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  1. I have a 2022 Silverado 1500 LTD LTZ Z71 5.3L Crew Cab Short Bed, and I want to get a Borla Cat Back exhaust for it. Borla, and various distributers for the Borla exhaust, do not show a compatible exhaust for the 2022 LTD and distributers do not even have it as an option yet when configuring your vehicle. I suspect it's the same exhaust as will fit the 2021 model, but I contacted Borla and they can't confirm it and said they have not yet had a chance to check it. I don't want to order the wrong exhaust. Does anyone know if the 2021 LTZ and 2022 LTD LTZ models are the same regarding exhaust fit?
  2. I have a Silverado 1500 LTX and he has front and rear cameras (as well as several others). Does anyone know if the video from these can be saved or exported, to serve in place of adding a dash cam?
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