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  1. I am Chinese/Indonesian/Dutch born in Indonesia; family immigrated to Canada for a better world. My Father and mother always warned about communism as Indonesia went through a civil war between communism and democracy, “Killing Fields”. I agree China is getting allot of tech from other countries especially the US/ Canada/UK/ and allot of other countries. It is scary for sure; they are communist and are getting more and more powerful. But I do not think China wants to be a country who take over the world or be dictated to by Russia. They know keeping relations and security with USA and be part
  2. Nice write up, and I might add that when their spouse passes away their loneliness becomes more apparent but they try not to be a burden to anyone. Regardless we all have to include them, it doesn't mean on every party or event but at least the family gatherings that really matter. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, everyone!
  3. I like the new Custom Trail Boss Silverado, I also like the look of AT4 GMC but the GMC headlights look too F150 to me.
  4. Yeah I'm PAHS also, but at times when I don't feel too good my system is off and need to make a big deposit, I try to walk to the other side of the building where there is a single occupant non gender bathroom with a lock on the door. Privacy is golden.
  5. I could of lived with getting the 4.3, but most of them around here was work trucks. The 5.3 mpg was not much more than 4.3 and it was more fun to drive and more power than 4.3 also the 5.3 didn't use premium gas like the 6.2 did. I also rather have the 5.3 with 6 speed as well. In BC when you go camping or fishing there are lots of mountain and elevation so the extra power helps over the V6 4.3 towing a trailer and gear in the bed. I'm averaging similar to my mini van I had in the past, it was a 2008 Uplander with the 3.9 4sp ext so I'm happy with my choice.
  6. How about the fleet use of government officals, police service, NSA, FBI, CIA, homeland security etc. they use these kinds of vehicles and rack miles on them.
  7. I felt GM has always been conservative in giving out rated mpg on their cars and I have hit the mark or even get better mpg on my truck based on the window sticker. https://driving.ca/ford/f-150/auto-news/news/ford-sued-for-allegedly-falsifying-fuel-economy-ratings-on-f-150-trucks
  8. I actually test drove only two different brands of half ton trucks the F150 and Silverado. I usually keep my vehicle for about a decade so I wanted something with little electronics or just enough for my convenience. I wasn't sure I wanted the F150 with the 2.7l Ecoboost for long term so I chose the Silverado 5.3l. I would probably be just fine with the 4.3l for that matter. I got a great deal for having a GM product to trade in as a loyalty brand come back and also there was some big discounts when I purchased my truck late 2017. I could have easily gone to Ford as well but I got a better dea
  9. Check it out... https://siamagazin.com/how-much-fuel-does-engine-idlin-usedoes-idling-waste-fuel/
  10. Have a look Fumoto Valve Makes Your Oil Change Cleaner... https://www.fumotooildrainvalve.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIlJCI_IeK2wIVF7bACh0wGAqHEAAYASAAEgINqPD_BwE
  11. A women who does her own servicing on her truck, I am truly impressed and if you have a significant other what a lucky person. If not, you single,...LOL. Don't always believe us know it all backyard mechanics type guys or even some dumb ass parts guys, always check reliable sources for proper info and double check.
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