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  1. Well since my ECM has been reprogrammed my truck has started up every single time. Looks like this is the fix we have been waiting for.
  2. I picked up my truck. Got their once service closed so didn’t get a chance to speak to the advisor. Receipt says reprogram ecm that was released on 10/04/21 and perform setup. One thing i noticed right away was the truck cranks for longer now. It makes you feel like your going to have an extended crank but starts up.
  3. My truck has been at the dealers for the past 2 weeks. They called me on the 1st and said GM is releasing a fix on Monday (today). Said it would be a ECU reprogram like last time, Im guessing this is the fix.
  4. A little update. I had originally dropped off my truck to get the shim installed atleast thats what the service advisor stated. While my truck was at the dealership, a rep from GM called me and said they wanted to get the GM tac team involved. I said ok and let them know what dealership its at. While on the phone I let the lady know I hired an attorney. She said oh then she will have legal call me and the call ended. I went to pickup my truck a couple days later and they said they couldnt get it replicated. The advisor stated she opened a case with GM tac team and they said they cant do anything if it doesn’t happen while in their position. even though I have multiple videos. So they did nothing and returned the vehicle to me. 2 days later I had the long crank issue again after using the key fob. I also recorded it with a timestamp. So I will be giving the dealership a call again this week.
  5. Dropped off my truck at the dealer for the shim. Got a call from a lemon law attorney I have used in the past while i was waiting for a rental. Guess it wasn't meant to be, signed all the paperwork and got the process started.
  6. Ok So i have a 2021 sierra elevation crew cab. I am wanting to change the wheel set up. I love the look of 12" wide rims but don't want rubbing. So I was considering a 10" wide rim. What leveling kit do you guys recommend to preserve the factory ride?
  7. How many times did you have the long start issue before you began this repair? Also was dealership able to duplicate start?
  8. For whats its worth, I opened a case with GM regarding a dispute at a dealership regarding this issue. They offered me some points to use on accessories. The executive resolution team did let me know GM engineers are aware of the problem. He did confirm their is no fix as of yet and reccommended I don’t have the dealership rip apart the truck but instead wait for a more current update.
  9. I have a 2021 duramax 1500 having the same issue. Dealer did and ECU update and I had the extended crank issue again today. Debating if i should take back to dealer, they kept it over a week last time and i didnt get a chance to make a video
  10. Dealer had flashed my ECU to latest software and I had the extended crank issue again today…
  11. The service advisor was getting louder and louder to the point where he was almost yelling. Cursing the whole time. At one point he picked up a stapler and slammed it, decided to record for my own safety at that point.
  12. Their was no call recorded. I walked into the dealership and it was a video. I notified the person that I am recording, he said, “good for you”. GM executive relations team reached out to me today and viewed the recording. They apologized on his behalf and set me up with a new dealership. They also promised swift action against the employee and will be reaching out to his regional managers and other higher ups.
  13. So I am having the same issue as everyone else with my duramax. Randomly when i hit the ignition, the engine will try to start for about 30 seconds but not fire. I orginally had an appointment set to install automatic running boards. However they raised the labor price by 700$, claiming the lady that gave me the price is new. So i decided not to get the side steps installed. I also had an issue with window weatherstripping bent. I showed the service advisor the bullitin for the ifnition isssue. He says it is way too much work and refused to write it up. He told me to take it back where i bought and said all im trying to do is get a buyback. Luckily for me, i had the end of this conversation recorded. How do i go about making a complaint with GM? By the way. This is dow lewis in yuba city, CA
  14. I have a 2021 sierra 1500 elevation. Odomoter just hit 1000 miles and ilI had this issue for the first time today. Went in to press the ignition and it just cranked for about 30 seconds. Then started right up the next time. Have an appoinment later this week to add some power running boards and will mention this alongside some window trim issue.
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