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  1. They turned out really well. If I could have found the Denali interior for the same price I would have went that route.
  2. $100 and I will pay for the shipping.
  3. An upholstery shop took them off and installed Katzskins.
  4. AFE Magnum Force CAI. Had it on my 2014 Silverado with the 5.3 before I sold it. $125
  5. Yes, it will work on all 14 trucks and all you need is a license.
  6. Came out of a 2018 Silverado with 3,000 miles, the covers are like brand new in mint condition. I replace the cloth seats with Katzkins. $160 I will pay for shipping.
  7. Here is a set of weathertech mudflaps I had on my Silverado before I lifted it. I had extended the mudflaps to help catch everything before it was thrown on the rockers. $40 obo
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