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  1. Finally seeing T1's !

    I’ve stated in another thread about a month ago that I’m in DFW and had yet to see the new GM trucks on the road. Since then, I’ve seen maybe 2. They are stacked like cordwood at dealerships around here (along with tons of the older trucks), so not really a supply issue although folks are probably waiting for the cheaper trims to show up.
  2. Something they didn’t realize....based on the discussion and concerns in the other thread about only a 24 gal tank being available in the Max tow pkg, the Sierra would have an effective range of only 168 miles if you were to use a realistic avg of about 7 mpg of towing that load in that general area. However, towing at the indicated 3.7mpg yields a dry tank at 88 miles. For the Ram, 155 miles at 4.7 mpg or 264 miles at about 8mpg. Ford, 118 miles at 3.3mpg or about 234 miles at 6.5 mpg.
  3. Now that I think about it, I vaguely remember them eliminating the reg cab. Gotta turn on my Googles...
  4. Wonder if this engine will be easily tunable? If offered in a SCSB, could be fun. Can get an F-150 2.7tt or 5.0 in a regular cab 6.5 ft with 10 speed right now
  5. GM dropped the ball

    Cool! I’m in Fort Worth and would assume I’d see at least one or two during my commute...alas not a single one yet...congrats, by the way...
  6. Tilt steering

    No power tilt/tele in the Denalis? Hmm..in my 10yr old BMW and our Infiniti SUV, the power tilt/tele is tied to memory settings and will automatically move out of the way and seat will move back when ignition is turned off. Considering an SLT 6.2 nearby. Power pedals missing is not major, but I read that rain-sensing wipers are not available either (but once were)?
  7. GM dropped the ball

    I’ve yet to see any on the roads here in DFW, and I actively look for the new Rams and GM trucks. Considering a sweet SLT 6.2 at a dealer right now for $53k, but but debating due to initial interior impressions...
  8. What were you using to shoot the pics? They are uber clear and detailed... Love that color/chrome combo on that truck. Backseat is a HUGE improvement in comfort and safety (headrests). GM continues to fail hard on interiors like it’s still the 80s...shame since it looks great outside...
  9. Does anyone know the specs of the stereos in these things? It seems I can’t find any info on number of speakers/wattage/sub/no sub? Can easily find it for other makes, but it’s always a mystery for GM?
  10. 2019 dash

    Not sure why they couldn’t just drop a modified version of the interior of the Yukon Denali in the Sierra Denali and SLT versions like they used to do? That would be enough to address most complaints about the quality vs cost of the truck...
  11. My Denali has a telescoping column. Sorry CRApex, should've specified that he has an SLE, so the tele wheel is not germain to the Denali discussion. Strike that comment..
  12. Didn't see it mentioned here, but does anyone find that the rear headrests are useless for the average adult? In my uncle's new Sierra, I was sitting in the rear and trying to adjust the headrests up...they only moved up about 3 inches and dropped right back down when I placed my head against it. Even in the top position, the headrest only came to the top of my neck. This has to be a safety issue, right? Won't my head can bash thru the rear window if we were rear-ended? Agree on the lack of a center headrest. Agree that the rear accommodations are steerage class at best. Other thing: no telescoping steering wheel?
  13. Hmm, you respond to my post stating "... When I am taking friends on a trip I could care less if they are comfortable, they could have driven themselves", and you think I have the dick response? If you meant that to be lighthearted, you should probably use some smilies or something. If my response was rude, my apologies. Either way, I'm concerned about the safety and comfort of the rear seat as my parents or my brother-in-law and my sister tend to ride in the rear often (wife in front seat). When we take his F-150, I'm completely comfortable in his back seat with proper head protection. GM should've addressed these issues three generations ago...

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