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  1. So the out of state dealership absolutely has to file on your behalf in your state? In most states, you are responsible for registering your own vehicle if purchased out of state. The dealership only as to provide a temp tag. Maybe it’s different in AR. You have proof of purchase in-hand, right? I don’t see why you can’t register yourself since you have proof of tax payment on the financial forms. You may have to pay a difference if calculated wrong, but there shouldn’t be any issues.
  2. We bought my wife’s car from a dealership out of state (SLC, Utah to Texas) and had the paperwork in hand before the car was shipped. The finance document shows the amount of tax paid after the dealership figured it up. They don’t register anything on your behalf if your state is different than the purchasing state. I simply took my paperwork down to the tax office and showed it to them and said I wanted to register the car. They looked at the taxes paid, saw I was short $200 and told me I had to pay it. Gave them the money and THEY gave me my tags. I think your process should be similar. Your finance paperwork will show taxes paid and the tax office will supply you with tags after YOU register in your state.
  3. BMW service loaner I had had the speed limit display feature and used actual cameras to read signs. It was slick and very accurate. I would think GM could implement something similar and use it across all cars..
  4. Cool, thanks. Was looking at a used F150 but can get this cheaper and brand new, lol...
  5. I’m seeing this exact same truck here in DFW for $41k before taxes now. Has driver alert 1, X31, Texas Edition premium, MSRP is $56.7 ($15,5k off). Do y’all think this is a good deal or is this a possible bait and switch? They have the discounts listed and they look to be legit discounts...
  6. Why even bother with two different displays and harnesses?!? Totally inefficient manufacturing....GM will pinch pennies in the interior, but will do something outlandish like this...
  7. I’ve stated in another thread about a month ago that I’m in DFW and had yet to see the new GM trucks on the road. Since then, I’ve seen maybe 2. They are stacked like cordwood at dealerships around here (along with tons of the older trucks), so not really a supply issue although folks are probably waiting for the cheaper trims to show up.
  8. Something they didn’t realize....based on the discussion and concerns in the other thread about only a 24 gal tank being available in the Max tow pkg, the Sierra would have an effective range of only 168 miles if you were to use a realistic avg of about 7 mpg of towing that load in that general area. However, towing at the indicated 3.7mpg yields a dry tank at 88 miles. For the Ram, 155 miles at 4.7 mpg or 264 miles at about 8mpg. Ford, 118 miles at 3.3mpg or about 234 miles at 6.5 mpg.
  9. Now that I think about it, I vaguely remember them eliminating the reg cab. Gotta turn on my Googles...
  10. Wonder if this engine will be easily tunable? If offered in a SCSB, could be fun. Can get an F-150 2.7tt or 5.0 in a regular cab 6.5 ft with 10 speed right now
  11. Cool! I’m in Fort Worth and would assume I’d see at least one or two during my commute...alas not a single one yet...congrats, by the way...
  12. No power tilt/tele in the Denalis? Hmm..in my 10yr old BMW and our Infiniti SUV, the power tilt/tele is tied to memory settings and will automatically move out of the way and seat will move back when ignition is turned off. Considering an SLT 6.2 nearby. Power pedals missing is not major, but I read that rain-sensing wipers are not available either (but once were)?
  13. I’ve yet to see any on the roads here in DFW, and I actively look for the new Rams and GM trucks. Considering a sweet SLT 6.2 at a dealer right now for $53k, but but debating due to initial interior impressions...
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