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  1. Factory tint legal?

    Interesting. Is this stated anywhere? A buddy of mine is a Kansas City, KS police officer. Neighboring city and county but obviously still the same state. I asked him and he said it didn't matter. Now, I don't expect every officer to know the minute detail of every law. However, I'd be interested to see where it does actually say in the law that it applies only to aftermarket tint and not factory tint. That just seems like an odd inclusion in a law.
  2. Katzkin Leather Upgrade

    Digging up this old thread as a thread on the current ebay sale has me interested in this. For those with center consoles (not the jump seat), does the set come with a replacement for the center console lid? My recently purchased '18 came with the bucket seat and center console option. Seats are all black. Thinking about maybe going with one of the gray shades but didn't know if the center console lid would have a piece to match. If not, I may just stick with black. Along those same lines, I'd love to see some photos of interiors that have the center console if anyone has them. If you didn't swap the cover of the console lid, it would be great to see how the katskins match the existing cover. One other question, is there a package that doesn't come with the jump seat covers? Just seems silly to pay for something I wouldn't need and hopefully there is a little cost savings.
  3. I've noticed this in mine as well. 2018 that I've had for about a month and a half and just over 2000 miles. The other thing that's stood out to me is it sure seems to bounce quite a bit. Going down the highway, if I hit a rolling bump, the truck will bounce several times.
  4. I've been looking around for an answer to this but I can't seem to find anything. From what I understand, based on the etching on my windows, the Silverados come with 20% factory tint on the rear and backseat sides. Here in Kansas, the legal limit for all windows is 35%. Is it not a true 20%? I doubt I'd ever have an issue but if I ever did get a ticket I'd be a bit upset. I'm just wondering why GM does this and apparently never has issues?
  5. Prices paid

    Maybe it's $14,670 after a trade/down payment of $20K
  6. Thanks fellas. Got the install done yesterday. Not as clean as I'd like it but I just wanted to get it done just to make sure everything worked and I liked the lights I chose. I'll go back and tidy stuff up later. Overall, pretty happy with the results. Both the step lights and under dash/seat lighting inside. Phone camera makes it look a bit brighter than it really is
  7. Gotcha. So I guess the only thing I'm left wondering is how you strung the wire under the truck to the passenger side. Any tips or things to be wary of? Probably be doing this mod this weekend. Thanks Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  8. Any chance you have photos of how you ran the wires through the grommet? I think I found the grommet you speak of but I just want to be sure. For the passenger side, did you just string a wire from the driver's side or did you run a separate wire from the passenger side through the grommet over there?
  9. So I've been reading all of the mod threads I can find and I've done quite a few already. Just finished the interior aux lighting beneath the dash and back seats. Now I'd like to add some lights to the steps. I'm just not completely sure how to best run the wires. I've seen mention about going through the firewall but others mention a grommet under the carpet. I think I've found what people are referring to but does anyone have photos of how they ran wires this way? Once you punch through the grommet, I believe there is a plastic cap on the outside isn't there? Are you just adding some silicone or something to fill any holes once the wires are run.
  10. Right, I just meant function-wise. Do you like it better hooked up to the dome lights versus the cargo lights? Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  11. Thanks for the input. So did it function differently when you had it wired to the cargo light? If you didn't have a cannot anymore, would you go back to that wiring or keep it as it is? Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  12. I'm sure this has been asked before but I can't seem to find it. What I'm finding I love and at times hate about this forum is the abundant wealth of information and that can make it hard to find a specific answer. Anyway, I'm a happy new owner of a '18 Z71 and I've taken off with some of the many mods that folks have done to improve the truck. I already did the diode mods to have the fog lights on with the headlights as well as the cargo/factory bed LEDs on with the reverse lights. This weekend I plan on putting in some interior lights, maybe augmenting the bed lights and I have some ribbon LEDs on order for step lights. Now, my question is about wiring the step lights. I have seen where folks are wiring them to the gray wire so they come on with the dome lights. I was just wondering of there would be any pros or cons to instead wiring them to the cargo lights and if that was easily done from the underside of the truck. I guess my thought was the lights wouldn't come on at night if you are driving down the road and someone turns on the dome lights. Maybe this doesn't happen anyway which is why I'm asking. I'm probably overthinking it but figured I'd ask those with more experience.
  13. I have a new 2018 LT Crew Cab and I've been looking for some steps. I liked the OEM Off-Road steps but at $800 they could keep them. I was actually about to pull the trigger on the Havoc HS2 when I found an ebay listing for the OEM steps. Now, the listing shows them as part # 23194635. From what I can find, this seems to be the discontinued part number and the new number is 84164549 Can anyone verify that these are indeed the same part and the ones listed on ebay will fit my truck? Also, do these mount to the frame or just to the panel/pinch welds? Thanks! Adding a little more, it looks like the 23194635 part is listed as 14-16. On GMPartsDirect, they list the 84164549 as fitting 14-18 which leads me to assume that there were no changes to the body/frame and I should be ok.
  14. Sorry if this has been discussed. I'm still finding my way around the site and as with many forums, search functions can be finicky. Anyway, I've noticed recently that when I'm in a thread that has a link to another thread on the forum, clicking the link just takes me back to the thread I'm already in. The only way I can get to the intended thread is to manually type it out in the browser bar. Is this something on my end or is this an issue with the links? Here is an example link. Third post down has a link, that I posted here, but it just points to the first post of the original thread. Thanks
  15. Sorry for the late response. It is McCarthy Chevrolet in Olathe, KS. FWIW, they were staunch on the price. Maybe I got a little more for my trade but their added fees basically erased that margin. In the end, I got a nice truck for what I think was still a pretty good price. If you are in the KC area, it's probably worth checking out as I think it runs until Monday. As a bonus, I actually found an LT Z71 that had the option of "bucket seats" with the full floor console instead of the jump seat. Very happy that I don't have to source one of those consoles and do the swap myself.

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