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  1. Tons of people have done it, if you search around there are countless threads of people having it installed before leaving the dealer or adding it later as they like the idea of not having to deal with warranty issues. There are pros and cons to each, your best bet is to read up on the other threads and get their opinions and make your own decision on what fits best. Tyler
  2. Exactly. And yes, it can be as thick or thicker, all depends on the shop. A good quality shop can make it better than factory without all the orange peel. Let them fix it, take a discount or extended warranty or something and move on. You weren't "screwed" by anyone. ****** happens, it is a vehicle and a truck at that. Big tough guy over here. Those are two completely different things. ****** does happen, they can fix it better than new if done right and you can get a discount or some added perks. It wasn't deliberate, it was an accident. Take a step down off the high horse and stop making a mountain out of a mole hill as it does no one any good. Life is much more enjoyable with realistic expectations. Tyler
  3. Search around this forum, tons of information as that is the most common question asked. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/forum/187-2014-2018-silverado-sierra-mods/ While your at it look up on that leveling kit. 3" is going to wreck havoc on your front end. The higher over stock you go the more issues it can cause. Going that high do it right with a suspension lift. Again, searching around the different threads and reading what others have done will be most beneficial. Take your time, you want to get it right. Many people jump in to mods and regret it by listening to a few quick responses to a thread they start that has been asked countless times. Load range, type of level, brand of lift, make of tire or type all play a huge role in the end result. Tyler
  4. That is most people as well. 99% is about the percentage of 4wd owners who only drive on road and might stray in to a dirt parking lot or road at most, especially down south. Tyler
  5. That didn't take long for the AFM haters to throw their hat in the ring, must be the AFM! Power seat failure, AFM! Tire losing air, AFM! Lots of flack for something that causes less issues than other parts on the truck. If we wait a little longer the BFG crowd, Bilstein shock guys and amsoil fan boys will be in here too... 96k, throw some new plugs in there and run some good fuel system cleaner and top tier fuel. You already eliminated the wires and coil by swapping them. Tyler
  6. Have you tried searching or looking at threads in other sections? That is probably the most commonly asked question, tons of threads with tons of information out there. Try that and you will find a solid answer as there are many variables. Those are two of the most popular tires, many people will have info on it. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/forum/187-2014-2018-silverado-sierra-mods/ Tyler
  7. Seriously? Truck checks your boxes, does what you need and so forth but a phone app will have you switch brands? Good luck with that, the grass isn't always greener. What people feel entitled to these days is astounding. I have seen people say they won't buy a vehicle because it doesn't have LED taillights or homelink, now a phone app... Tyler
  8. That is a lot of "custom" mods. Are those painted stock bumpers? Is that a bolt on grill you purchased? Does the truck sit in a garage? Mods don't add value, especially when you paint stuff as that shrinks your audience because it is now one person's special style. I would figure about 30 tops, there is an abundance of trucks out there with excellent deals on new (why wouldn't someone spend 10k more and get a brand new well equipped 6.2?) as well as tons of used trucks out there. I have a buddy that is trying to sell his modded Duramax, he is asking 10k more than a nice stock one. It isn't moving and sites are messaging him about being way too high and to adjust his price. Take the 30 trade in and that will take it off the financing of the new truck, you will save on taxes and payments/interest. Financially speaking if you still owe 22k on a 6 year old truck getting in to a newer larger one probably isn't the best idea unless it is just flat out needed to tow a heavier load. Tyler
  9. Stuff happens, it is a mechanical part, rogue failures occur. Maybe you needed to spend more than $50,000 to not have an issue since what you pay determines your level of satisfaction and lack of repairs/issues? By your last comment are you saying all trucks are going to have this happen and everyone with a 14-18 truck should sell or plan for this to happen sooner rather than later? That is much different than the decimal percent that actually have this failure. Think of the millions of engines that have been produced with this tech, then think of the past 15 years with them and how few of failures there have been. It is quite uncommon. Sucks it happened to you, could have very easily been an error on the install or contamination. You have had some of the worst luck, but you are also in a very very small minority here. I would open a case with GM and reach out to customer care, they should be willing to help. The dealer you bought the $50k truck from should have some say as well considering it happened twice. My dad just had GM replace the steering rack on his Canyon out of warranty for less than half the original quoted price. Tyler
  10. You do understand how limited the sales will be for the Bronco right, especially after the hype dies down. Look at the Gladiator, less than a year later and they have to throw a bunch of money on the hood to move them as they aren't selling. It is a niche vehicle, the current Blazer will out sell the over seas version, the Bronco and any other off road oriented version people say they want but won't buy or actually use; they will all easily be out sold when people realize how much better everyday the current Blazer is compared to a truck version. And lets be honest, the percentage of people that actually have any actual use for the added capabilities is in the low single digit percent at best. What makes better business sense, building something for 95% of the people or 5%? I am going to guess your needs fall in the 95% group as well. Watching an overland expedition episode the other night they interviewed a TRD engineer who said they engineer their trucks for that 5%-10% of people who take it off road, that is why they are so much worse than the competition on road. The only reason their sales are so high with an inferior product is people believe they are the same reliable over built vehicle from the 80's, in reality they have slightly above average reliability that most of the manufacturers have equaled or nearly caught up to with much fresher product lines that out perform them in regular driving duties. So no, as much as I like that idea I know it won't sell here, especially a manual version which will cause it to be cancelled in a few years and be an added expense that could have been put forth to improving or building something else. Tyler
  11. These frames are far from weak. You mention bent frames, are you talking about the two instances where a ZR2 towing an off road trailer off road that was well loaded and going too fast bent them? That happens to all brands (the Gladiator just made the news for the same issue and there have been Tacoma's and other trucks that have done the same thing). Either way, you should have zero concern about the frame, period. It sounds like a great fit for you, buy it and enjoy. Those other instances regarding the two ZR2's and the other trucks are because they abused them in ways that physics just can't be overcome. Tyler
  12. What was the reason going with the 4wd off road package if you were going to lower it and use it as a street truck? That would add more complications one would think with all the 4wd hardware and electronic tech that comes with it... BTW, I am a sucker for a nice darker blue, my favorite color on any vehicle. Tyler
  13. That isn't stock... If I remember correctly as I have mine on the 3rd setting it goes 0, 0.75, 1.25 and 1.8 for setting 1, 2, 3 and 4 so you have a 3/4 inch level which gives more room. Tyler
  14. No doubt subjective. We took a 10 hour one way trip to New Mexico over the summer with another couple in my 2014 Crew Cab. We rotated driving so I sat in the back for about 5 hours as did they. We were all very happy with the comfort level. Plenty of room for my 6'5 frame to stretch out and put my leg on my knee. Also plenty of air moving back there for West Texas desert heat, had to ask them to turn it AC down a little. Seats are different then they used to be, no longer super soft like a lazy boy but they have to instead break in. This makes them more durable in the long run. I will say the Volvo S90 and late model Altima with the Zero gravity seats are two of my favorites but these Silverado seats are nice once broken in. I have been in a 2019 Silverado and they felt a little hard just like mine when new (my passenger seats feels firmer than my drivers) but have little doubt they won't break in over time and be nice for most people, though everyone is different. Tyler
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