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  1. Not yet, but coming soon. Give us a month or two. Stay tuned. Thanks.
  2. It's worth it, specifically for the response at low and part throttle. You have a month to decide that. If you think it is not, we'll send you a return label and give a full refund. Thx.
  3. True, more so for the our 95mm (100mm Eff.). Our 87 (91mm Eff.) removes restrictions at low to part throttle that you can appreciate even if this is the only mod you have including your stock tune.
  4. Hello, Hack. That would be the SE8223-100, you can get it NEW, an Exchange, or rework your OWN one.
  5. Hello, Capt. Not yet. We'll start working on it. Give us a month or two. Thx.
  6. With the TC you get the same airflow at every actual throttle position. The X axis is the blade angle/opening, not pedal depression.
  7. 1) LT1/LT4 exchanges or rework your own $275. New $435. LT5 exchanges or rework your own $335, New $535. 2) See pic above. I owe you a dyno at full throttle (coming soon) but don't buy it just b/c of that unless you have other mods to help airflow everywhere else at WOT. TB is king at part throttle, not so much at WOT, at least not by itself. 3) We only work with OEM's, no copies, no subtitutions of any single component. Equally reliable. 4) No, throttle controllers only change the pedal mapping, they can't change the valve (TB) response curve, they just simulate a larger pedal stroke than actual/stock. Thanks,
  8. Not a problem at all, I see it as an opportunity to share. How about actual engine data? This is an example for the LT4.
  9. Our LT1/LT4 modified TB's are better than the stock LT5 TB at low/part throttle. Our LT5 modified TB (pic below) is better than the stock LT5 TB right off idle and all the way to WOT.
  10. ...and here is some data and a review courtesy of Kyle @ Goat Rope Garage (Darth_Vader). He seems to be a respected member here and he surely knows what he is talking about. Post: Video:
  11. We are on board with most comments, here. Our cars can definitely benefit from a better valve (TB), better pedal mapping (TC), and a custom tune (calibration). It doesn't have to be one or the other, do all three if you can afford it. Also, keep mind that many folks still have warranty and don't want to tune yet. Obviously, GM, or any other make for that matter, cannot please everybody. This is for those who think the stock response is not for them. Nothing wrong with stock response if that is the way you think it should be. The one thing that is not a matter of opinion, is that throttle response can be measured as mass airflow per degree of valve opening at constant pressure differential, or pressure drop per degree of valve opening at constant flow. There are ways to do it on and off the car. This is just a modulating valve and they all have a response curve depending on its geometry, we changed its geometry and so did the response curve. Those sensing it responds better and more linear are not making it up, it does so, and it is measurable. Thanks,
  12. This is what a throttle controller or pedal controller does. We have one for the Corvettes that we offer as a package with our throttle bodies. Working on one for the Camaro and soon for the Sierra/Silverado too. The TB and TC work great by themselves, when you combine them it is near perfect and customizable on the spot. Mike Soler Performance LLC, [email protected] https://www.solerengineering.com/ (727) 667-9225
  13. That is somewhat part of what we are doing. But have to be very careful, taking into account that on colder days at sea level (denser air), the blade really needs to close more. You are on the right track. Thx. Mike Soler Performance LLC, [email protected] https://www.solerengineering.com/ (727) 667-9225
  14. Kyle, thanks for the offer, I'll think about it, truly. The data you see is engine data from HP tuners logs, we only use bench test and simulations for design, the last word always comes from engine tests. We tested 12ea of these units (on Corvettes' 7), 6 manuals and 6 autos. Then, we released them for sale, and after selling so many with so many positive reviews, we have no doubt they work. Please looks us up at Corvette, Camaro, and Cadillac Forums. There we have been through all sorts of test and comparisons. BTW, many of those sports cars owners happen to own GM trucks or SUV's as well, some of them bought our TB's for them, and that gave us the confidence to jump into this market. Thanks, Mike Soler Performance LLC, [email protected] https://www.solerengineering.com/ (727) 667-9225
  15. Installation Instructions. Very Easy. Mike Soler Performance LLC, [email protected] https://www.solerengineering.com/ (727) 667-9225
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