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  1. Best thing I've found is mothballs and also peppermint oil as well. I put a few drops of oil onto cotton balls and throw them on the floor and also in the glove box in my Sierra. I also throw a fee cotton balls on my garage floor. Just re adding some oil to them every couple of weeks. Mice don't care for the smell of peppermint I read. It seems to have helped so far.
  2. Have had many issues with my 14 Sierra as well. Only 50k miles on it. Thinking of a different breed myself. Love the GMC though other than the issues. Most out of warranty. What did you go with? Keep us informed with your thoughts on the new truck.
  3. I guess the government is cracking down according to the recall letter. Neither Hid's or Led's can now be put in place of the stock type factory bulbs unless Led's or HID's were stock in the vehicle from the factory or unless for off road use. Granted the Diode Dynamics bulbs you have to adjust prior to installation to put out the same beam pattern as the stock halogen in the projector housing. I never have anyone flash their lights at me either so i am keeping them in.
  4. Replacing stock halogen headlamps with led's is against federal law. Just so you know. I put Diode Dynamics in my 2014 Sierra and love them. I recently got a recall letter from Diode Dynamics stating that they are illegal and they will replace them with standard halogen bulbs for free. LOL I am not removing/returning them.
  5. I have seen that video. It's a little over a minute long. I understandhow to do it. i am somewhat of a mechanic so not afraid to do it. Just looks like a pain in the a** to do. Ha. Thanks for your comment though about it. I'll probably just do that next spring since summer is about over here in Iowa now.
  6. What year, model is your truck? My 14 Sierra has a bad drivers side vent actuator. Blows hot air out drivers vents when A/C is on. Passenger side works great. I just took it to dealer 2 weeks ago. Told me actuator is bad. I use to reset the system like you said and it usually made it work correctly for a few days but eventually it stopped helping the issue. Dealer wants $900.00 to replace actuator. Was $90.00 to just diagnose.
  7. I had to have both passenger and drivers side seat bottom seat heaters replaced in my 14 Sierra. Both had an open fault circuit according to dealer. Wouldn't cover it for it was a year out of warranty and just had a tick over 40k miles..Happened in 2018. These things are junk. Even after the new cushion heaters were installed, I barely feel any heat coming out of them on high. Poor design. poor product testing. For trucks costing almost 50k or more, I expected a better built product. Oh yeah, while having the heaters replaced, also had to have a drivers side door lock actuator replaced at the same time. That's another failure story. Now I have a drivers side vent actuator fail, blows hot air out drivers side vents when the A/C is on. Charged me 90 buck to test it and tell me what was wrong. Wants $900.00 to fix it. Says dash needs to come completely apart to replace it. Shall I go on? Uhhhhg.
  8. Good deal. I see that now. Glad to see that in case I need a replacement while under warranty.
  9. From what I understand it's a federal law. Most people nor lighting product manufacturers knew much about it until it started being enforced lately. I think it has been a law for years. It's all stated at Diode Dynamics website.
  10. Welcome to the world of GM electronic nightmares. My 14 has been terrible. Heated seats failed, one door lock actuator, A/C vents messing up at times cool air wise. Backup camera glitches at times. Very poor quality for what you pay for them. I'm sure other brands have their issues as well. The good ol days for quality built, long lasting trucks is over I fear.
  11. Diode Dynamics no longer sells LED headlight bulbs. According to law, halogen light bulbs can not be replaced by LED bulbs. Also, HID lights cannot be replaced by LED's either. The law states only bulbs of original type can be used in replacement and or any upgrade It;s all stated on their site now. I know this for I put two led's from Diode Dynamics about a year ago to replace my dim stock halogen bulbs in my 2014 Sierra and they work just fine. However now if one goes bad I cannot get a replacement bulb from Diode Dynamics. So much for any warranty if needed.
  12. I believe the top one behind temperature control is for the left, drivers vents. If your truck is a 17 isn't it still under warranty? 3yr/36000 miles bumper to bumper?
  13. Your welcome. Like i said, I have to remove the two fuses as well besides the cable. Just to be safe i wait about 10 minutes. Good luck.
  14. Vent door actuator either bad or lost its programming or stuck. Have the same issue occasionally on my 2014. You can disconnect ground cable from battery for 5 minutes and also at the same time remove the hvac fuses under the hood. Two of them. Cant recall their numbers.Then reinstall fuses and battery cable. Start truck. Do not touch any climate controls until it all resets itself. Might take a couple minutes to go through the reset.
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