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  1. Hi, thanks for the replies, I did find 20” steelies but they are $200 each and my tires will cost $750. that’s why I didn’t want to downgrade to 18’s because I was getting a deal on 20s. About using my factory wheels I know how the salt likes to eat the clear coat and being the truck is a 2021 would bother me. I live in the great county of Canada, so the roads get a lot of salt and dicer.
  2. Hi, I will be buying winter tires and rims this year so I don’t ruin the factory ones. I haven’t found many options online for factory 20” steel rims for my truck. I can get some Hancook Dynapro at2 275/65/20 tires at a decent price. I understand that’s not my sidewall size but instead of spending $2300 at the dealer I’m thinking they should work. can a few members tell me how I get some 20” steel rims or what options I have. thank you
  3. Hi, after my truck was hit today I’m finally going to install my dash cam. My truck doesn’t have the camera package or the fancy rearview camera. I’ve read about the hidden plug in the center console about getting my power/ground wires. I can’t find anything if it supports parking mode? Since my dashcam is top of the line So what fuse in the fuse panel do I use and what else do I need prior to my install . thanks in advance
  4. Are these special colors only for Silverado trucks? Or can gmc trucks get them.
  5. Hi everyone, so I didn’t buy my truck with the camera package and having the multi tailgate flipped down the backup camera becomes useless (unless I want to view the road). Adding the tonnour cover flipped up I only have my mirrors for driving. I would like to add the 3rd brake light camera and front camera. I imagine the grill needs replacing since i need the cut out. would this be a “plug & play” please if your buying a 2021 gmc Denali, don’t cheap out on the camera package you will use it 100%
  6. Hi, I just went to the truck and both heated & cooled seats are turned on, I guess I will visit the dealer as nothing comes on doing the remote state feature.
  7. Hi everyone, So the truck is only 1 week old and remote starting the truck the heat doesn't turn on or the heated seats, all you hear is the fan blowing. I thought if you leave the seats on at night & the heated turned on everything would work. Do I turn a setting on? or do all gm trucks act like this even at the Denali trim. thanks
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