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  1. The Z71 emblem is a real ****** to remove. You’ve got to pull the grill and it has clips holding it to a backing plate that are VERY tight. I ended up breaking mine off.
  2. If it has those defects in in, just from shipping, I’d be concerned about a good sized bug or rock hitting it! AMI powder coated should be able to take more impact.
  3. This is a billet bow-tie from AMI. It’s billet aluminum and powder coated black. You need to order the one for a 2018 Chevy Tahoe. That is what this one is. It is exactly the same size and fits perfectly. No modifications necessary.
  4. I used ones from Autozone. I’ve gotten the ones from Amazon and they all seem to stop working too soon. the ones from Autozone have lasted a few years.
  5. You looking for something like this...
  6. I am planning on running the 2" SST kit with a set of 22x10 Hostile Sproket. The wheel has a -25 offset. We are going to use a 295/55/22. It might rub a little, but can do some trimming.
  7. I am going to pull the trigger on the AMP steps here in the next week or so. I've had them on my '15 Sierra and how zero problems with them. They are a must have in my opinion.
  8. Welcome to the right side! A few answers in-line above...
  9. Reading about the SST lift from Ready Lift (I'm actually going to go with the SST lift for the Trail Boss), they require a 20" wheel with a +0 offset. The 18" factory wheel hasn't been tested by Ready Lift, but I think it does sit too close to the larger upper control arm. 1/2" spacers should do the trick, but I'd be more concerned about not having enough thread on the lug nuts.
  10. I am getting ready to buy as well. When I bought the one of my '15 Sierra I called their number and asked for a better price. I paid $650 shipped, but that was 5 years ago. I might try the same thing with this top.
  11. The black powder coated billet bow-tie fro AMI doesn’t have tabs on the back. Billet emblems are metal, not molded plastic. it has 2 sets of threaded holes, and it come with all thread, washers, and nuts. The two threaded holes near the center align perfectly with holes in the grill, but you’ll have to pull the grill off to get to the hole. Perfect fit, size and curvature.
  12. That looks like they painted the factory emblem...or maybe a reproduction. I’m sure it will look great. Anything to get the chrome off the front end...as you can see I also pulled the Z71 logo out too. The one I installed is powder coated billet (heavy aluminum). I’m an old school mini-trucker so it’s a bummer I can’t get more billet on there, but I’ll take it where I can!
  13. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B011OCFNIQ?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title I got it on Amazon. Better price then anywhere, but it’s available on anythingauto.com, carid.com, and the All Sales Website. The key is that it’s for a ‘15-‘20 Tahoe/Suburban. It will tell you it doesn’t fit your truck...but it does.
  14. Go to the Nitto Ridge Grappler site/page. Under tech specs it will give you a list of available sizes. There aren’t going to be too many for a 22” wheels so it should be easy to see what’s available and compare it to the other sizes (overall height, width, etc). Look to see if they make something very close in height and width to the factory tire...
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