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  1. Installed new leaf springs, cut some big holes in the bed, and installed the bedcage and new shocks. New setup should be almost twice the wheel travel as stock.
  2. Finally got a bumper custom made for my truck. Tabbed for 6 Baja designs XL80 lights. Been a little over a year since the stock bumper came off when the fiberglass and suspension was installed.
  3. I believe they are cast steel so you should be able to weld a gusset. I've thought of that, but have never gotten around to checking clearances and what would be able to fit. I know Toyota guys have to do it since their spindles are even thinner. Haven't had to bring the truck in for warranty since I've had parts installed. I'm sure anything transmission or anything after transmission on the drivetrain, they'd really kick up a fuss about. Truck is already at 36k miles so I only have powertrain warranty remaining on the truck now. I'm curious if the ZR2 front diff will be an easy swap to non-ZR2 trucks. I'm hoping it means that companies will start making gears for the current generation front differentials though. I'd really like to swap to 4.10 gears, but there still is nothing available for the front differential. I don't personally know anyone that has bought a ZR2 or AT4x though.
  4. Yeah they'll fit an OEM replacement coilover and retain the sway bar. Will be a good option if you want something stronger than stock, but don't want to drop thousands more into a full kit. Still looking for someone to make a 4wd capable aftermarket spindle. That'll definitely be the weak point.
  5. I haven't had any issues yet, but I haven't run the truck really hard since I haven't installed the new leafs and bypasses yet. I know the previous gen trucks would have steering rack issues and there were some hydraulic conversions for them.
  6. Yeah, I'll most likely buy some sheets of thin ABS and use some of the mounting locations the original liners used. I'll just cut/heat the ABS to form them into something to covers up some of the engine bay
  7. Never ran without fiberglass, would probably have issues with tires crashing into the fenders. Don't need the oversized inner fenders on the new trucks, 37s clear with the stock ones. I'm probably going to get some ABS to create some splash guards to keep the engine bay a little cleaner.
  8. Just some pictures from when the fiberglass was getting installed. Bedsides require cutting the bed apart, front fenders just need to be unbolted. Fiberglass installation can be expensive. I paid around $1500 and there are definitely some uneven panel gaps. My buddy just paid $7000 to have fiberglass installed on his Tundra and painted by an actual composite shop and his is a lot closer to factory quality. It also took 3 and a half weeks vs 3 days. So unless you really shell out some cash, be prepared to accept the fact that it won't fit up as nice as factory. But unless someone is really looking closely, most people won't see much of a difference.
  9. I have a 2020 Sierra 1500. 4x4 SLE trim, came with the X31 package. Was originally going to go with OE replacement King shocks front and rear with an aftermarket upper control arm. After purchasing the shocks, about 5 months into waiting for them I decided to just bite the bullet and go for a full front kit, fiberglass, etc. Choosing parts: At the time the two kits on the market were from Dirt King and Baja Kits. Everyone I know in the industry says to avoid Baja Kits. They are poorly designed and poorly made. I've heard a number of people have issues with their products. So far Dirt King has been great; their parts are high quality and its always easy to get ahold of them. Here is a short YouTube video that highlights the key differences between the quality of kits. YouTube Video. Mazzulla also offers a kit now and they are known for the quality of parts. The downside is no bypass shock mount and using an OE replacement shock which affects motion ratio which requires you to use a higher spring rate and heavier valving. This in turn makes tuning a little more difficult. At this point I'd recommend Dirt King>Mazzulla>OE Replacement>Baja Kits. I went with King shocks purely because I've always been a fan. Fox and ADS both have similar products, you can't really go wrong with any of them. The pro for Fox and King is that everyone services them and getting replacement parts is easy. ADS is a smaller company so it can be a little more difficult finding someone that has spare parts readily available to service them. Fiberwerx and ADV are the two manufacturers with fiberglass on the market right now. Something to keep in mind is that no matter what you read, fiberglass is never just a bolt on application. It requires a significant amount of work to get it to fit properly. Future plans: Already have deavers, bypasses, Dirt King shackles, and bedcage. Just need to install them on my next free weekend. Will be dropping the truck off in a couple weeks to get the frame rails cut back and a bumper made. Just ordered 6 Baja Designs XL80s to go onto the bumper. Eventually a high clearance rear bumper and paint for the fiberglass. Then it should be "done" and I'll be able to move onto my next project. Here are some pictures of the truck, from the first weekend with it, stuffing 34x11.5 on stock suspension, first trip with the long travel kit, and finally with 37s.
  10. Got my truck back from the shop with a prototype 3rd brake light. Space for 5 Baja designs S2s. Going to swap it out in a couple weeks with a powder coated production version that will have an antenna mount built in. Will make for a killer chase/dust light. Has 4 red LEDs for brake lights and 2 whites for cargo lights. If you're interested evil manufacturing is the shop that's going to be selling them.
  11. With a 12.5 wide on a stock wheel you'll probably be rubbing on the upper control arm. You need some negative offset from an aftermarket wheel to move the tire away from the control arm. If you do a 11.5 wide you should be fine though.
  12. Got a good deal on some 2.5 bypasses and threw them onto my truck. Took about 15 minutes a side to get them bolted on and then charged with nitrogen. Already had the bypass hoop welded onto the frame/coilover bucket when the dirt king kit was installed. The extra damping is definitely noticeable and gives a better ride. The coilover was valved pretty soft to let a bypass do most of the work.
  13. I was checking that one out, and was definitely considering it. Found another laser shop though that had better pricing for low quantities so I'll be saving some money versus buying that base with a ram mount. I do like the flexibility that base has though
  14. I don't have the app on my radio, but had no idea it included topographic maps. I'll be sticking with my tablet, because of the flexibility it offers and extra features, but that's definitely good to know
  15. Thanks for the suggestion. Just checked it out. Looks like a good option, but I'd still be a little worried about it coming loose when I'm driving the truck hard. I'd also like the flexibility to mount a lowrance down the line if I ever feel like upgrading to that. But I'll definitely recommend it to my friend who's just looking for something to hold his work tablet.
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