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  1. Unsettling Experience

    So the story has changed from a what sounded like a little dirt over the road to a washboard like surface? A solid rear axle on leaf springs will move around a good amount on washboard roads regardless of how straight it is, especially if there is a crown on the road. There is no safety issue, under the exact same circumstances the other brands would have done the same, it is a characteristic of the solid rear axle. The reason people are jumping down your throat and questioning you is how you came off at the beginning of the thread sounding like a complete troll... "Should have stuck with a Ford, it never did that. That Chevy is a piece of shit, there, I said it". You also never drove the ford over the exact same situation... Below shows the movements on a rough road even in a straight line... Tyler
  2. I take it you are getting different headlights that work with HID's? HID's in those housings will horribly blind oncoming traffic and you will be "that guy". Let everyone know what you find! BTW, where is that picture taken, a cave? Tyler
  3. Towing issue

    ^ This. If any LEO checks you will be illegal according to what the vehicle sticker says. I would go shopping as well and chalk this up to a lesson learned... Tyler
  4. I think you can only start it twice remotely before it needs the key to start, but don't quote me on that. Tyler
  5. What for? The interiors are great. Not as flashy as that car interior on the Dodge but it is a truck, extremely useful as such. Good materials that will be durable as opposed to flashy and worn looking in a short period of time. It is threads like these that make me realize you can't make everyone happy. They add new storage, features and tech and someone will complain about something a different version or another truck has and those people no matter what will never be satisfied or happy. The trucks are great, are there a few things they could have added? Sure, there are also things the other brands are missing, most importantly in the truck realm... Tyler
  6. Rear Shocks

    Match em up, that is always the best (except in a few special circumstances) as they are designed to work together. Tyler
  7. F150 with the 5.0

    It is such a rare and small percentage of people that have that I wouldn't worry about it at all. Just change your oil regularly with the correct oil and drive it. Chances are slim you will have any issues even if you read too much in to it on a forum... Tyler
  8. Most don't/very few do that. So you are making it sound like all will. We have a few of this generation and many friends that do too. Shoot, my buddies Tahoe with the 5.3 (2011) went 240k when he traded it in. Didn't use oil or have any issues. How about you state some facts? Even checking polls on these forums the percentages are low and it is filled mostly with whiny complaints. Tyler
  9. Most don't use oil. This is the same song and dance for other mostly non issues from some complainers that try to make it seem as if it is some epidemic when really the actual impact is down under 1%. Vibration issue, AFM failures, oil consumption, etc. This is a forum, most people come on to complain. Many join just to do that and start with a insult or jab to get attention to their whining, such as what was someone thinking or design failure; along those lines. There are millions of these trucks/drivetrains out there and most have nary an issue. You have oil consumption, that sucks. It isn't a big deal. Check it regularly and add it as necessary, if you are at all a car guy that does their own regular maintenance it isn't an issue. Really it helps keep the oil a little fresher if you look at the silver lining. My GF's old Rav4 consumed oil, not a big deal. Checked it and added when needed and off it went long down the road. AFM is a good tech that is nearly imperceptible when it changes and saves fuel. There have been a few bad apples but it happens to anything. If you don't like it then move on, it hasn't left you stranded, failed and costs you big repairs so not sure why the complaint and need to move. Personally I would rather have a truck who's motor lasts 300k eating a little oil rather another brand that runs good for a 150k then fail. Tyler
  10. 33s to 35s. Slug much?

    I hope you are talking about the truck and not the Mustang. At first I thought mustang and thought you can't be serious. Then I remembered the trucks can get the 5.0 too. Tyler
  11. Interesting video below (jump to about 3 minutes to see the carnage). People wrongfully bash all over Rancho's and swing on the nuts of Thyssenkrupp Bilstein's (apparently we have to say the parent company Thyssenkrupp Bilstein when speaking about shocks which is an elevator company but what ever). Yet in the video both trucks equipped with factory off road packages with ThyssenKrupp Bilstein's (one midsize and one fullsize) blew their shocks in spectacular fashion; while the car based Ridgeline had one with a slight leak. Hmm, should a premium manufacturer of shocks that are supposedly far superior to Rancho's have failed in such fashion? One shock ok a fluke, but six on two trucks (the fronts were also blown on the Titan in a follow up)? I do not feel comfortable now with some dirt road abuse that Thyssenkrupp Bilstein's can last and are a worthwhile upgrade... Tyler
  12. This is not a blunder at all, stop being whiny and calling something it isn't just because something doesn't work in the way you want or think it should... Here is an idea, stop leaving your hitch in 24/7. When you are done towing take it out. Ah but what if I get rear-ended you say? It saves my truck some damage. But you are still going to claim insurance to get the damage fixed and a new rear bumper... Tyler
  13. Funny, my stock rancho's ride pretty well, even better in some instances than the few people I know with the bilstein's that are leveled. Granted that they pre-load the spring when lifting with bilstein's so it rides rougher in some instances; it does better in others though as well. Either way they are a very long way from riding like "cinder blocks"... Sounds like your best bet OP is the bilstein's, just be known when lifting with the bilstein's it will increase the spring rate and be rougher in some ways while better in others. Still a great choice and when my stock rancho's are shot (they aren't at 58k) I will probably go this route as well. Tyler
  14. RCSB sighting

    Sporty and fun? A truck is no where near sporty and fun to drive even lowered with a proper suspension; even a base regular cab is knocking at 5k lbs of curb weight... A truck should be used for truck stuff, you want sporty and fun, that is where a car a few k's lighter shines. You might gain a few hundredths in skid pad handling going from a crew to a regular cab, but that is basically going from cruise ship handling to mega yacht handling, in other words zero fun or sporty. I dig how they look and would love to have one as a second vehicle to a nice daily driver for the family, but that would require 3 vehicles just for me not including bikes so I don't see that happening for a while if ever. I prefer the looks of extended cabs with the added usefulness of interior safety and storage. Tyler
  15. If you search there are many threads asking or running with the same topic on high mileage trucks. No thoughts to this truck lasting any shorter than the Toyota. We usually keep our GM trucks 150k+, not a concern this wouldn't do the same if taken care of like any recent vehicle. Just drive it and enjoy it, people get lemons and any random thing can happen to anyone, doesn't mean you will go unaffected but chances are good you will. Either way the search feature will take you to numerous threads with the info you seek. Tyler

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