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  1. I have a new 2018 LT Crew Cab and I've been looking for some steps. I liked the OEM Off-Road steps but at $800 they could keep them. I was actually about to pull the trigger on the Havoc HS2 when I found an ebay listing for the OEM steps. Now, the listing shows them as part # 23194635. From what I can find, this seems to be the discontinued part number and the new number is 84164549 Can anyone verify that these are indeed the same part and the ones listed on ebay will fit my truck? Also, do these mount to the frame or just to the panel/pinch welds? Thanks! Adding a little more, it looks like the 23194635 part is listed as 14-16. On GMPartsDirect, they list the 84164549 as fitting 14-18 which leads me to assume that there were no changes to the body/frame and I should be ok.
  2. Sorry if this has been discussed. I'm still finding my way around the site and as with many forums, search functions can be finicky. Anyway, I've noticed recently that when I'm in a thread that has a link to another thread on the forum, clicking the link just takes me back to the thread I'm already in. The only way I can get to the intended thread is to manually type it out in the browser bar. Is this something on my end or is this an issue with the links? Here is an example link. Third post down has a link, that I posted here, but it just points to the first post of the original thread. Thanks
  3. Sorry for the late response. It is McCarthy Chevrolet in Olathe, KS. FWIW, they were staunch on the price. Maybe I got a little more for my trade but their added fees basically erased that margin. In the end, I got a nice truck for what I think was still a pretty good price. If you are in the KC area, it's probably worth checking out as I think it runs until Monday. As a bonus, I actually found an LT Z71 that had the option of "bucket seats" with the full floor console instead of the jump seat. Very happy that I don't have to source one of those consoles and do the swap myself.
  4. Yeah, there are a lot of incentives and rebates but I've gone through them all and should qualify for all of them. Just have to trade in an '08 or newer and finance with GM. I've got credit union financing in place so even if I go with GM and it's a higher rate, I can just refinance. And yeah, I know it's not the absolute best they can do. I just don't know how much I can reasonably try to get off of the price since I've never dealt with sales like this. Here is an example:
  5. Thanks for the reply. I guess another question (which you answered) is just for affirmation that this is indeed a pretty good deal already. Of course, I'd love a couple grand more off to offset some taxes or whatever but the deal already is within my budget. I'm just the guy who will spend hours/days/weeks looking for the best deal if it can be had.
  6. Hello all, New to the forum though I've been aggressively reading for a few weeks as a lurker. I'm kind of in a quandary here and would appreciate a little advice. A little back story...I've been driving a crossover for several years now as it was a necessary compromise when my truck kicked the bucket and we needed something which the crossover fit the bill. Anyway, now I'm looking for a truck again and a local Chevy dealer is running a sale on 2018 LT's for over $15k off the MSRP. I've looked at a couple LT Z71's that interest me and I'd like to make the jump if it works for me. Now, without going into boring details, one example has an MSRP of around $50,500 with assorted options that I prefer. With discounts, incentives and rebates, their advertised sale price on the website is $35K and change. Seems like a pretty decent deal already, especially with the options that are on the vehicles. Looking for a TMV on edmunds, it is around $47K for a true value. I know the dealer is reducing their initial MSRP by an amount (I'm assuming it's supplemented by rebates they are keeping) and then passing that off as their price cut even though it probably does not cut into their bottom line. From advertised/web prices, they are substantially lower that most other dealers though I believe the other dealers could probably match the same incentives and rebates and be beaten up to a similar price. I guess what I'm asking is, even though the deal is pretty good already, is there any meat left on the bone that I can get while still being reasonable? It has been a while since I've truly been in the car negotiating game and since everything is listed online, I'm a little lost as to how much room there really is. Compound that with their aggressive sale and I just don't know what will be acceptable. To me, an example is a fireworks stand on the 5th of July that is trying to unload everything they have at 50% off. Sure, you could probably squeeze them for a little more but at some point do you just accept the generous deal and go from there? They are obviously trying to move inventory but I'm wondering if negotiating for a better price would be better than perhaps looking for concession upgrades/add-ons. I appreciate any input and advice.

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