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  1. Because it has another 33 hp which also matters and weighs a sizeable amount less (roughly 150+ pounds not including the other emissions stuff added on) as well as other factors I am sure such as cooling and engine design parameters/requirements. Tyler
  2. You can but it takes so much more to make a brick go fast. Just look at the trap speeds of the Grand Cherokee hellcat. These trucks aren't really "fast" if a 4 cylinder mid size family sedan is neck and neck with you. The truck has some spunk, but fast it is not. Now you can always mod them with forced induction but stock or an intake and exhaust it isn't anywhere near what a car guy would call fast. I bought my truck to work, tow/haul and leave the pavement, I have a different car for when I want to go fast I just want my truck to be reliable. Tyler
  3. Perfectly level will appear nose high from a side view and rake is good for you know, truck stuff, things the truck was purchased for... Getting new UCA's is good since you will be stacking leveling kits, so anything to help the front end over the long term will help. Look around the different leveled trail boss/at4 threads (there are a ton of them) and you will be able to figure out what size you can safely run. I have seen some mention a 295/70/18 with just a level and no rubbing, but that is what searching and reading threads is for as it all depends on tire, exact level, situation, etc. What might not rub on the street or pulling in to a driveway might rub at full flex off road. Tyler
  4. You haul a boat, why would you want to be level? That will make it squat when you are towing and cause issues with on coming traffic at night with your lights. Besides, no way you can visually tell a difference between a half inch, install the 1 inch and keep some rake and save some wear and tear on your front end since you are effectively stacking leveling kits which is never good so the lower the better... Tyler
  5. Unless you get in to an accident, especially a severe one then yes, you will be cited and sued... Tyler
  6. You don't think the Bilstein's they used back then from the factory were of the cheaper variety as well? The old Z71 package isn't much different than the one today, shocks, wheels and tires, stickers, back in the day it added a locker which is pretty much included anyways on many trims. The larger air filter isn't needed as they sufficiently cover that with the regular intake/filter. It does add some electronics but the package is just the same as it was a hundred thousand years ago, so guess that means these trucks have some actual off road capability then huh? I promise a new truck will out do an old truck off road. Also, Ranch has higher end shocks like Bilstein does and both have bottom of the barrel base shocks for a cheap price, upgrading to a more expensive shock better be an improvement, but that is nothing to jab as the base shocks, it helps keep the price down and does everything they are asked of. I had zero issues with my shocks on my Z71 and all the back country driving they did. Finally replaced them around 50k with the Bilsteins, set them one notch below the highest setting, it does ride rougher but does handle larger bumps better. All in all a wash, not some miracle shock people make them out to be but a small improvement. Tyler
  7. What do you have planned for your "build"? So far a bolt on lift kit and wheels, are there some build plans coming with some fabrication and working together of parts? Speaking of wheels, I don't think I have ever seen wheels with such a misnomer name, those are about as far from "hard-core off-road" as you can get with out a Bugatti emblem on them. Like having a maltese named killer... Tyler
  8. The article clearly states "Up To", you aren't getting the full set in their specific test environment results. The intake and exhaust aren't particularly restrictive in these things so you aren't getting big gains, especially those that are measurable in a 3 ton brick; that 15 hp won't register on the old butt dyno but it does in the old ears "AKA placebo dyno". The proper term is you can hear the difference. I bet those numbers they provide are engine dyno numbers and not wheel numbers. In what world is 0.3 tenths a "huge difference"? In a 20 foot long truck trapping in the mid to upper 90's that is less than two truck lengths over a 1/4 mile. How did you measure your 0.3? Same day same time and same temp? Weather has big impacts on performance, so if you ran stock on an 87 degree day then ran with the mods on a 73 degree night that right there is your 0.3 in the 1/4. It does add performance, a very negligible amount. In the performance car world you don't see the full gains without a tune to take advantage of it, no one does that to gain performance if they know what they are doing, they add it to compliment other parts. Putting an intake and exhaust on a stock truck is done pretty much for sound and to add to that look at me factor. What is funny is adding those parts to a lifted or leveled truck with larger wheels, tires or E-rated tires and you are still slower than a stock truck without those goodies. I would much rather get a tune for less than half the $2k price and actually gain some power and change how it drives, though that is not warranty safe. To each their own, I can find a much better way to spend 2 grand that actually makes an impact for me to notice. Tyler
  9. This is why I would never buy a used truck, that front end is just screaming... I guess you could stack another leveling kit on there and see if that helps? Not sure what to tell you, make sure it is properly aligned and maybe some trimming will be needed? Many people have to trim or tie back parts to clear big wide tires; research goes a long way. Tyler
  10. Yeah that just isn't true. Studies have shown cars as just as safe if not safer in most or many scenarios, give me a larger car in an accident over a truck any day. With the exception of a head on collision where the smaller lighter vehicle will have added forces being pushed backwards (sometimes you can't get around physics), most other scenarios a car fares better and I would rather have more scenarios covered. Given nearly the same distance from the front of the car to the driver both have plenty of room to work magic to slowdown and absorb energy, but a car riding a unibody can take that energy and transfer it around and to the back of the vehicle where a full framed truck with a separated bed doesn't have that luxury. The car is also much less likely to roll over which is one of the big killers in an accident with a higher death rate in those types of crashes, many t-boned accidents with trucks end up in a roll over which is much less likely in a lower vehicle. So no trucks aren't inherently safer, they can be for some types of crashes but that added weight also has to be stopped and again, physics come in to play when stopping more weight at an immovable object as well. On top of that, a car has a better chance of avoiding an accident all together being it can stop shorter, handle much better and in many cases accelerate faster... Tyler
  11. Until something happens where the actual legal police say otherwise. The truck can tow it no question about it, they are just letting him know the ramifications if he does go beyond and what can happen as well as it isn't just about adding a few pieces of equipment and you are good at the highest factory rated amount. Way to word your input though! Tyler
  12. So spend $180 on the range device, studies show around $179 savings at 15k miles a year at $3.50 a gallon annually so basically first year just pissing away $350 the first year and an additional $720 the next 4 years. That means it can save you enough to buy a nice hard rolling tonneau cover, especially if you are in stop and go or city traffic often. Not sure why people dislike this or other fuel saving tech, multiple independent test have shown around 7-8% fuel savings with start stop tech on average. I am all for it, we can't avoid it so might as well embrace it as trying to get around some of the stuff can be even more expensive. Tyler
  13. This, it didn't add any noticeable or measurable power. What? So the Camaro is faster, handles better, stops better, is better balanced and sounds better yet the nearly six thousand pound truck with the same horesepower is more fun? Care to explain this? Major improvement? How much did it show on the dyno? Flowmasters are never know for giving good HP because they are a chambered muffler that adds restrictions and increases the chance of drone, so no real power was gained there as well as removing the flap wasn't a choke point. So as newdude said it is just a placebo effect. Tyler
  14. Would look better with the yellow west point plate and rear west point decal removed. How are gloss black wheels not forgettable? That would be more so than the stockers are you can't see any design or detail with them, just a sea of black. Personally the stockers looks great (though wished they were a 20 as bigger isn't always better); that is the problem we are having when shopping these Denali's and Escalades, they are all 22's it seems especially if you add any sort of option package. Definitely looks pretty good though with this new gen, we are really wanting to see the Blue, Quartz, Dark Sky and Hunter colors in person or in pics like yours to get an idea what we like. Tyler
  15. They did last month, 2021's are already out for most models (midsizers you see out, ditto with the full size SUV's so the trucks should be too). https://www.tfltruck.com/2020/07/2021-chevy-silverado-1500-offers-new-packages/ Tyler
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