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  1. which tie downs and channel did you use
  2. All my other bulbs are from them, but when i input my truck info they dont show a bulb available for the brake lights, and when i looked for the same size it says will not work for trucks that use the same bulb for brake and turn signal.
  3. Has anyone found led bulbs for the non led taillights that work without a resistor?
  4. do you need to do this to get curb view assist when backing up?
  5. thanks again, these fit great! few taps with rubber mallet and thats it.
  6. are the inner grills interchangable, or do you need the outer part also? would like to swap out my elevation grill to a painted black denali or the darker at4.
  7. Great job! I'll take a set if you make them.
  8. So finally got a chance to see how it would look moved forward. As you can see the back qould have to be cut and som material added. I wish the bottle jack was in a different location.
  9. i was just thinking of trying this also. its held buy 4 bolts i belive, the 2 that hold the jack, the one that holds the tools and one in the corner in front of the tools.
  10. Had anyone found, come up with anything to use for storage between the jump seat and dash? In my 2009 sierra i found a tote that fit like it was made for the truck, but doesn't fit this one. And before the center console swap pists come, yes i thought of that but my jump seat has come in handy.
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