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  1. Here is an idea, do what you like instead of what others say you should... Tyler
  2. Fixed that for you. A conversation on cabin filter and miles to empty would not be "fun"... Tyler
  3. That has nothing to do with the adjustable pedals they removed. The pedals move forward and back, not closer or further apart. The reason they probably got rid of the feature is barely anyone actually used it or knew about it. Most would set it once (like myself) and never touch it again because the seat would do pretty much the same thing. I would rather the money be saved or spent somewhere else. Tyler
  4. Scratches his own vehicle, must not be his fault but GM and their soft paint... Gee, could it be possible you picked up something in the towel and scratched it? Doesn't mean it is the paints fault. It would seem to me soft paint would be less likely to scratch or chip as opposed to hard paint as that is how it acts when laced over plastic which is soft and has some give. Not to mention soft paint in the detail world means it is easy to correct or adjusted, since you were unable to I would venture to say it is a hard paint. People always complain about thin paint, this is the first I have heard of soft paint. It isn't a GM thing, all manufacturers has thin paint that doesn't stand up as well since they changed over to a more environmental friendly paint. Go to any forum for any manufacturer and you will see the same complaints. Ditto with truck leans and many other common build irregularities. Tyler
  5. Talk me out of a Ram.

    A good amount slower, on par with the 5.3 per tests. Motortrend got a new Hemi through the 1/4 at 14.7 at 93.7 mph while they got a new 5.3 Silverado through there at 14.9 at 94.6 mph. Previous years were about the same stats with the 5.3 edging them out. Although the 5.7 is their top engine it is comparable to the 5.3 not 6.2 but it does move out just fine as does the 5.3 and not wanting for power. Tyler
  6. Bilstein shocks thread

    Perfect stance? It looks nose high like Cali style trucks. It may measure level but many people on here know that when you do that it doesn't look it... I'd remove the top spacer and just run the Bilstein's at the top setting. This way it retains some rake as a truck should, doesn't look nose high and will wear less on the front end since stacking leveling kits and running that high is never good for the truck. Did you adjust your headlights down after all of this? Tyler
  7. Talk me out of a Ram.

    Care you provide your "much better gas mileage" source? Checking Fuelly even though it can't be as specific with the HO version of the 3.5 (the one with 450 HP) so I will be generous and take the 3.5 as a whole as I am sure the less powerful versions are more fuel efficient. Fuelly lists the overall average of that motor in the F150 at 17 mpg where the 6.2 Silverado is at 18 mpg (with a smaller sample size because of availability). Using C&D test results they got 14 mpg in the HO V6 F150 while the Silverado got 16 mpg out of the 6.2 but the F150 was 0.3 faster to 60. It really can't be argued how the two motors will stand up long term to work when you have a little 3.5L V6 getting two hairdryers worth of air crammed down its throat for 200k versus a 6.2L V8 lazily chugging along I can promise which one will last longer. I will take that all day versus 0.3 tenths to 60 and worse mpg which the ecoboost is known to produce... Tyler
  8. So about 14.8 mpg? Doesn't sound like a minimal swing from stock... Tyler
  9. New Shocks...

    So wait, you mean to tell me it wasn't like driving a whole new truck that handled like a sports car on rails and they aren't the greatest thing since sliced bread? Bite your tongue... What's next, KO2 tires aren't going to be worth the extravagant money you pay for mediocre performance and can easily be outperformed my many other tires? Tyler
  10. Air conditioner too weak?

    ^ He isn't wrong. Since trucks don't have a separate rear system like the SUV's it takes away some of the power and efficiency from the front vents to power the inefficient rear vents. That is why all the complaints on not having rear vents and people being "hot" back there was comical with the K2's. The air coming out the back is warmer and moving much slower than what is shot out of the front vents. I have no doubt unless they made some significant changes to the system that the K2's are better at cooling the cab and rear passengers than the T1's. Every truck I have been in the rear vents were trickling out air that made my knee feel good, that was it. Being in Texas my truck cools off well and the rear passengers are fine, tons of cold air is coming out of the four front vents. Is there a way to close the rear vents? Tyler
  11. New Shocks...

    Reach out to sierra dan, he is a bilstein rep, he will hook you up... Tyler
  12. So Ford doesn't have integrated tracking in their vehicles? Tyler
  13. You mean bounce like stock... Only adding preload spacers, which most aren't, changes the ride characteristics. The only negative ride impact of a spacer lift that isn't a preload is over large undulations you can feel the suspension bottom out as it extends the shock and limits the travel. Other than that they ride like stock unless heavy E-rated tires are added. Tyler
  14. LED headlight bulb recommendation?

    Yup, and look at the light scatter he added to oncoming traffic, smart guy taking the easy way out... Tyler
  15. LED headlight bulb recommendation?

    Doesn't matter if you rarely pass people, those that you do on a dark winding two lane road are in for a world of hurt and putting both of you in danger if they are elder or have eye problems. Do it right or don't do it at all, buy the projector headlights at least or proper housings made for LED's. Adding LED's or HID's are basically putting bulbs that are 3 or more times brighter than stock in with the same scatter that happens from a reflector, so that faint scatter people see stock is now much brighter. Don't be that person... You need more light for those back roads you can easily add a light bar behind the grill for the same price. Tyler

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