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  1. How many miles do you have on the truck? I always laugh when people say it is the best they have ever had and they have low miles on it. So it is either your first vehicle or all the others have been horrid where that assumption can be made so quickly? Why not wait to say that when oh I dunno, you get rid of the truck/vehicle? It could have monumental problems or failures next year... See this many times with new buyers, a few thousand in to it and it is the best ever! My current truck is good, will wait another 5 years until I get rid of it to see if it has been the best vehicle I have ever owned. In our family the best we ever had was a 1991 Astro van. The current vehicles are nicer and good but nothing stood up to what we put that van through it's life and had no problems outside of an alternator. Tyler
  2. Then those aren't 35's. That is like saying you are 6 foot and only being 5'11"... Tyler
  3. Would love to see the math on that, please provide the data requested for said remark, thanks! Follow up question, does any high performance manufacturer recommend Amsoil products? All I am seeing is Pennzoil, Shell and Mobil. If it is so great, you think manufacturers like Lamborghini, Bugatti, Koenigsegg and Ferrari aren't recommending it? If anyone would want the best and to last it would be those types of manufacturers. BTW, you ask him to go through your nearly 5,000 posts to find some that pertain to a particular oil brand? Yeah, I am guessing you don't have statistical math to back up your statement. I don't doubt it is good if not one of the best, I just don't believe it is on the pedestal someone make it sound when they are trying to push their pyramid scheme down everyone's throats and recommend it. This sounds similar to what a few people were saying about Bilstein shocks and how good they were... Tyler
  4. Are you one of those social media influencers/bloggers? If I buy amsoil will I get a portion of the marketing money you were paid for this post? Just trying to weigh all my options before me next oil change... Tyler
  5. Great, a political post, this should be in the lounge... Go to a smaller rim, that will help a bunch in terms of cushioning the ride and saving some abuse the truck gets and maybe you won't be complaining? Big rims ruin a truck... Tyler
  6. As if we don't have enough distractions as it is with people on their phones now they want this. I am constantly losing more and more faith in humanity... Here is an idea, get a rear set up so they can actually see it comfortably and you aren't distracted driving with your kids in the car? Or I guess buying the big safe truck was just a cover? Tyler
  7. Might want to try being a little more honest in your review. Takes for ever to start moving and wind up of RPM's is anemic? Come one, not even remotely true. Mine runs strong and it shares driving time with a bolt on LS2 GTO. If yours really does what you say it is then something is wrong and it needs to go to the dealer. Then comparing the 3.7 ecoboost to the 5.3 in the SUV's, compare it to the 6.2 as the 3.7 is the top engine, the 5.3 isn't. The 6.2 in SUV's isn't far behind the 3.7 ecoboost, but compare apples to apples please... Tyler
  8. They don't need to, (ignore the advertised power numbers) as the truck out performs everyone except the 3.7 ecoboost. All numbers from Motortrend to keep them consistent. I really wish people would do a little homework before posting misleading info or regurgitating what a few people incorrectly spout (usually the ego driven 6.2 guys)... 2019 Silverado 5.3 - 1/4 mile 14.9 @ 94.6, mpg 16/22/18 (real not given), power 355/383 2019 Silverado 6.2 - 1/4 mile 14.4 @ 98.3, mpg 16/20/17 (real not given), power 420/460 2017 Titan 5.6 - 1/4 mile 15.0 @ 93.9, mpg 15/21/18 (real 12.6/19.2/14.9), power 390/394 2019 Ram 5.7 - 1/4 mile 14.7 @ 93.7, mpg 15/21/17 (real not given), power 395/410 2015 Tundra (no one tests these same old dogs anymore) 5.7 - 1/4 mile 15.2 @91.8, mpg 13/17/15, power 381/401 2018 F150 2.7 - 1/4 mile 15.5 @ 89.5, mpg 19/24/24 (real is shown as 14.9/23.2/17.7), power 325/400 So the Silverado has less power than all yet is faster (it is two tenths behind the Ram but faster through the traps) and beats them all on MPG (probably 2.7 as well as we all know how it really does). What I think is funny when the 6.2 guys talk about how much of a dog the 5.3 is yet it is a half second slower and less than 4 mph behind at the traps on regular 87. It can also run on E85 giving it a nice power bump. The 5.3 is a sweetheart of a motor, plenty of power, good mpg and a proven reliability rating over the years while running on 87 and being able to get a shot in the arm on E85. Still think it needs updating? Tyler
  9. Lease if you want to drive something you can't afford. It almost is never the wise financial choice to lease. Just run the numbers, they don't lie. At 3 years you will have equity in your vehicle in most all cases. Extend that to 5 years and you will no doubt have equity that can go towards the next vehicle or better yet pay it off and have no payment while the lease person is always paying 500ish a month. If you always want a new vehicle and minimal maintenance and don't mind paying more for that service then lease, just know it isn't a good financial decision. Tyler
  10. Placebo effect, they want to hear/feel it (yet most don't know what they are listening/feeling for). I bet they want to feel like they own a motor that only runs on premium like a sports car... If you hear/feel it the truck pulls timing and it goes away and doesn't hurt anything. With modern cars they can detect the smallest of knocks/pings and fix it before it is even noticed by the driver in most cases. Tyler
  11. Sounds like a troll post to me. Child's name, new account, first post, vague description. Let's not feed the trolls... Tyler
  12. 5 or 6 MPG? What is wrong with your truck? It should be around 1 maybe 2 mpg tops. We run 87 in our 6.2 most of the time, you would be hard pressed to tell a difference of the 15 or so hp lost and we are just over 1 mpg difference between the two octanes. If you are seeing a 5 mpg difference, your truck is broken and needs to get looked at... This was an excellent article on comparing the different octanes in the same vehicles of different types and engines. OP, 87 is fine if you want to save a little and you aren't pushing the truck hard in the middle of summer or towing regularly. It actually works out to saving money using 87 as the mpg penalty isn't much compared to the price savings per gallon. https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/comparison-feature/a28565486/honda-cr-v-vs-bmw-m5-ford-f-150-dodge-charger/ Tyler
  13. 2500 and which is up to you. As much as I know the 1500 can handle it being over weight and tandem towing leaves you open to being caught pretty easily by highway patrol. Don't do that to yourself or others, get enough truck. Paint the wheels black and calipers red, the trucks will come with enough brakes. You are hesitant to add the 10k engine but will upgrade to useless brakes for 1/4 of that price that you won't get back? Atleast with the duramax you will save on gas mileage and resale value. Not sure why the 6 speed is an issues, it is a great reliable transmission, unless you really want to say you have 10 speeds? In which case the duramax comes with that. Either continue with the couple times a year using two vehicles for that short distance and get the 1500 ultimate or buy enough truck and get the 2500 and use one, either way it is your decision. To me it sounds like getting the 1500 and using the Caddy for the boat is the way to go... That way you have the truck you want and aren't over weight. Tyler
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