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  1. Yes you can. I would trace it out and cut it small then trim bigger if needed.
  2. Installed mine today. Hooked up air compressor for air bags.
  3. Went from Ohio to Tupper lake New York. 2 Atvs and lots of hunting gear.
  4. I bought my Amp power steps off of Amazon for $1352 in Dec 27 2019. I see they want $1499 now. I did install them myself took about 3 hours and that includes taking off the factory running boards. It is a plug and play system just take your time read the directions and you will be fine. Love the clean look and function.
  5. I have a 2020 sierra. The problem I am having is the camera doesnt work sometimes. this is what it shows. yesterday I started my truck and had no sound switched to Bluetooth, radio, siruis nothing so I pulled over shut it off opened door and restarted radio worked fine. then camera didn't work. Well I have been to the dealership about this issue before they said it has to be doing it when they look at it. So I drove it right up to the dealership. So the serviceman I talked to wasn't there, explained it to the service woman that the other serviceman told me to leave it running so the service te
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