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  1. There's a long thread on the forum talking about Bilsteins. Give it a look and see what others used or have to say. I think the title is Bilsteins 5100 or something like that.
  2. That shocks in these trucks (all trims) have terrible rebound on both the front and rear. Changing over to Bilstein or Fox, etc will help. Sucks to spend money to fix this but that's the way it is with GM using crap shocks. One thing you will notice too is how "bouncy" the truck is when you go over a decent bump at 70 on the interstate or 55 on the highway. When you go over a bridge where it connects to the actual road is a good example.
  3. Its known how bad the bounce is in these trucks. The shocks are garbage in non Z71 or Z71/Trail Boss setup's. The rebound on both front and rear suck. There is a very lengthy thread, somewhere on here, talking about the Bilstein shock's helping with the truck feeling a lot better after putting them on. The install of the shocks is very straight forward. Shouldn't take more than 15 or 20 minutes to do in your driveway. Just do 1 side at a time and no need to lift the truck up at all. Just slide under then remove and replace 1 at a time. I did the swap on the rears months ago and am very pleased with it. Off road and on road driving is much better. The rear end feels more planted but the front does still bounce in certain places on the highway. But overall I'm glad I did the swap. Debating about doing the fronts now.
  4. I read about Audi's headlight years ago and thought that was cool but I see it hasn't hit the market yet and why. I will never purchase the auto dim/brightening feature. This Audi one......I would only if it truly works all the time.
  5. I have no problems in my Camaro (and I sit lower than your beater I'm sure) when passing newer vehicles. The only real issue I have are the older vehicles that people put in "better" lights but I cannot tell if those are the low or high beams. Especially whichever lights people put in that are a very light blue color. Those are just bright even to make you think it's high beams but it's actually low beams. In my truck or the Camaro I have issues with certain sedans (mainly Mercedes ones) where its like they have high beams on but they don't. As I mentioned when I was in front of a newer Silverado (in my Silverado) and at certain angles (since the road curved left and right at times) the trucks low beams looked like high beams. I will continue to flash people because when they leave their high beams on, I'll gladly leave my high beams on. Because after 2 adjustments, myself, people still flash me. Even when you flash someone with your low beams and those people think it's blinding, when the high beams come on, they are even more blinded by the light. Yes, vehicles need extra rule(s) to make sure lights aren't blinding people and also have an manual (by each light) and electronical (in the cab) adjustment knob so you can adjust it either in your driveway or while driving down the road. Just like my 2013 Tundra had from the factory.
  6. Done that and still get flashed. What I wished was in the Silverado was in my 2013 Tundra. A knob to adjust the angle of the light in the truck and that was something on a base model Tundra. You'd think with all this advertisement GM did with the new Silverado about towing features that this would be in the truck. I just feel the need to go get a light bar and tie it in with my brights.....
  7. How many other members here get flashed by other drivers because they think your high beams are on? I've driven past other new Silverado's and Sierra's with no issue. In both my truck and Camaro. I have been in front of a newer Silverado in stop and go traffic and with his lights on and at certain angles, parts of the light did look like it was the high beam but you could tell it wasn't. It's like every time I drive past another vehicle, my hand is on the stalk and waiting to flash the other driver back. I've had people do this to me in the Camaro and my ZX10 but it's like every night I drive the truck I have 2 or 3 people angrily flashing me and the get surprised by my actual brights.
  8. I went to my dealer a week ago and they ordered the part. I'll go in tomorrow for them to fix it, for free because it is a TSB for a factory defect. This is why I wish GM had put a manual, pull release like all tail gates have had for situations where you can't get it to electronically unlock.
  9. No. I didn't have any issues with my dealer. Any competent dealer will know how to get this issue to show up. Get a water hose and let the water run on the roof, down to the rear of the truck and wait for it to leak inside. Just keep pushing for them to get it fixed. You can also see the residual water that leaked in on the rear windows too, if you leave it there for the dealer to see where it's leaking in at. As far as it's been said, it's to do with the entire seal that goes in with the glass. And yet you'll still have threads like this pop up but not all of the answers will be found in that 120 page thread.
  10. I went to the dealer to get my tailgate looked at per TSB 20-NA-040 and of course it worked but now my truck is waiting on parts for this seat belt recall that I had no idea about. Funny thing is I had it there a week prior for an oil change and they didn't say anything about this seat belt recall.
  11. Sounds like you could spend your money towards something else other than because you want to go over 99.
  12. Any reason why you'd want to go faster than 99? Just because your tires can?
  13. Look under any GM product and I bet you'll see this same "dent". This was on my 06 GTO and on my 18 ZL1.
  14. Newer vehicles have a lot of electronical components that are used and still are used even when the vehicle is off. Sometimes they do use a lot more power than their supposed to. I've seen this come up on the forum a randomly and not certain what the resolution was other than people recommending to get a battery tender to keep the battery charged (not a trickle charger). Other have taken it to the dealership and they found where the parasitic discharge was coming from. There is a parasitic charge coming from somewhere in your truck. Take it to the dealer and let them figure it out. That's your best bet since it's still under warranty.
  15. Sorry for taking so long but I looked at the sticker for my 2019 LT Z71. It has these packages; All Star Edition, Convenience II, Z71 and protection, trailer brake and 5.3 (since that was optioned). As it was mentioned, this feature is kinda pointless when it shows you the exact same thing the HVAC controls show. It doesn't even have the heated or A/C seats on there. I've only looked at it and played around with it a couple of times. If you really want it and think you're truck should have it, then take it to the dealer and they should be able to reprogram it for you. If you're truck is supposed to have it, then they will do it for free.
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