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  1. Hostile sprockets 20x10 with Toyo at2. I’d like to color match the chrome on the front still yet.
  2. Wondering what the results would be if I installed longer eyelets on the coilovers and turned down the preload on the shock. I would in theory retain the same amount of lift out of the setup and would give the ride a softer feel due to less compression on the coil? Just looking to soften it up a little.
  3. The measurements are 24 and 24.5in from fender to center hub, the driver side being lower. I'm not sure what the poundage on the spring was I should have taken a picture before I installed it. I'm not sure what the 2.5's come stock with.
  4. If anyone was curious got em installed this past weekend. Install was fairly simple thanks to Madcow for the tips. Height measurements come out at 39.5 (Driver) and 40in (Passenger) from ground to center of front fender with no adjustments being made. I was expecting more lift out of these but there does seem to be a good amount of compression on the coils already I am unsure if I would take it any further. The ride quality is great especially over the harsher stuff like railroad tracks.
  5. I had a 1.5 in spacer on when I purchased the truck and retained the same height after everything settled with coilovers installed. Measurements are about 39.5in from ground to center of fender on front end. I was told they came preset with around 2.5in of lift.
  6. Fox 2.5 Non resi with Cognito balljoint UCA's installed last night along with 2.0 Fox rears.
  7. Just ordered the Fox 2.5 non-resi and Fox 2.0 rears for about $100 more than the price listed in your link from MRT Motorsports. I've done quite a bit of research and people seem to be happy with this setup and the one you listed. Once installed i'll post a picture. MRT has great prices and great service from what i've experienced so far, he's also active on this forum.
  8. Same with mine. Worked just fine when I test drove, but 6 months or less later when I went to use them I got no heat. Haven't attempted a fix yet, would be interested to see what people say.
  9. MRT has got pretty solid deals on off the shelf 2.5's so i'm leaning towards those with the resi version after you two have persuaded me. If I need the adjustability later I can go the path Madcow suggested and add the dsc adjuster. Is there a specific spring rate to request for these or is it a one size fits most from Fox?
  10. I shot accutune an email about my specific situation. I agree, a custom tuned shock would be ideal but I offroad only about 10-20% of the time during hunting season. The rest of the time it's a daily on the rough Indiana roads. I'll see if they would offer any major benefits to the off the shelf 2.5. Also in your experience, would the reservoir version be worth the upgrade aside from aesthetics?
  11. Going with the fox 2.5 non resi and cognito (balljoint) setup and MRT offers the set of coilovers for a little over 1k with the promo code. Would you recommend going through accutune vs off the shelf? About a $400 difference but I wouldn't mind paying up knowing i'd be getting a properly tuned setup for my vehicle.
  12. My '14. New wheels/tires coming soon along with either the 4" BDS or 2.5 Fox's with Cognitos, still undecided.
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