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  1. Well, all I did was tap into that gray wire in the A column for the dome lights. Ran the wire down through the dash to the driver's door. From there, I split the wire. One goes to power the floorboard lighting on the front and rear. The other goes through that big rubber thing (the term escapes me) in the driver's floorboard to the outside. From there, this "hot" wire is split and run to each LED. The LEDs are then also grounded to the frame just like the ones inside for the floorboard lighting. I haven't checked voltage or current but it should all be on the same 12v system of the dome lights.
  2. No damage that I can see and they are all pretty well protected by that tube. It's also pretty damning that I've gone through probably 8-10 of them in just a year. Yeah, one on each side is stuck to metal (via 3M tape) but the other 2 are stuck on a rubber grommet. Besides, the lights are only on when the dome lights are on so they shouldn't be getting that hot. I use the same LEDs for my floorboard lighting and they are on the exact same amount of time (same circuit) and they have all run like a champ. That's why it's so puzzling to me. Side question, what do those grommets cover if anyone knows? Oznium suggested using one of their LED "bolts" which would be better. But, I'd have to mount the light inside the grommet and then run the wires back out of the grommet.
  3. Yeah, I've seen people use strip lights. I was just trying to keep it a little more subdued. I just wish I could figure out why these keep burning out. The ones I have on the interior for lighting the floorboards have been great since I first installed them.
  4. With these steps (GM "Offroad" steps) there is just a little gap between the bar and the rocker panel. I have the LEDs stuck to the grommets on the rocker. I wanted them back far enough that they don't show directly from the side as much as they just shine down onto the step. When they worked, they looked great.
  5. I"ve been using the Oznium lights like linked below but they keep crapping out on me. I don't know why I keep having issues. They are supposed to be waterproof but for some reason, they keep burning out. I have the lights stuck so they shine down on my steps (photo below). I like the simplicity of just a single LED versus a long strip. So, anybody have a suggestion of some lights I can try? Again, I'd like to stay away from strips if possible as I like the look of a single point of light. https://www.amazon.com/Prewired-Surface-Mount-LEDs-Amber/dp/B01ENC1S3I?th=1 Here's a burnt out one next to a new one. Short video showing the little bit of life left in one: https://photos.app.goo.gl/nYC9WXY1qPPD9v7g7
  6. Send me a PM. If you're interested in the full set, we can work out the shipping.
  7. Bump again. Somebody needs to refresh their interior. Make me an offer or I might be interested in a trade. Always interested in evil black firearm parts. Maybe a truck accessory of some sort.
  8. I love mine on my crew cab. Got found them on Ebay but the guy was local. Got them for $400. At $800 the retail price is a joke but for $400 I was really happy.
  9. Definitely 6112's. Post a link when you find them Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  10. Katzkin cover for the jump seat is sold. Just bumping this up for the rest of the cloth seat covers. Let me know if there is any interest. We can work out price and shipping.
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