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  1. Calm down, they didn't lie. First off both the GCWR and GVWR are easy to find, both are listed on the GMC site under capabilities. Second max towing for any of the manufacturers isn't listed with a fully loaded truck and trailer, it is a single person, no other payload or gear (150lb person is assumed from what I read). You start adding people, supplies, payload and trailer you take away from the max trailering capacity. So it can tow as they advertise 11,100 lbs, but that is just you in it depending on how much you weigh. Don't forget the trailer tongue weight is considered part of the GVWR/payload. You put the family and gear in and the towing capacity gets diminished. Might want to do some homework next time, they all advertise the same and that is the standard for calculation across the board. Tyler
  2. It is not what the Denali should have been, trucks don't need a car interior in them. It looks like a midsize sedan/Tesla concoction on the interior of the Ram, pretty but less useful for truck owners. The 5.7/3.92 is quite a bit slower than the 6.2 as well as slower than the 5.3; it is a heavy truck compared to Ford/GM. Not sure what the gear dial has to do with anything, you turn it three times when you drive and that is it (P to R, R to D, D to P). It is an automatic, you don't shift so it shouldn't matter. Give me a column, buttons or a dial, just keep the console shifter to cars that need to do some manual shifting. Anything to keep to the space free, I won't touch it once it is in drive so how it goes in to gear is irrelevant... Um, no it isn't unless you modded it, it is actually slower like I mentioned a while ago. Many publications showing the 5.3 out performing the 5.7 and the 6.2 just eats its lunch... It is all in the sound, but you know what they say about all bark and no bite right? http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2016/01/texas-truck-showdown-2016-acceleration.html Not to mention it was quite a bit behind in mpg when unloaded, nearly 6 mpg in this test... Though I will say that is quite a spread, I would imagine and see a few mpg different in real world. http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2016/01/texas-truck-showdown-2016-towing-mileage-test.html Between that and the regular FCA quality concerns I would pass on the lipstick on a pig Ram. I would get a Nissan or Tundra before it personally. They offer so many gimmicks and features for a cheaper price you know it is being taken out from somewhere else on the truck to be able to do that... Tyler
  3. Wow, thanks, I had no idea. Nice to have a little little extra storage behind there for thin small stuff. Tyler
  4. Best is subjective, it all comes down to what you want/use/price and many other things. Have you tried searching around the forums and seeing what others have done? Tons of info out there as this is probably one of the top mods to be done. Unless you are regularly going to be off roading and this is more for looks and occasional trips to the back country and spacer lift is best. Keep it under 2.5, the lower the better in terms of wear and tear. Since you are leasing (at 18...) might want to check with the dealer on their thoughts. You certainly don't want to be caught with an expensive bill or replacement if you decide to put a big 3 inch level and heavy 35's on there as that can cause other problems to the truck you could be on the hook for. Either way look around, see what others do, how it looks ect and get your info together and make an informed decision. Since it isn't your truck that is something you have to weigh... Tyler
  5. If you have heard yes and no why would this thread be any different? When it is that close of a fit if one person says a 295/70/18 doesn't rub yet another person says it does what does a new thread bring to the table? You still have two people saying two different things, are they going to say something different in a new thread? There are so many variables even down to build tolerances from the truck to the tire themselves and the suspension company and geometry. Best is to just search all the threads, gather all the info you can and make a decision that best fits what you think will work as there will not be a right or wrong answer. With something so subjective with so many parameters that matter in the measurements that is the way to get an answer, not a new thread... Tyler
  6. Towing Numbers

    That would be nice, it just appeared the AT4 was the GMC equivalent of the Trailboss which isn't getting either. I don't see anything on the GMC site reference the optional engines or even a standard engine. I did find this TFLtruck post from March when it was revealed stating that. Like I said I hope so as options are great (just like giving the 6.2 availability in lower trim levels) but with it being a similar suspension to the Trailboss and it not getting it I would think it wouldn't, but maybe GMC will offer more for the premium image the have? https://www.tfltruck.com/2018/03/what-makes-the-2019-gmc-sierra-1500-an-at4-off-road-truck-makes-world-debut/ Tyler
  7. Towing Numbers

    I doubt the AT4 will be offered with the diesel since it isn't offered trailboss. Tyler
  8. Well said except for the last part (though it should). Many aren't looking to improve performance but rather it is an image thing, those that want big wide rims and tires sticking out, don't do any homework or research and just join to post a generic often asked question. They aren't looking to improve performance but instead bro-doz... Next step will be lights in the wheel wells and rooftop light bar. Tyler
  9. We have had many torsion bar set ups over the years and you are the first person I have heard say cranking a torsion bar will not make it ride worse (except at the max). A torsion bar is a linear spring, each turn makes it tighter and increasing the spring rate. So 1 turn will make it a little stiffer than stock, 5 turns even more so and so on and so on. If he wanted to crank it even 1.5" it would ride rougher than stock but not as rough as 2.5". It basically is like a per-load spacer kit in how it acts with the spring is a good way to describe it (and how bilstein's work). My suggestion if he wants a little more since it is easily reversible is to check out how many cranks equal how many inches and find a number he wants to try, turn it up and drive it around a little and see how it rides. He may not notice much as ride is subjective to each person, or he may notice a big change. He doesn't like it, take that many turns out and go find an actual lift that leaves the torsion bars alone. Tyler
  10. ^ Do you have a recommendation on brand? Tyler
  11. Stop crying about gears and look at the transmission gearing. Look at the first gear of the transmission and the rear end gear of the truck and see how those match up. The Toyota uses a 4.30 because they have a 3.33 first gear where GM has a 4.56 (8 spd) of 4.70 (10 spd). Only uneducated people fixate on the rear end and don't bother looking at the actual transmission gears, a little homework goes a long way. I promise you with 8 & 10 speeds you couldn't tell a difference between 3.23 & 3.42 unless you were told if put in both trucks. The single speed is surprising, but most won't even notice or use it, so to lose a few people while gaining other benefits was probably weighed carefully. If you think of it chances are someone somewhere in GM has as well and there was a reason for it. As more details come out real world will be a big decipher. Trucks can perform better then their numbers show and weight plays a big role. Remember the old Duramax while down a good amount on power out performed the Cummins and Powerstroke in the real world. Wait until then to decide when to cry or not... Tyler
  12. Someone is salty. All lost as enthusiasts? That is no where near the truth... With everything it brings the the table where is the loss? As a car enthusiast weight is what we all want down (it improves handling, mpg and performance) and as a truck enthusiast capability, towing, features and handiness is what we want which is all accomplished. Is it because you are solely talking about not being able to brag you have the same numbers as the raptor or something? It easily out powers all but the raptor and equals the raptor performance ([email protected] for the raptor and 14.0 @ 99 for the 6.2 sierra). Take away a quarter ton of weight and that should put it comfortably in the 13's at over 100mph, are you not happy? Second fiddle? Tons of innovative class leading tech/features and most likely class leading numbers for mpg, towing & hauling when it is all said and done. Poor management, that is why they are running the company and you aren't. Premium top of the line engine with new innovative tech, best V8 numbers, best overall numbers with exception to the special Raptor model. If you were a car guy you would realize what impact weight has on everything that is very big. GM did well, it is sad you can't see that and focus on a single point that is irrelevant. It is just the box checker guys that get their panties in a wad, it is one less impressive stat to state at the local Starbucks... Tyler
  13. Most likely attributed to the weight savings off the front end and any steering box/motor improvements... Relocating of the A-arm was for added steering angle to keep the turning circumference down with the added wheel base. Tyler
  14. 4cyl Silverado?

    One below your post.... Tyler

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