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  1. That just sounds odd. What year and model/trim do you have? On my '18 Silverado LT, when it is in Auto with the left know illuminated, if I press any other buttons the Auto shuts off.
  2. 2019 Blazer - HOT OR NOT

    If you would have shown me the photo without telling me what it was, I would have said Traverse. I drove a Traverse for several years (a compromise that lead to my '18 Silverado) and I didn't mind it that much. Yeah, it's an AWD quasi-minivan but it did well. But, it was not a "truck/SUV" and nowhere near an off road vehicle. Again, just from the photo, I see nothing that tells me this is anything other than something they already have and sell quite a lot of.
  3. DRL's have me stumped... Ideas?

    I"m no expert but my next step would be to grab a multimeter and test the sockets and work back or vice versa. See if there is power to the fuse and relay, etc.
  4. Tailgate LED light bars

    What's a Bouble Row? Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  5. Best tonneau cover?

    Maybe you could give a synopsis for those that don't want to watch a video?
  6. Yup, it's silly. I think I've mentioned it before but when we were with the finance guy signing papers, he asked that I not refinance for 3 months so the dealer could get their kickback from GM. I kindly replied that I had asked them to not talk on their additional fees which they did. I was refinanced in under a month. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  7. Exacxtly. They are going to make their money somewhere. I can't speak to the current promotions but back in May when I bought my truck, I could have done 0% for 72 months (and that was with a paltry 810 score ). However, it would have cost me several thousand dollars in incentives. In the end, it was a better deal for me to jump through the hoops and finance with GM at like 7% to get the incentives and then immediately refinance with my Credit Union for 2.5% or something. The money I'll pay in interest was less than the savings I got with the incentives.
  8. This is my understanding as well. The Auto Fan Setting throttles or governs or as you aptly put it, modifies the speed that the fan is allowed to blow. On my truck, if I set this setting to Low and the fan will not blow with as much intensity as it would set to Med or High when it is trying to overcome a large temp difference between the ambient temp and your set temp. I usually have it set on High actually and don't notice any issues though it hasn't gotten really cold here yet. In the summer though it is great as it cranks the AC and cools the cab quickly blowing "Max". As a similar example of this throttling, when you get a call over BT, the fan will slow down to lessen noise on the call. The system "wants" to blow harder but is governed to a lower speed. It is still working to achieve the wanted temp but it will just take longer blowing slower. Really, the only "complaint" that I have is that I usually have the temp set at 72 in the summer and 70 in the winter to achieve the same comfort level for me. But, that's just how the system interprets the temps and I can deal with that just fine.
  9. Because during the day, the sensor picks up the bright daylight and actually brightens your dash lights to make everything easier to see in daylight. When the sensor detects less light, it turns on your headlights and dims the dash lights automatically. If your sensor is malfunctioning or perhaps catching bright light from somewhere, it may be sending a signal that it is daytime and thus your dash lights brighten.
  10. 1 month ONSTAR trial! :)

    Just thought I'd follow up on this thread even through the info I have really doesn't apply to the 2019's which is what his forum is. Well, I finally contacted my dealer and they said that since I purchased in the first couple of weeks in May that I should contact Onstar. Apparently, the new plan from Onstar was started on May 1, 2018. However, they didn't roll out the information very well which is why at least I was told that I would have the 5 year access. Well, I called Onstar and told them about how I had been told I would have access for 5 years. I did mention that I was told this during my welcome call as well. They ended up giving me 5 years of access. I don't know if this will work for many out there but if you purchased in May or close there to, you might give Onstar a call and see.
  11. Some of the first mods I did was to put LED's in the interior footwells front and back to add more interior lighting. Also added lights on the exterior to shine on my side steps at night so you can see where you are stepping. My truck came with the bed lights but I added another pod of lights on each side to add more light. I also put little lights in the steps in the rear bumper again so you can see where you are stepping in the dark. I'm not sure about the GMC's but on my Silverado, I added some piping to add some accent colors. I have it on the doors and around the charging tray on the center console.
  12. Frustrated with Xpel PPF

    Yeah, I hear ya. This wasn't a big rock, just a piece of gravel, maybe marble sized (hard to say for sure) but going 70+ it does have some force. Still though, for what they charge and claim, I expected better. And, I've had the film for 3 months. I just fear this will be an ongoing issue. I am interested to hear from other people to see if their film wraps leading edges or comes up short like mine did. Pictures would be fantastic as well.
  13. Frustrated with Xpel PPF

    Xpel Ultimate I believe. I have emailed the installer with the above photos but haven't heard back yet. Having a warranty on the film is great but only if it actually works. I believe it was the movie Tommy Boy that had a great line about guaranteeing a piece of crap auto part. Getting the film replaced is one thing but what will they do about the chip in the paint? Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  14. Frustrated with Xpel PPF

    I did also want to ask if anyone has had to file a claim with their installer or Xpel and how that went. Any help is appreciated.
  15. Well, what I had feared since the day I had my Xpel paint protection film applied happened this morning. Going down the highway, a truck kicks up a rock. It happens in slow motion as there is nothing I can do but watch it careen towards me. Thud, it hits the front of the truck. Whew, I was afraid it was going to hit the windshield but thankfully I have Xpel on the entire front of the truck so it will be protected.....nope. A you can see below, the rock caught the edge of the film and the film just tore away. Mostly I'm truly frustrated because of how the film doesn't wrap the edges of the panels and even comes up short of the edges a bit. I questioned this after the install and my installer said that was the way it was because that's how the patterns are cut. I just knew this would happen at some point and sure enough....boom. I'm also not too happy with how easily the film tore. I get that it's a think film but it shouldn't peel back like that. I know, I'm ranting and complaining and blah blah but after dropping $1K to try to protect the tricoat paint, this does irk me a bit. I know many folks out there have used Xpel and it's had held up fine but I just wanted to vent a little and give people something to consider. I guess I'll have to contact the installer or Xpel direct to see what they will do.

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