedback? Any assist: Where's best to run it to? The tailgate power lock wire (and if so where do I grab that?) Thanks much!
  13. Went with a Leer 100XR: Here's the bed extender through the positions: I need to wire it up and sell the tonneau later in the week when I have time but I think I'm going to be pleased with the above set up. Edit to add: I just noticed the bed extender is upsidd down in the pic lol
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