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  1. I have a 21 custom. Which is stock suspension. I recently swapped rims to a 20x9 0 offset and stock tire size. 275 60 20. Cooper discoverer at3. Same issue with rubbing mud flaps. Removed them and ordered Color matched fender plugs for the holes on the front and rear. So far I havnt noticed any stone chipping. They don’t stick out much though. Maybe an inch. Could try that as an option. A lot cheaper than mcgouggeys kit. 15$ a set
  2. Located in Ontario Canada Truxedo truxport roll up tonneau cover. Used for 6 months and decided to go to a different style. Fits 19-21 gmc-Silverado short bed. 300$
  3. Not sure if it’s the same sound I was getting from the rear. Was more of a knocking sound. Driving slow in parking lots on uneven surface, bumps or entering/exiting laneways. Took it to the dealer and they said it was the rear diff that has a little play. Said they are all like that and it’s normal. I’ve learned to live with it. Some times you don’t notice it others you do
  4. I also find it flawed. Not for when the vehicle is simply running empty before the driver gets in but for the passengers. Many times I’ll start the vehicle on a cold day and my passengers will go in the vehicle before me and will have to sit there getting blasted with cold air until I get in. Sometimes that could be up to 5 minutes later. Rarely is the vehicle running long enough for the temp to really warm up the interior before getting in. I’m mostly doing it to get the fluids flowing so I can get in and go. Prior to leaving work or heading to work from home. If you could have the blowers continue where they were last set i think that would be better.
  5. I ended up purchasing the range and taking a chance. So far no issues.
  6. Well this wasn’t outside temp air. It was 80+ outside and I was getting ac cold air from the vents. Same in the winter time with hot air.
  7. I have a 21 Silverado with the single zone climate controls. Manual. I had the ac on through the front vents. Shut it off the blower and opened the windows. I noticed I could still feel cold air coming out of the vents. Not blowing but still cold like it wasnt shut all the way or something. Anyone else’s like that?
  8. I picked up my Silverado with the shadow grey. Not many choices at the dealers. It’s grown on me. A lot better in person compared to a picture, depending on the lighting. These colors are nice and I’ve never seen any with these colors. I really like that tan. I would have really liked to get it in blue. My 19 camaro is the riverside blue. Once ceramic coated, it really popped.
  9. Thanks for the info. I had a feeling it was like that.
  10. I looked in the personalization settings and couldn’t find anything for that. The custom doesn’t have the auto climate feature. No digital dials. Just the manual dials without the digital temp. If I auto start and passengers get in before I turn the key they just get blasted with cold air. Would be nice to have it engage at what the dial is previously set at. Wasn’t sure if it was supposed to have the fan feature to change with auto start and was just missing it. It was missing the rear seat reminder feature so It wouldn’t surprise me lol.
  11. I have a 21 custom Silverado 1500. Whenever I remote start the fans always kick on full blast, even with the fans off to begin with. Is this normal for this trim level? My other vehicle I could enable or disable that feature but this one doesn’t have that.
  12. Doing the reset has also worked for me so far. I did the user reset. Has been about 4 days so far and hasn’t reset. I’ve switched sources and everything has stayed put.
  13. I had my vehicle at the dealer today and mentioned it and they looked it up. Said there is no known fix yet but the engineers are aware and currently working on an fix. I did a factory reset today though as I had a phone connected on bluetooth before that I couldn’t remove from the Home Screen.
  14. I have a 2021 Silverado 1500 5.3 crew cab. I just received a recall notice for a rear seat reminder that I am supposed to have but wasn’t programmed in. Anyone else receive this? it says they have to program the BCM to fix this. I’m wondering if it’s even worth it? For any of you that have this, is it annoying? Lol I have not managed to forget my kids this far or ever. I’m thinking more for people that keep stuff on their back seat all the time.
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