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  1. This wouldn't surprise me given I mentioned them a couple of times prior to pickup. I can't believe I didn't notice last night but pickup was kind of a cluster.
  2. Thanks for confirming, everyone! I was pretty sure my suspicions were correct but wanted to make sure prior to touching base with the dealership. HUGE difference between what I got and what I should have gotten. I bought the all-weather mats after the fact for both my Canyon and then my Silverado, so I was pumped that they came with my Trail Boss. I shot my salesman a text and he said he's going to grab the proper liners when he gets in this morning. Hopefully he doesn't have to order them and I can shoot up there today.
  3. Just picked up my '21 TrailBoss LT and I'm pretty sure my salesman installed the wrong floor liners. Actually, they're not even liners -- they're mats. No branding or anything, just as basic as they come. Anyway, my truck's sticker has "Z71 All-Weather Floor Liners" listed as standard equipment and I'm pretty positive these aren't them -- but can someone confirm? Picture is of back seat floor.
  4. Thanks! I've got the window sticker for it right in front of me; shows HD rear vision camera but no safety package. Just trying to determine if there are any backup alerts associated with the backup camera..it would seem odd to me that it wouldn't beep at me for proximity in addition to the camera! Waiting to hear back from my salesman re: adding the larger tires at the dealer. Will update back here for everyone's future reference!
  5. Couldn't find answers through search, so asking here. I'm coming from a 2018 LTZ for reference. 1. My new truck doesn't have the "safety package", but it's got the HD rear vision camera -- will it not beep when I get to close proximity of something while backing up? And I assume I won't get the front parking proximity alerts either? 2. It's coming with the standard 18" black wheels, but I just saw that the upgraded 20" black wheel/tire combo is available for an additional $500. Is this something I can add at the dealership or does it have to come like that straight f
  6. Test drove a double cab LTZ on Sunday and a crew cab LTZ yesterday. I couldn’t help but notice that there was a distinct difference between the two in ride/handling. The double cab rode much more Ike you’d expect a truck to ride; bumpy and heavy. The crew cab was much smoother; I didn’t feel like I was being tossed around. My question: what might cause this difference? Could it be the longer length of the DC, the tires, different suspension?
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