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  1. woa...please tell me more! You plug a usb drive into one of the ports - but how do you get the video to play?
  2. Interesting....my XS would not wirelessly charge on my 2018 Sierra this winter. I haven't done anything to the truck and now it does wirelessly charge. Hence me thinking it was an Apple update. Who knows.
  3. A few months ago there was a thread about the wireless charger pads in the console not working with the new iPhones (I had recently upgraded to a iPhone XS). I even researched on apple forums and sure enough, the new phones weren't compatible. The other night I randomly set my phone down on the console and low and behold it started wirelessly charging. I am assuming one of the iOS updates had a fix....so, if you've written off wireless charging on your X, try again! Maybe I'm late to this party, but thought I'd share in case others weren't aware.
  4. Pretty sweet man....has to rub pretty bad though. Are those OE or reps? Guessing reps?
  5. I would need the 2018 version. I'll check around eBay. Thanks!
  6. Nice ride...that front air dam though. ha. What kind of grill or grill inserts are that? I like that a lot.
  7. Without and with nerf style - cheap eBay specials since I wasn't sure if I wanted any. Wish they were more like 2017Darkness has - more flush to the rocker. They get the job done...I like the GM's without boards though.
  8. 2018 SLT, 2" RC level up front, 20x9 +1 Mavericks, 295/55 Ridge Graps, tubular step bars....debating on Denali grille (I'm not a chrome hater like some...)
  9. Nice clean looking rig...love that color with the black/machined Fuels. Same here, Mavericks +1, 295/55/20 Ridge Grapplers with 2" Level. The +1 stance is perfect IMO. They are big tires though....
  10. You'd really be disappointed in the new ones then (at least my 2018)...no gas cap!
  11. Your "phone + radio" scenario is what I would prefer. However, currently, my "phone + radio" with an iphone is nothing but radio and nothing through my phone speakers (meaning directions or video message, etc). Calls come through via car speakers. Wondering if it's an iPhone setting...but I have no idea. Just a guess.
  12. That's the thing...I don't want the media to come through on the speakers, ha. I'm perfectly fine with listening to the radio and having my phone tell me the directions. Does Apple Car Play change that at all?
  13. I'll get under there and take a look. I can live with it but it's one of those "if I buy a $53k truck why can't I put gas in it" scenarios.
  14. I've tried it all but I'll keep tweaking. Sure is annoying though!
  15. Haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary. I should add that if I hold the pump manually it will pump fine...the issue comes when I push the auto switch down and let go, gravity pulls the pump down slightly and bam, shuts off. Different stations too.
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