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  1. Good advice. I test drove the first one, comparing it to the 5.3. Liked the 5.3 better. But two people I know swore by the 3.0 and said at 1500 miles or so it loosens/livens up quite a bit. So I test drove another one, big difference over the first one. This one is now sitting in my driveway. Gauge is saying its getting around 18mpg in town so far. Only has about 45 miles on it.
  2. Man thats no joke. I just sold my 2020 2500HD today and started looking at 1500s. A friend of mine works at a dealer and he said he has like 20+ trucks coming in on rail but every single one was already sold. We do have a couple of dealers here in the Boise area that have some inventory, including 6.2 equipped ones And the market is so hot that I sold my truck to an outfit called Auto Pros Buys. I believe they are part of or only sell to the Lithia group. They wrote me a check today that was $150 less than I paid for it new last year. Not including taxes of course. Now I gotta find a replacement before they're all gone.
  3. I bought my 2020 2500HD LTZ with 6.6 Turbo Diesel, crew cab long bed back in June. Retailed for a bit over 74,000, had it on sale for 63,000 and change. Weird such a steep discount with low inventories. They had only 3 2500s left, 2 white and 1 Cajun red. I went to buy the Cajun but it sold the day before. I traded in my 2019 1500 LT Z71 (Cajun Red). I paid 38,000 approx for the 1500 new in December (not including tax of course) and I paid a 30000 difference for the 2500 (again, not including tax) So I lost about 5k on the truck but saved almost 3k in taxes so a 2k loss isn't too bad. And best of all....my 2500 gets better gas mileage than the 1500. Go figure
  4. Hi, I have been searching out solutions to my camera issues on my 2500HD. I have a total camera system failure just like others here except I have never taken my tailgate off. Yesterday I took it to a dealer and after a couple of hours they said they found the problem. Water leak on rear slide wider. Say what? Apparently the spoiler that goes over the rear window has a sealing issue thus allowing water to drip down the inside of the window. They said the spoiler issue is becoming ever more common. The camera module is back behind the seat panel and the water got in a fried it. They have ordered the new module but won't know if they can repair the wiring or order a whole new harness. The entire headliner and back seat has to come out. Thankfully this is all under warranty. I won't know the outcome for a couple of weeks but I will update the results.
  5. Hi, I just now discovered this thread. Of course having the same problem. I have a 2020 2500HD Turbo Diesel. Aside from a 5th wheel, which I don't tow much, I use a 6x12 cargo trailer for my motorcycles. I bought the truck in June 2020 and up till about a week ago it worked fine. Now suddenly it doesn't recognize the trailer so of course none of the lights work. It always had the flashing lights when off issue but I assumed it was normal. Also from time to time, it would tell me to check one of the tail lights to make sure it was connected. So I google the issue and there apparently is a service bulletin out for it, TSB #20-NA-198. I had an appointment to take my truck in for an oil change so I had them look at it then. I told them about the TSB of course. When I got the truck back they said they hooked it up to two other trailers and of course it worked just fine. Then he gave me the info on the Curt 57003 setup (which I'm a little confused on how that works or mounts). But no one local had one in stock so I tried simply a new 7-4 pin adapter, one that has the LED lights that let you know its working. The only thing the lights did was 2 of them blinked, the other two dead. And of course no trailer lights. So I bought a Curt 57004 off Amazon. This is a standard style 7-4 pin adapter but it has the resistors for LED lights. Plugged it in and all 4 LEDs on the plug worked as they should. Plus the truck now recognizes the trailer. Still no trailer lights. Now I will check the trailer itself but it worked just fine before. Seems to me that regardless of the fix, GM needs to pay for it. I did see a blurb in the owners manual about LED lights so I need to go track that down. As for the Curt 57003, how does that work? Looks like a lot of work that we as consumers should not have to do
  6. Following this topic.....I have 1100 miles on my 2500 HD TD and while it seems to shift smooth, there are some new sounds that have emerged. Plus sometimes there is a clunking noise that seems to come from the rear, hard to pinpoint. We are getting ready to hit the road for a month worth of travel pulling a 31ft travel trailer, sure don't want to have to stress over stuff
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