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  1. Try number 2...... The Derale oil cooler adapter does not fit truck blocks. the spacing for the mounting bolts is too narrow. upon more research I found that Earls has an adapter that is specifically for the trucks and corvettes ? it has the correct spacing, but also requires a spacer for the trucks. Gen V LT motors. 1126 and then the spacer is 1127. So I will get those parts and try this again. 3rd times the charm so they say.
  2. WOW !!!! Those look awsome. Thank you
  3. Thank you, I think this is what i am looking for, found online with more details so I will check and make sure it looks like the right kit and contact seller. THank you
  4. Hi, Thank you for that info. I looked up online and it is saying that it doesnt fit the 2017's ? Do you by chance have any pics of the plates ? Did you install these on your 18 ? should be the same then ? Thanks
  5. Thanks for all the feedback. I looked up AEV and they do not have one for that truck, no silverados at all. I guess it would be a funky set up since the intake is all the way at the front of the fender, run all the way to back of fender and then up. I Guess that would be some pretty deep fording to get up to that intake as it is up at top of fender. Maybe be better to just put more lift in it
  6. So here is a mock up of the plano box idea. it just makes it length wise. Will need to make a platform to attach everything too and mounts for the gauge and connectors. Need 90 degree elbows for the ends of the tank for the air lines and regulator. Then create a wire harness or plug system so that I can connect either directly to battery, or via a 12v power port in bed or under hood, or both. I dont know ? what do you think ? this would make it portable from vehicle to vehicle rather than permanently mounted on one.
  7. Has anyone come accross snorkle kits for the silverado's ? iv'e seen tons for the toyotas, and even for the colorado, but nothing for the silverado's . Not planning on doing any deep river crossings on purpose, but want to cover all the bases for exploring and protecting the vitals as best I can. What other options might there be ? suggestions ? Thank you
  8. Since it's a standard 6'6" box I was looking to mount somewhere else, dont want to loose the space in bed, between the tank and compressor, it will take up some valuable real estate in there. I really wanted to do underneath the truck, but not finding a happy place that the tank will fit. The only option I have been able to come up with would require purchasing two smaller 1 gallon tanks that I could tuck up under the bed and then just join the two together via an air line. There is not enough space above the spare tire due to the module and wiring that is jammed under there unless the tank was smaller. at that point might as well not bother stuffing one 1 gallon tank up there since those will fit other spots easier. Another idea I was thinking which is not ideal, but what about mounting all the components into a box, like a plano sportsmans trunk or the like, and just mount up on roof rack, will look un clean, but it will essentially just be a box on the rack, but then I can run wire to battery or some sort of quick connect when I need to use it ? This might also make it so that I can take in other vehicles when needed, so might actually be a workable idea ?
  9. Has anyone found any nice skid plates for the front of their trucks that replaces the OEM plastic splash pan. I found a few but they are all designed for use with certain lift kits. Im looking for more of a stock type application. Thank you
  10. I am looking at adding traction bars to my truck. The rough country units look pretty nice and simple. Has anyone used these or another type with good results ? Any feed back would be appreciated. Thank you
  11. So, I got the 20mm fittings, and they DO NOT fit the 2017 radiator. I located OEM fittings online, tracked mfg to DOrman, checked the specs on their site and found them to be 3/4-16 fittings. Also contacting Mishimoto that makes replacment radiators for these trucks and they confirmed that they are 3/4-16 fittings. So not sure how some people were using the 20mm fittings, but guessing they made a change at some point and the newer ones run the SAE fittings. Anyhow... This weekend I will pull apart again and try to get the AN lines installed to replace the OEM oil cooler lines. If this works out good, I can then add a nice Mishimoto AN type oil cooler externally down the road to aid in cooling during warmer months pulling camper or slow off roading.
  12. Has anyone done the AN line conversion on these trucks yet ? if so , any recomendations on what fittings to use ? Hose lengths ? I found that Derale makes the block adapter that fits the 5.3 in the trucks, it has the in and out ports with 10An fittings, so then 10an hose from there up to the radiator. From what I can see online the fittings in radiator are metric 20mm x 1.5 ? Can anyone confirm this ? Thank you
  13. Hello. Wondering if anyone has installed one of these systems on the silverado and if so where did they mount the tank. The compressor is small enough , the the tank that came with the Viar kit 2.5 gallon is just too long to fit anywhere safely. It does almost fit under the passenger door, but it will hang down too low for my liking. The only option i see is to purchase two 1 gallon tanks that I can stick up under the bed sides out of the way, but I will reduce the capacity and have more plumbing floating around under there. Just wondering if any one has done it and how they did it. Thank you
  14. Anyone have any recomendations on brands for the spacers ? I have seen stuff on you tube of catastopic failures with the noname brand spacers. I was thinking of the rough country 2" spacers. Maybe finding a little wider, not sure untill i get the flares on. I plan to run the warn 4 x flares with stock wheels, so need to push them out a bit so they fill the wheel wells better, without they will look lost. I do like the stock wheels, so didnt want to give them up.
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