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  1. Same situation here, but I care about 1000% less than you about it. I bought a truck for the size, towing capacity, and overall functionality that a truck provides. Not what a the radio does. If XM radio really makes you feel this way so vehemently , you more than likely bought your vehicle for the wrong reasons. Just use the app through your phone via bluetooth for god's sake.
  2. I do a lot of distance driving. So I want the DFM to stay active, was just looking at the Autostop disable one. Probably gonna order it today.
  3. What's a good way to cover the resonators? Never really heard of anybody doing that before.
  4. Hey all, I was looking into an autostop disabler (really hate that feature) I have found one from autostop eliminator for 90$ that says it does not interfere with the older AFM tech. that looks like it plugs somewhere into the wiring. I also found one from Range Tech that does not say anything about any DOD tech AFM or DFM and is about twice the price that plugs into the OBD2 port. I am leaning towards the Range Tech one - I would enjoy being able to take it off easily in the event it needs warranty work. Has anyone installed this on a 5.3 with the newer DFM? I would think that this would not interfere with AFM or DFM at all, but I want to make sure before dropping about 200$. I am open to suggestions from of other brands as well! Thanks for your help! Links below of the two mentioned. Autostop Elim - 90 lengthy install process. https://www.autostopeliminator.com/collections/gm/products/2019-silverado-sierra-autostop-eliminator Range - 190 - plug in and uninstall in seconds. https://www.rangetechnology.com/products/start-stop_disabler/gm/parts/RA005B
  5. It seems like all the bulbs are pretty decent LEDs already? I have the LT trim package so everything is nice white LEDs as far as I can tell. I will check it out a bit more in depth. I was looking at different tailgate light bars, the putco ones look nice. I actually already ordered a tonneau cover haha a rough country one off of Amazon, and I did the short antenna too (factory one would hit my garage door lol) I have some running boards/assist steps orders through GM as well.
  6. Hey all, Just signed up here, I purchased a 2020 Silverado RST 5 days ago. I have already done a K&N Closed box CAI and a aftermarket muffler (no name brand stainless straight through and left the exhaust adapter valve). The sound from the exhaust is a bit lacking the intake has a good sound but only when you give is a bit of pedal (only 300 miles so haven't went over half throttle or 3500 rpm yet), but I somewhat expected that with keeping the valve and resonators, which is okay I am kinda past the point of having a loud vehicle at any RPM for a daily driver haha. I was just wondering what other mods are good idea, deals, and value? Namely the below ones. - throttle response kits (I saw a K&N and Superchips brands not sure what else is out there) -DFM disabler (not sure how much DFM saves, or if it has extra wear and tear either way) Not sure what else is out there, but I am definitely open for suggestions! Thanks!
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