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  1. I have a roll n lock retractable bed tonneau cover off of a 2007 classic 6.5 ft bed 2500hd. It is used but still works fine. Make me an offer they are $1,300 brand new.
  2. I have my stock aluminum uca’s and coilovers from my 2015 Sierra z-71 4x4. Parts have 30k miles on stock tires. Make me an offer
  3. Stock aluminum upper control arms and rancho coil over shocks off of my 2015 z71 sierra. Make me an offer. Would like to sell together but will sell shocks and arms separately. They have 25,000 miles on them.
  4. I need to as much as I haul stuff. I just haven't had time to work on it. When I get off work I have enough stuff to do around the house as it is. I would like to add a leaf or do airbags probably soon hopefully.
  5. Haven't been on in a while. Just wanted to clarify for those who want my setup that I NEVER cut the bump stops and I drive offroad and at full flex regularly and have never had any issue at all. Everything is in perfect condition besides the struts are a little rusty on the treads from driving in the salt on mountain roads. I have 45,000 miles on the shocks and I love them. First pic is loaded down with a half pallet or more of shingles (about 2,000 lbs +) Last pic is most accurate of what it looks like. Sits perfectly level, never have made time to put any blocks or airbags on the rear but I pull 8-10,000 lb trailers regularly and it sits much better than when you have a pallet of shingles. Of course most of y'all would know what its like to have anything in the back of your truck anyway
  6. Couple of photos with the 275/65/20 Toyo MT's
  7. I guess that is something I never considered. Maybe I should look into it because mine have more than likely contacted it at some point. Im not easy on it....
  8. Yes I now have 275/65 20 Toyo Mt's and they fit great. Barely rub in reverse at full lock.
  9. My dealer told me initially it would cost me some money to get it done but they covered a lot of it. I ended up having the transmission serviced and a few other things at the same time since they had it for a week and a half. So when I picked it up they ended up not charging me anything for it.
  10. ...I'd say so... I have 20 on top of the stock in the back and its perfect.
  11. Which are adjustable 0-3" by the way. Mine are probably 2.6-2.7" and it rides amazing.
  12. I have aluminum arms. YES it matters whether you order for steel or aluminum. They are slightly different in size where they mount to the frame. I think most of the mixed reviews you have been reading about is with the Fox 2.0's not the 2.5's. Also, no modification needed for the Cognitos. With the 2.5's there are multiple options depending on the amount of lift. If you look at their catalog you can see there are about 4-5 options for the 2.5's that will fit our trucks. The ones I got are Fox pn 883-02-028.
  13. Fox 2.5's go to 3". I have mine set a little higher than 2.5" and it rides great. Only problem with new coil overs is most of them recommend new UCA's. So there goes the cheaper part of the option.
  14. I put a hopkins in mine too. Pretty simple stuff. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/178038-hopkins-insight-brake-controller/
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