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  1. Last good z71

    Then you have guys down south who use it in "wet weather" so they have a reason to justify using/buying it Guys that think the older trucks were better quality or overall better trucks are smoking something. I promise an old truck isn't nearly as strong as the new trucks from the beefier axles to more powerful drivetrains/transmissions. Then you have things like the rattling interiors, wind noise, creaks, groans from everything from the body to the suspension. Sure the steel bumpers might be thicker as are the body panels but those aren't the meat and potatoes of a truck... All the old trucks included was a different brand of shock from today's trucks which regardless of what sentimental value the name has the new ones are superior and a metal skid plate. The skid plate isn't even used anymore except by a few people. Back then trucks were still bought to be used as trucks and the Z71 was for those who left the pavement and needed some added protection which a good amount did who bought it. Today it is an image purchase by people who never leave the pavement, what is the point of including $200 in wasted cost to the commuters? People that use it will add it as I did, and I certainly appear to be in the minority. The last good Z71 was this version which was better than the one before than and then the one before that and so on. Tyler
  2. You don't have to remove the door panels, there is a screw inside a cap on the end of the doors near the handle. That removes them, then just use a piece of fishing line to hold the clip while you install the new one. Only takes a few minutes per door, plenty of instructions and videos out there. Tyler
  3. 2019 Transmission and Axle Ratios

    So it is a bragging point and not an actual usefulness or noticeable performance point then? That same 99% of the population you state wouldn't be able to tell which truck has which gears after driving them back to back (because probably 75% don't tow or haul anyways), so how would they think it is a turd? Stop buying trucks as an image purchase. It is comical reading some of the reasons or points people give. Should there be choices, yes, but to state a 3.23 is a turd with an 8 speed and then to think 3.73's make that big of a difference with the gearing of current transmissions is laughable and shows the lack of knowledge on the subject. Tyler
  4. It is the internet, people come here to complain and can say what ever it is they want to make their statement seem true even though it isn't. Case in point, those that say AFM never activates and they get the same MPG in V8 as V4 mode, or those that say AFM is the root cause of most every major engine failure or issue; or my favorite that GM made these engines take 8 quarts because of AFM issues... Fact is what you are hearing is a few people who are stuck in old ways with out actual large volume first hand experience, all they do is regurgitate what they hear from a few regular offenders online. Kind of like what you are doing OP with this thread about AFM issues, what you mention mostly pertains to first gen systems and being adapted (this is the same thing going on with DI that people get their panties in a wad for no reason and spout off catch can every chance they get because of what they hear on 1st gen DI cars adapted to DI); the last decade or so have been mostly trouble free. Sure there are some rogue failures as with anything (Ram air suspension, Ford turbo's, Toyota cam shafts, ect) but I promise if you look around you will see it is such a small percentage (think less than one tenth of one percent range) that it is nothing to worry about. Are you going to not purchase anything because of a .05% failure rate? If that is the case you better get used to walking, either way that is what a warranty is for. Buy what you enjoy, do your homework, if you are that scared go buy another brand and take their risk. You just have to be able to read through all the BS to get the answer you want and that takes time reading and studying. For what it is worth AFM has been out for 15 years on GM V8's and it does work to save fuel (GM wouldn't waste hundreds of millions if it didn't), even more so with this new gen specifically designed for it. We have had 4 trucks with AFM, longest going to 140k, none eating oil and we do regular maintenance. One of my best friends just got rid of his Tahoe for a new Sierra, he is in sales and drove a ton and had just over 210k on the clock, no issues or oil consumption and he had it regularly maintained. That is the key, maintenance. Good luck on your search. Tyler
  5. Rear air vents!

    Lost sales? Grasping for straws here aren't we? They probably got rid of them because they figured out they were useless and the added cost they brought with the in turn reduced cooling abilities and actual effectiveness was as anyone would figure out a poor investment area of the truck. Tyler
  6. Should I lift or level it out?

    So is leveling using Bilstein's... You go up over stock you add wear, plain and simple. Tyler
  7. You are fine, it is under weight and a one time trip. The 3.08 means it will be struggling more in the mountains and revving more but it will get through. Have fun. Tyler
  8. You can't see it so what at all is the point of this other than making it more difficult for others to see your turn signals? Tyler
  9. Fuel Economy For 5.3L & 6.2L With DFM Released

    This... I have no idea why guys buy a big honking 4wd truck and never use it for a DD other than the image they think it allows them to portray (which is just a front everyone can see through). I am a car guy, trucks aren't enjoyable to drive. If it weren't for needing and using a truck I wouldn't be DD'ing one. They aren't enjoyable to drive, they are bad in comparison to most other vehicles in terms of on road driving and comfort and give up so much every day. They excel at two things being a DD. Visibility over other vehicles and in most cases room (especially mine with the split bench, I can man spread for days). I can't wait to get another fun car to split time with this and break up how boring it is to drive. If I had plenty of money I would have this truck as a tow/haul/back country and hunting vehicle and DD a luxury sports sedan and have a toy car for track days. After having a new Volvo S90 as a rental recently it seriously made me consider jumping ship as it was soooo nice but it would just cause too much heartache all the times we use it. I can only imagine how awesome the Ghibli is to drive, heard some great reviews on it (though if he was concerned about the Denali reliability he may be in for a shock with this). Have you taken the keys from him for a spin yet? Tyler
  10. Bilstein shocks thread

    I can't see any reason why they would cover it, you changed the struts and lifted the truck using something different than what was originally designed as well as taking off and reinstalling parts. Any lift can void the warranty, 2" isn't some magic go no go number, doesn't matter if it is 1/4" or 4"+ so who ever told you that is wrong. You lift, it can void the warranty for parts impacted. What would probably happen is they would find the install/lift the cause since it started when it was installed and either charge you to fix or just charge you the diagnostic fee and you fix. Either way I would deny it if I were the dealer as GM most likely wouldn't reimburse them for it. You have to pay to play. My opinion is to have the shop that installed it trouble shoot it or do it yourself. Tyler
  11. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    It isn't the dealers it is GM (and the dealers want to get paid for their warranty work). They are (GM) getting very stingy and cracking down on modifications and paying for repairs on parts that have been impacted by mods, it is one of the first things they are directed to look for before proceeding with a repair. A spacer very much voids part of your warranty for those parts that are affected. Ditto with big rims and heavy large tires with big offsets. You have to pay to play. Tyler
  12. Fan speed with Phone Call?

    Mine does (2014), though I have it in auto mode all the time. Just last night I got in and called my grandmother, after sitting outside all day in the Texas sun it was hot inside so the fan cranked up to high, once I called it slowed to about half speed. They all do it so you can hear since they move so much air (which is also why rear vents are pointless as well as useless). Tyler
  13. 2019 V8 Horsepower ratings.

    Um, you have that entire statement backwards. Going to a Hemi from a 5.3 is a step back (almost as big a step back as the Tundra 5.7) and both Ram and Toyota like lagging behind in terms of motors. The Hemi gets out performed horribly by the 6.2, not even worth comparing (it also gets worse mpg by a significant margin) but it also gets out performed by the 5.3 (while being up on power and displacement) as well as horribly covered in the mpg ratings as well. http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2016/01/texas-truck-showdown-2016-towing-mileage-test.html http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2016/01/texas-truck-showdown-2016-acceleration.html Tyler
  14. Thoughts on this rig?

    Will be fine, do it. Tyler
  15. 4cyl Silverado?

    The 6 cylinder has higher payload and towing... Tyler

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