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  1. Umm, that is exactly what they are known for, there is a reason they are called Kbro2's... Far from it, especially when you throw in their extreme pricing. They haven't been the gold standard since early 2000's when AT tires started coming in to popularity. Cooper AT3, General Grabber AT2 (as aggressive and less susceptible to hydroplanning) and Michelin AT2 all a better tire in most conditions. I have been hearing and seeing good things about the AT3W, but that is borderline a hybrid tire. What Michelin was that? I don't think MIchelin makes anything more aggressive than the AT2. My buddy has those on his Tacoma, they aren't very quiet. Really OP more info is need to make recommendations. So much goes in to finding that right tire other than looks (which the KO's take the cake for and are why they are so popular, not because they are the best). Some sizes only come in E-rated which really dings MPG and isn't needed unless doing a bunch of aggressive off roading or towing/hauling heavy often. Stay P-rated in that case. Do you drive in the rain a lot or do you deal with snow and ice. The more aggressive a tire the louder it will be, pretty much period. A tire when new might be quieter for a little bit than an old less aggressive tire but tic for tac the more aggressive tire will be louder (especially compared to stock). Longevity also usually matters with aggressiveness, more aggressive tires tend to last not as long as the taller wider tread voids flex more. Are looks the main factor. Do you leave the pavement or are these for mostly looks and the occasional muddy parking lot at your kids soccer game? Expedition portal did a test a few years back looking at all kinds of angles and the Cooper AT3 was the clear winner. Aggressive enough to get through off road, road and handled well on the pavement, were quiet and the price was very reasonable. They expanded their line to more and less aggressive versions as well as a more winter geared tire. That would be my first choice. My current Grabber AT2 has been excellent. Got them in P-rated so the MPG hit wasn't much and they had 16/32 in tread depth, the highest p-rated tire. 30k miles and I am at 10/32's. They took me around Moab, White Rim and the Alpine loop without issue and many other places and beaches. Plus they were nearly $100 less a tire than the BFG and reviewed better in honest reviews (plus the open tread design means hydro-planning wasn't an issue unlike another with their c-shaped tread that gets brought up on occasion). Either way just do your homework, read multiple treads and look past the rose colored glasses reviews with a few hundred or thousand miles. Check the ones near their end of their life span and what independent tests have shown and be honest with what you will use them for and what you want. Tyler
  2. ^This Have you tried making sure the gas cap is all the way tight? That usually does the trick... Tyler
  3. Range Technologies

    Idling is one of the biggest wastes of gas. Reports put the savings in city driving around 5% give or take with some going as high as 10%. They figure it adds an mpg or two in the city which is big in a truck where it is most inefficient. Every little bit helps, it does work and it wouldn't have been put on if it didn't, that would be an extreme waste of money for the manufacturers. That is why I always laugh when people say the AFM or DFM does nothing (or any other bits). Well real world results, common sense and god knows how many miles and hours of testing they put in show otherwise, that applies to start stop, air dams and any other aero bits. Not sure why people want to turn this stuff off. Tyler
  4. Better MPG on 93?

    No it doesn't "Unleaded gasoline with an octane rated as low as 87 can be used." Hence the word recommended... 87 works just fine except in more extreme circumstances and heat/loads. Been running 87 in our 6.2 since new most of the time, only notice a little over 1 mpg difference. Acceleration difference isn't noticeable nor is how smooth it is, though it is rarely run full throttle. Most of the time people say it is some huge difference between the two is a placebo effect, they can't notice a 10-15 hp swing or the smoothness difference in modern engines. The 6.2 is tuned for premium where as the 5.3 isn't, so the 5.3 isn't going to gain much if anything running premium other than a peace of mind or the earlier mentioned placebo effect. Now E85, that is a different story. Tyler

  6. Usually only the image conscious people care about it, you know, the ones that want to make sure everyone knows they have a 4x4 regardless if they don't actually use it. They are prevalent in the south where 4wd is never needed unless off road, and very few trucks do that. They are pretty easy to spot, just look for tacked on 4x4 badges, a clean under carriage and usually a level with BFG's or anything more aggressive on upper level trucks with chrome/black rims. Tyler
  7. Nav & Blindspot monitoring

  8. Short Bed or Standard bed???

    Can't haul anything in the useless short bed? Huh, how was I able to get camping gear, my mountain bike and other off road essentials in my short bed for a two week long back country excursion? How do I fit a long pallet of 2,200 lb flooring in my short bed or sod or crushed granite? How do I fit my tools or other home improvements in my short bed for building the patio or shed? Oh, I do just fine and a bed extender adds even more. 10" aren't making that much of a difference, especially when it still fits in the garage. Now the next house will have a much larger garage as I do prefer the longer bed, but the short bed is far and away not useless... As far as picking a bed based on looks, that is just silly. You have trouble deciding as it is based on looks, who cares what others think. Half will think a long bed looks silly and the other half a short. In the end of the day it is a truck and should be bought for such reasons, looks should be way down the list... Tyler
  9. No it is the same. Just a few people on here I think either work for Bilstein, have a vendetta against Rancho or just have to have the latest "it" item such as bilstein's or BFG tires. The Rancho's are legit Rancho's and aren't bad by any means (took me around the white rim trail, over the alpine loop and various other places and did well). For 95% of the people on here the Rancho's do well and are more than they need, ditto with the factory tires. It is the same reason people call Ram's Fiat's or GM government motors, just trying to be cute and sway others to their personal view on something regardless if it is right or wrong. Don't read more in to it than it is. Good question though! Tyler
  10. Saw a new Blazer today

    Considering this doesn't even compete with the Explorer, that is what the Traverse is for. It is very stylish for the class, not some boring bland regular CUV companies put out. An old school off roader SUV would have sold half what this thing would to start and eventually taper off to maybe a 1/4 or less of the sales before being cancelled, just like the FJ, Xterra, Hummer, ect... The Lexus starts at $43k and goes to over $60k, and you aren't dealing much on those. You can easily get one of these for $20k less comparably equipped than a Lexus. A Ford Edge goes to $50k, as does the Murano, both direct competitors. Not sure why the prices are laughable, all have the latest tech and options... The Blazer name has very little history behind it. It was made for less than 30 years while being watered down with a midsize and then the trailblazer name. No real prestige behind it, the name is good for this one and the Mexico thing is a ok (that will be brought up). It will sell well and be very competitive... Tyler
  11. 6.2L Yes or No

    Lot's of incorrect info in here. You will hear people spew stuff to try and justify their purchase or sell you on it. Words such as fun, lethargic, better mpg or saying the 5.3 can't merge on to an on ramp... What? Truth is the 6.2 doesn't get better mpg than the 5.3, simple tests have shown it and it is plain physics. The 6.2 truck isn't fast, it will get walked on by a V6 Camry, ohh muscle truck! Not... It isn't more fun, still the same sloppy handling boating riding high truck that stops the same and turns the same. The 6.2 comes down to two things, either you genuinely need the extra power for towing (it doesn't get significantly better mpg, TFL truck shower one tenth) or you have to further justify your purchase to everyone by saying you have a 6.2 4wd lifted truck on BFG KO's and think you are fast (remember the Hemi truck guys or Tundra guys when they thought they were fast?). The 6.2 might depreciate a little slower, not enough to notice a big difference in 5/10/15 years when you go to sell it. That is easily offset by the added up front costs, gas costs (including mpg), financing, insurance and so on. Completely up to you if you think it is worth it. Is the bigger motor a little more enjoyable to put the loud pedal down? Sure, but it isn't some massive difference than a 5.3 truck. On top of that the 5.3 can take E85 which gives it another 30 hp or so which the 6.2 can't. Your decision, my 5.3 runs just fine, if I want to go fast that is what the GTO is for. Enjoy the decision, it will be a great truck either way! Tyler
  12. GMC Sierra AT4 Off Roading Video

    ^ This, they try and make it sound like it is a re-branded shock, no it is made by Rancho and Tenneco is the parent company (kind of like how bell helicopters and ez-go golf carts are under the parent company Textron). Rancho wouldn't let some random sub par company put their name on a shock that isn't theirs and throw their reputation, so people can stop trying to spread false rumors. Would you let another company risk your name on a product? Everyone makes a base model and isn't as good or nice as their top end model You want Bilstein's go buy them, they aren't going to put the top of the line Rancho on the truck for it to go run around a field (it wasn't designed for desert running or they would have ran a high quality shock). Remote reservoirs haha come on get out out of here with that, these are mostly street trucks with maybe 5% taking them in a field or fire road, zero reason to have a shock like that other than looks and to drive up the cost even more. BTW, any other truck outside of the Raptor or ZR2 will act in a similar way (bouncy) as it wasn't designed for that... Tyler
  13. "Only" when a little time with a coat of wax will have similar results twice a year (if it sits outside) for penny's on the dollar... Hard pass, especially on a truck that gets put to work. Tyler
  14. Sierra/Silverado vs. RAM 1500

    Snobby, yes... The reason why they are strong sellers it is because of the actual truck stuff, what you should really be paying attention to... All the soft leather and car like interiors do nothing with towing 10klbs for the next 10 years reliability. Most the belly aching is from luxury car owners stepping up to a truck and forgetting about the truck stuff (also why they are getting so expensive for the regular working folk). Tyler
  15. First Lifted 2019??

    Dog, haha yeah while the 6.2 is just so powerful and fast it can't cover a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry with their big engine or that it only out tows the 5.3 by 1,000 lbs (and can't match the payload #'s of the 5.3), get out of here with that... I have a feeling many leveled trucks are going to look nose high again like this one. Will never understand the desire to run a level truck without lifting the rear, it looks funny as is and even worse with any type of load in the bed or on the hitch. Guess so many never use the pickup part of the truck? Tyler

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