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  1. I don’t know if anyone has posted this yet, but here are new products by Fabtech for the Trail Boss & AT4. https://fabtechmotorsports.com/2019-chevy-1500-trail-boss-4wd-gmc-1500-at4-4wd-1-5-ball-joint-uca-lift-kits/
  2. Here are the Trail Boss Replica wheels available in 20” and 22” https://factoryreproductions.com/shop/gmc/fr-94-2019-silverado-z71-trail-boss-replica-wheels/
  3. Just came across this picture today. Not sure if they had to do any trimming though.
  4. I’m curious to know what the difference is with the AT4 Kit vs Trailboss Kit. Anyone have an idea?
  5. Red Tow Hooks have just been SOLD. Rubber Mats still available
  6. Black emblems and PC Exhaust Tips. Waiting on someone to come out with black Z71 badges for the front fenders, then my chrome delete will be complete.
  7. I’m in the Houston area. I’m assuming they’re the standard rubber mats from Chevy (no logo) since they took them from another truck and put in mine.
  8. I have a set of Red Tow Hooks ($30) that I took off my Trail Boss about a month after having it. Also have a set of Rubber Floor Mats (make me an offer) that I temporarily used until the dealership gave me the correct ones. PM if interested.
  9. Looks good! I’m wanting to powder coat mine as well. I haven’t got a chance to look under the truck yet, but what goes into removing the exhaust tips? Thanks
  10. No, I purchased the GM Black Nameplate Pkg (part# 84300958)
  11. Removed the Chrome “CHEVROLET” & “LT” badges for the Black. Also replaced the License Plate bulbs with LED (Sylvania ZEVO 6000K Size 194).
  12. Yes, it was pretty simple. There are two bolts for each hook. On the driver's side, you will have to loosen a 3rd bolt that gets in the way, in order to allow you to pull the longer bolt out from Tow Hook.
  13. Just swapped out my Red Tow Hooks for Black ones yesterday on my TrailBoss. Never been a fan of Red for some reason. Next, I plan on swapping the Chrome badges for the Black ones on the tailgate. Trying to get ideas on what to do to the Z71 emblem on front fender. Has anyone else had theirs painted a different color or wrapped by chance? If anyone is interested in the Red Tow Hooks, I'll let them go pretty cheap. Just send me a PM.
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