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  1. My TB came all black but I did it on my '19 Tahoe. It was pretty simple just takes time and patience. Took me about 5 hours to do the entire truck.
  2. I went with the 6K LED replacement bulbs from AutoZone. I've had them in my truck for almost a year now with no issues.
  3. Im sorry I didn't get to this sooner. I've been swamped at work. Here is my TB with a Zone 1.75" level.
  4. I changed my UCAs and went with a 1.75” level from Zone. Everything sits at the correct angles. Right is great and looks awesome.
  5. I am running the 1.75" Zone level. It includes a pre-loaded spacer and a replacement UCA. The factory 2" block in the rear stays put and everything is perfectly level.
  6. The new vehicles do not have a true head unit like those of old. The screen you see is about 1" thick. The "brain" is located elsewhere. If you remove the screen you'll only have a few inches of space to play with (maybe 2"). Nothing much back there.
  7. Baja Designs has a very nice replacement for the factory fogs that adds double the light output.
  8. I have an old set of Polk Audio DB-series 6.5" components laying around. I used them 2 cars ago and pulled them before I sold the car. I was thinking about swapping out the rear door speakers to see what it did. The only problem is that I don't know where to put the tweeter and I'm not really interested in cutting the door. Anyone have any photos?
  9. You still don't get it. The dealership has a labor rate, which they are probably charging 1/2-hour for this replacement. But that covers the cost of the service rep who sells the repair, the guy who drives your truck into the shop, the service tech who makes the repair. It also covers that cost of that paper and plastic they put on the seat and floor. All this is in addition to maintaining a profit and keeping the lights on. You have the ability to do it yourself (as do I), but a lot of people don't, won't, or wouldn't know where to start. Imagine going to a restaurant and buying
  10. On the TB and AT4 they already have a 2" lift, effectively making the lift (with level) 3"-4". At that you really do need a UCA replacement. If you have a std. height Silverado, a 1"-2" level should be fine with the stock UCAs.
  11. Yes, quite a bit actually. I had to remove the bracket behind the fender liner, trim the splash guards a lot, and zip-tie the felt liner back as far as I could. There is still some very minor rubbing at full lock, but it isn't grabbing the plastic anymore so I'm good with it. I don't really want to trim any more because I want to avoid holes in the fender liner.
  12. To be honest, Karen, you are not going to change my mind with whatever you say. I know that I am a safe driver, as my driving record indicates.
  13. Just the opposite for me. I would say I am less distracted with a video playing. I tend to speed and change lanes alot, but throw on a video and it calms me down. I don't really watch it as much as I do listen. Not sure why, but its different than plain music.
  14. Just the opposite for me. I've had front seat video capability in every vehicles I've owned for the past 20 years. I tend to speed and change lanes alot, but throw on a video and it calms me down. I don't really watch it as much as I do listen. Not sure why, but its different than plain music.
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