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  1. Theres a reason the 2500 / 3500 frames are taller - so the motor / Allison can fit. All previous gen 1500 diesel swaps typically had a body lift in them for the extra space. But aside from height, the engine bay is the same size from 1500 thru 2500. And yes - much beefier suspension. Frame would hold it with some mount modifications.
  2. GM has nothing to do with it, Harley does. Besides that, the truck looks to be a SLE, not even SLT. For $95k I want every option.
  3. I bought an anker usb-c to lightning cable and my iPhone X charges way faster than the usb connection.
  4. While I agree it’s dangerous to not be able to see in front of the vehicle, that’s where a good driver and not just technology comes into play. Your lifted truck is probably no higher than a stock 2500
  5. Hey I don’t think ford even offers it as an option, so don’t complain if it is available.
  6. Power tow mirrors on a truck that has regular power mirrors is one thing. Adding a feature like power fold is a different animal. I’ve looked at the connectors and pinouts, the driver and passenger switches need to be switched out, along with the door harness. Then obviously the mirrors. I have not seen any signal wires on the cab side of the connector so it may communicate thru Lan. If that’s the case, I don’t have a clue if programming would be needed, and if it does, good luck finding a dealer to do it because it’s not just checking a box for the option.
  7. Nobody has successfully done it yet but you’ll need both driver and passenger mirrors, window switches and door harnesses. No guarantees it will work - there may be additional wires run inside the cab. I’ve explored the pinouts and I think it’s possible, just haven’t invested the ~$1200 for all the parts.
  8. Or it’s called being an enthusiast. Who cares. It may look stupid to many, but if he wants them, let him have it. You need to pull up a 2020hd vin, call the dealer with it and order the 3 lights and wiring harness that goes down the a pillar to the junction box in the kickpanel just like the other body styles.
  9. Like I stated, you need more parts, and a dealer that knows what to do and most don’t. And it’s not their fault, for the 1-2 customers max they’ll ever get who want to do this, it’s not worth their or your time to figure it out. They can’t call tech line and ask them either.
  10. I don’t believe any are available yet because they can’t be tuned yet.
  11. The front camera plugs into a module behind the rear seat on vehicles equipped that way from the factory. I couldn’t tell you if your truck has that module or not, but it’s going to be pricey for parts. The other hard part will be finding a dealer who is capable of programming. It’s not a simple checkbox to add a camera. They would have to trick the truck into thinking it was a LTZ or HC with the option
  12. From what I’ve researched you need both door harnesses as well as the passenger window switch.
  13. It’s probably not a dumb mirror, it’s probably an auto dim, just doesn’t have the camera. Unlike us with RST or customs, with a literal plain Jane mirror
  14. Adding the parts is one thing, finding a dealer to program it is a whole nother can of worms. I’m willing to bet it can be done but I don’t know if you’ll find a dealer capable of doing it. It’s not as simple as clicking a checkbox to add the camera.
  15. As said above, I highly doubt they’re going to cover that as it’s not a mfg defect, it was conditions.
  16. Yeah well the only option for you is the rear view camera which is discussed on another thread. Myself and another have done this add, it’s pricey but worth it. You also may be waiting for parts for a little bit. Your onstar is on the overhead console, not the mirror anymore.
  17. $2200 it better have been Tuscany, that’s way too much for the standard leather face front vinyl rear. We do the standard kits for around $1200 installed. I do dig the colors though.
  18. I agree with the above post 100%. I get that you’re having issues and there’s no excuse for some of them, but the 500 miles and it being dirty, it sounds like you didn’t do your homework before signing. My truck had 400 miles on it, sold as new, it was used at a couple promo events last year hence the miles. But never titled so it can be sold as new. As for the dirt, trucks do get dirty sitting on the lot as it sounds yours was for a while. You could have easily sent it back to make ready and had them do a full detail. Hope you get the other issues addressed.
  19. Don’t believe you’ll find a code for this.
  20. I have a set of factory blocks somewhere That will work. Any of the old blocks will work, just need longer u bolts.
  21. Lol here’s what they’re going to do. Remove the tailgate, take a 2x4 and a hammer and give that part of the quarter a whack to open the gap. If they’re good they’ll use tape. Perfectly acceptable repair technique.
  22. Wrapping is 10x cheaper than buying the replacement black ones just FYI. You’re probably looking at $200 to wrap (high side) and easily $75/molding (min) and there’s 3 per door.
  23. Nice work. Yeah, it’s really a fairly easy job to do. Hardest part is waiting for the parts to come in
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