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  1. Shocks aren’t for carrying load. Neither are the shock mounts. Get airbags or Timbrens.
  2. They aren’t going to make a different exhaust pipe just because they temporarily can’t put the chips for DFM in there.
  3. Interested in how those tires do. I do a lot of highway driving so can’t justify MT’s any more. These seem perfect.
  4. Something's rubbing. Should be covered under warranty.
  5. The flapper on my wife’s 2017 actually broke off and was stuck in the muffler causing intermittent issues. Luckily the muffler shop was able to shake it out after they took the muffler off. Welded the muffler back on and no issues since. No weird noises either and my wife would notice if there were any.
  6. Eh. I bet the axles are the same as the regular half tons. Remains to be seen if they are AAM Co or actual GM units. Either way they should bolt right into the regular trucks. The locking diffs themselves should swap into your stock axles too. Assuming they’re using the stock axles. Wiring it all will be harder depending on what you want the finished result to look like.
  7. If you want Raptor performance start talking to some of the big names like Camburg. Not much in the way of "lift kits" will touch that purpose made setup.
  8. For your uses I'd go Timbrens. Airbags will likely get damaged if you plan on offroading it. The Timbrens are basically just big bump stops.
  9. You could always run something like Timbrens to support the load.
  10. Literally no well built offroad truck for fun, work, or racing runs anything but monotubes. Same for anything road performance oriented. He’s on the right path.
  11. Comparing those Fox shocks he's getting to Rancho 9000's is like comparing a kite to a jet fighter. Yeah they both fly in the sky but are they all that similar?
  12. The rear blocks are the exact same. 1500's and 2500/3500's use 2.5" wide leaf springs with single center pins.
  13. Nope. 5100 is basically the stainless steel bodied version of the 4600 that is available in lifted sizes also.
  14. Keep in mind that the front suspensions on these trucks are the same between the regular and TB/AT4 trucks. Only difference is the struts and CV shafts. That means you could go up 2” and still be the same as a factory Trail Boss in terms if geometry and alignment.
  15. Several listed here: https://www.carid.com/2020-gmc-sierra-off-road-front-bumpers/?filter=1&field[61][1]=Yes
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