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  1. On a 95 degree day my vents measure about 60 degrees. Not that cold but never has been and freon is completely full. That is when my actuators are working properly. Seem to have to keep recalibrating the one for drivers side vents. For over 50k new these truck are pretty weak built and designed.
  2. Disconnecting battery for 5 minutes worked. For now. Will see how long it lasts.
  3. Well it's happened again! Doing it for 3 days now. Going to try to disconnect the battery for 5 minutes and see if it fixes it. Will let you know if it worked.
  4. No I haven't. Wanted the latest and greatest procedure before I tried. Maybe they are the same? Any answers to this anyone?
  5. Anyone know how to re calibrate the HVAC blend door on 2014 to 2018 Sierra's and or Silverado's? I have warm air coming out the left drivers side only when A/C is on. I have found procedures for older years but not the newer 2014 and up. Thanks.
  6. GM Parts Direct website has all GM parts available. Not sure if Rock Auto or other aftermarket parts will have that or not.
  7. Contact GM and complain. They might take care of some of your cost under a goodwill policy. That fuse box should last for many years past warranty.
  8. Some people prefer red. I loved the Pontiacs. Like my GMC red cluster better as well. Distinguished it from the Chevy truck. One of GM's worse decisions was to quit the sporty Pontiac brand.
  9. I keep a battery maintainer charger on my Sierra for it sits for weeks at a time. In fact I keep a maintainer on about everything I own that sits for any length of time. Never have an issue starting and batteries last a lot longer before needing to be replaced. Cheap way to keep batteries up to snuff.
  10. I have the same one. Works great on my 14 Sierra.
  11. This is why I park in the back 40 everywhere I go and walk a ways. People driving a piece of sh*t don't care about banging their door into a nice ride. Even some people that have a decent vehicle don't care. People are ignorant in this matter.
  12. Same with my 2014 SLT Sierra. Many issues out of warranty have failed and shouldn't have. GM is making many people go to other brands from what i've read and heard. I'm with you.
  13. Should be still under warranty unless you are over in mileage. Take it to dealer if it keeps acting up.
  14. The extra vacuum the pump supplies is for the AFM. Active fuel management system along with the brake system. If you disable the AFM with like a Range afm delete device then pump shouldn't be needed for the brakes to have enough vacuum from what I have read. Problem is you can't have the best of both worlds.
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