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  1. Mid-sized truck logic?

    Because model for model with the incentives on the Mid size trucks now you are saving close to 10 grand. The gas mileage is around 3 mpg better overall than a 5.3 (even more so than the 6.2). The 3.6 is about as quick as the 5.3 and the 3.6 has been proven reliable (look how many different vehicles it is in). You get 90% of the size and capability for about 80% of the price. A CC LB mid size truck is about perfect. Longer bed than my CC SB Silverado yet fits much better in the garage and parking spaces. Not to mention the mid size trucks ride much better as they were designed to handle more like a CUV to take some of those customers. As mentioned in an earlier post which I noted some of the same info if they had deals on the midsizers when I bought (they had just came out) I would have had one. My next truck will be a midsize as it will tow and haul everything I need (car trailer, 24 foot boat, etc) and will fit easier on the trails (haven't scraped my truck yet knock on wood but I am off to New Mexico in July). There are numerous reasons to buy one, quite frankly I can't see why so many buy full size trucks, I bet many are ego purchases as most don't use the actual capabilities (partial or full). Tyler
  2. And make the stereo less useful? Tyler
  3. Correct, no car interior or gimmicky computer screen! Tyler
  4. Mid-sized truck logic?

    Shopping used in some instances yes, prices can be pretty close, but new even with discounts (you can save 8 grand off a new canyon denali) midsize trucks off a significant savings and all the other benefits and appeal that come along with the smaller truck. As someone else has said the size while at first might not seem like much really is a big decrease in size and makes all the difference in a 2 car garage. Lets just look at size and pricing... Mid size trucks apples to apples (CC short bed 4wd) and same packages (xlt to xlt) are less. The trucks are 90% of the size of the full size trucks (232" LOA vs 210") and prices are 80% of the full sizers (Ranger XLT CC 4wd starts at $35.3k and the same F150 XLT 4wd CC short bed starts at $43.7k). You can load up a Ranger to about 50k where an F150 can get to about $70k which is an even larger price gap of 71%. Even with discounts the smaller truck isn't the same price as the full sizers. Used they get much closer as does everything but you also have to remember the midsize trucks tend to hold their value a little better and haven't been out as long in some cases (GM twins, Ranger, etc). Either way I went full size this time because when I bought my truck the Colorado's had just come out and they weren't dealing on them anymore and I got more truck for about the same price on a left over 2014 (this was 2015). While I like my truck a lot I will go mid size next time. My old mans CC LB Canyon is fantastic, it drives much better than my truck, has more bed space, is more maneuverable and fits much better in my garage. It will tow anything I want (the boat I am looking at, car on the trailer, etc) and can hold people pretty comfortably in the back for the somewhat rare times I need it. Yes the full size comes in handy a few times but a mid size is much more appealing in most other cases. Now that I have done it one (been the guy you talked about) now I wonder the opposite now that prices are more in line (mostly talking new). Why would someone buy the wrong truck (a full size when they are looking for a mid size) just because you think you are getting more for less? Either way you are spending more and when it comes time to sell years down the road might be worth the same or less than the midsize. Just for some concrete numbers, same dealer, you can save 8.6k on a 49k canyon denali for 40.5k or you can save 11k on a 69k sierra denali for 58k. That is spending nearly 20k more... Yes later in the year or a few down the road you might be able to save 22-25% and get it close to 50k but it still is another 10k, and all that saved money doesn't help when it comes time to sell it down the road. Food for thought. Tyler
  5. Tie rod ends only. They were present when we leveled my buddies 2016 Z71 a few weeks back. Tyler
  6. I think I have heard three people say the rear jumps around and that must be mostly attributed to the driver/situation issue as then why isn't everyone else or all the reviews saying it? Maybe try driving the truck for a bit and see? The shocks are new, aren't the bad (regardless of what a few people say on here) and make your own decision. You want to upgrade to a heavier and stiffer tire (only assuming it will be an LT e-rated tire as most KO's are), news flash that will offset some shock change as the added tire stiffness will increase what causes the rear end to bounce around. Why KO tires? Have you looked at other better options? What is your drive like or what will the truck be doing? Finally, change all four shocks, they are designed to work together. To me it sounds like you just want aggressive looking tires and a leveled truck, doesn't sound like it has anything to do with hypothetical rear end movements on a truck you don't have yet... Tyler
  7. Did you just start driving? Do you not remember driving sealed beam headlights? The Sierra's in 14/15 weren't that bad, it is just because so many people are used the super bright/white light of HID's/LED's that either came standard on their previous vehicle or they upgraded to that they complained they were junk when they weren't. I had two friends with those trucks, they were fine. Even better with the TSB though. You can't use that as a comparison or just price. It costs over twice as much to build a truck because of what it is capable of doing. All the added money in a truck goes to the chassis, axles, drivetrain, size, etc. FIne, you want LED's because a camry does and you want the price you paid for the truck? Then say hello to less capacity or reliability, is that a fair trade off? Who ever said it is a 40k truck it should have it, um no, that is about the bottom of the barrel in terms of price, these trucks are getting close to 80k. Plus as someone else noted what business in their right mind would want to replace a thousand dollar head light when a twenty dollar bulb would suffice? WE have to curb truck expenses in somewhere and some choices like this are needed. Prices are out of hand because of all the box checker versions passing the costs on down to the base models, it is pricing out those who actually need and use a truck (which I am guessing is a small percentage of those on here). Anything they can do to keep the prices lower bring it on, not every truck needs to have massive touch screens, leather, big motors and safety features and tech up the wazoo... Tyler
  8. Fixed that for you. Let's see, nothing has changed but the tires yet it is the shocks Tyler
  9. Why let you know when you are him? Two posts on the same page glowing over him? Hmm, who could this person actually be? OP, part of the reason it is difficult to find a specific truck compared to a luxury car brand (that is part of the reason these trucks are so expensive, those owners coming over) is there are many more options. Bed, cab, axle, engine, color, style drive, packages, etc. Much harder to find specific setups if that is what you are looking for. Besides, what did you expect going from a luxury car dealer network to a regular one? That is well known.... Maybe stick with the luxury cars? I have a feeling you will be disappointed after driving for a while in the amenities, fit and finish, ride, etc... Tyler
  10. Bargain Beast - New V8 Camaro Costs Just $34,995

    Why? Looks pretty good, don't hear many complaints about the front end. They actually look better and better as time wears on and more are seen in the wild. You hear a few more about the interior but neither are needed and are great for what they are intended. Tyler
  11. 33s AND NO LIFT

    GM offered a factory lift of 1.20 inches? How did you get that and what was the RPO code? Would be a much better choice than aftermarket, though I have never heard of such a lift except aftermarket dealer installed. Tyler
  12. Trail Boss MPG Competition

    I wish they had more C-options across the the tire brands, seems it's either P or E. Even though you consider them mud tires it is a completely different class and act as such. It is a hybrid AT (an AT tread and MT like sidewalls). If they were mud tires you would hear them and winter traction wouldn't be very good with the exception to deep snow; where the duratracs are pretty good in snow. With an actual mud tire you would probably be down another .5 - 1 mpg. AT https://www.goodyear.com/en-US/tires/wrangler-all-terrain-adventure Hybrid https://www.goodyear.com/en-US/tires/wrangler-duratrac MT https://www.goodyear.com/en-US/tires/wrangler-mtr-kevlar Tyler
  13. Which 2.5" Level?

    None I would go over 2 (cast or stamped), it just adds more wear on the front end. The closer to stock the better. I did 1.5 front and 1 rear to keep rake for towing and hauling (as well as the headlight alignment) and because the further from stock you go the more wear incurs and this was a happy medium. Not has harsh as a 2.5 but allowed more room for the larger tires when going off road. Tyler
  14. Trail Boss MPG Competition

    Not bad with the addition of mud tires (I would imagine they are E-rated?). I'd day with the stock duratracs or even a less aggressive AT tire you could pick up another MPG. Tyler
  15. I am going to go out on a limb and say because it looks cooler and the off road image and black wheels are all the rage... Tyler

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