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  1. GMC Sierra AT4 Off Roading Video

    ^ This, they try and make it sound like it is a re-branded shock, no it is made by Rancho and Tenneco is the parent company (kind of like how bell helicopters and ez-go golf carts are under the parent company Textron). Rancho wouldn't let some random sub par company put their name on a shock that isn't theirs and throw their reputation, so people can stop trying to spread false rumors. Would you let another company risk your name on a product? Everyone makes a base model and isn't as good or nice as their top end model You want Bilstein's go buy them, they aren't going to put the top of the line Rancho on the truck for it to go run around a field (it wasn't designed for desert running or they would have ran a high quality shock). Remote reservoirs haha come on get out out of here with that, these are mostly street trucks with maybe 5% taking them in a field or fire road, zero reason to have a shock like that other than looks and to drive up the cost even more. BTW, any other truck outside of the Raptor or ZR2 will act in a similar way (bouncy) as it wasn't designed for that... Tyler
  2. "Only" when a little time with a coat of wax will have similar results twice a year (if it sits outside) for penny's on the dollar... Hard pass, especially on a truck that gets put to work. Tyler
  3. Sierra/Silverado vs. RAM 1500

    Snobby, yes... The reason why they are strong sellers it is because of the actual truck stuff, what you should really be paying attention to... All the soft leather and car like interiors do nothing with towing 10klbs for the next 10 years reliability. Most the belly aching is from luxury car owners stepping up to a truck and forgetting about the truck stuff (also why they are getting so expensive for the regular working folk). Tyler
  4. First Lifted 2019??

    Dog, haha yeah while the 6.2 is just so powerful and fast it can't cover a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry with their big engine or that it only out tows the 5.3 by 1,000 lbs (and can't match the payload #'s of the 5.3), get out of here with that... I have a feeling many leveled trucks are going to look nose high again like this one. Will never understand the desire to run a level truck without lifting the rear, it looks funny as is and even worse with any type of load in the bed or on the hitch. Guess so many never use the pickup part of the truck? Tyler
  5. You know a leveling kit will also void the warranty as well right? This is probably the most asked question on the forum "what is the biggest tire I can fit", shoot probably any forum from a Kia to an F350... Search around and gather info, many different answers and responses depending on the tire brand, type ect. This is exactly why it is beneficial to search and see what is and isn't working for others, what one says might work might rub for another person. Tyler
  6. Silverado/Sierra side mirrors

    It has, numerous times if you would have checked. Did you just join to complain how they look? You do know it was for function right? Ever since trucks became image purchases people are more concerned with how they look as opposed to how they perform... Thanks for your insight I guess? Tyler
  7. Why? Because it looks a little funky? I promise it was done for strategic reasons probably tied to aero, wind noise and mirror performance. Looks isn't everything (should actually manner very little in the decision process but that is all I hear complaints about and I can't help but laugh). Tyler
  8. 1 truck out of 8 and you are that sour? Failure rates are in the 1% give or take range, if that sours you enough be prepared for some other issues with the other manufacturers, just have to pick your poison. To me that would be more reason to stay having a strong run of trucks. Yeah, 1% give or take failure rate over millions is far from poorly executed. When it adds 1mpg per vehicle on average and you take in to affect the others that 1 mpg brings to the table to the consumer, government, environmental impact and all others it is a very good technology... Tyler
  9. That you know of. That is a pretty bold claim, do you check your seat closely each and every time you get in and out to be 100% sure it didn't come from you or someone else? I am going to say no. They may cover it but it certainly could have been your causing, it is 2 months old... Just take it in, us telling you yes or no isn't going to change the actual outcome. Tyler
  10. Level kit

    That the OP should know is also well covered and can be answered searching rather than opening a new thread... This is spot on and they are right about warranty, it will impact those parts that are directly related. Don't expect to get a ball joint or wheel bearing replaced but your AC system will be covered! Tyler
  11. You list mpg and noise as two important factors but have the most aggressive AT tire and two hybrids listed. The BFG's are over rated and over priced, they are out performed by other more reasonable options in tires tests (not to mention the design has caused some concerns with hydro-planning). Haven't heard that great of things about the Duratracs, especially about longevity and toughness (though you aren't off roading so that is mute). Of the 3 listed the Falken's I have heard best things about but they are hybrids and are new so the long term verdict doesn't have data behind it yet (neither does the BFG's really). I did plenty of homework with tires before my last set and the Coopers are what I will be going with the next go around. They aren't the most aggressive looking (though these new redesigns take care of that) but they just flat out perform. They are highly rated (they won expedition portals AT tire test), do well on the road especially compared to the other more aggressive options), have a deeper tread in many cases in P rating, are cheaper and made in the USA. I have also heard good things about the Hankooks as well. I would put less emphasis on looks and more on overall performance and needs as the coolest looking tire is usually performs the worst on road. Also avoid LT tires and stay P-rated for street duty (or maybe C-rated at most) unless you are towing heavy. My P-rated Generals did the alpine loop in Colorado, white rim in Moab and other places with out fail, it will be plenty on the street and keep your ride nicer and mpg less impacted. Good luck on your search. Tyler
  12. Every option but no 20's? Silver will do well in Texas. Tyler
  13. You didn't read the article or do your homework did you? Save a buck because it is simpler? Probably better for durability and long term truck duty, not to mention easier and more reasonable for someone to fix 10 years down the road if/when it needs fixing (an assumption). Have you driven one with it yet? No. Just shows no matter what someone will always complain... Enjoy the AT4, I am sure that is exactly why you are choosing the AT4 over the Denali and not the factory leveling kit. Tyler
  14. That is 100% false and an out right lie, stop trying to run a personal smear campaign. If that was the case how are the other 99.9% of trucks running perfectly fine and making it to 100-200-300k mile plus? 150 miles? Sounds like someone didn't do their homework and properly test drive having just came from a previous "lemon". OP, when they say people come on the forum to complain a good portion of the time they are talking about this guy. 12 posts, mostly all complaining. Test drive the truck and enjoy, as others have said 99.9% of the trucks out there are mostly trouble free. It is a mass produced truck by people, there are bound to be some anomalies... Tyler
  15. Something is wrong, I have AFM on and I am not burning oil, is that right guys? I just checked last night at 43% OLM remaining. I thought AFM was junk and burns quarts of oil each month? My buddy had over 200k on his tahoe with no oil consumption issues, that can't be right. Tyler

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