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  1. Thanks all. Now need to sell my '18 Tacoma TRD Pro so I can start buying goodies for the Silverado.
  2. Took three weeks, but finally got the replacement pickup. Bowtie glows on this one. Other than that, and the repaired, previously undisclosed, damage, it's a twin.
  3. Thanks. It's been a real PITA and continues to be.
  4. Hasn't happened yet and I'm starting to think it may not. The pickup is a twin, however. My patience is spent. If not resolved today, then I'm filing Monday and that's that.
  5. AG hadn't called yet. They knew what I do for a living and knew I was not going to go quietly into the night. But yea, not as far as I could throw them. This one is $1k more (sticker). Same exact rig. I won't be opening my wallet. Checked vin and it is a considerable later production. In stock. Think I'll make the drive today. Thanks.
  6. Here's where this is at: Some emails (including one from the new car sales mgr admitting there was damage and it was repaired, and that they did not disclose the damage/repair to me and should have). So, that put me in a pretty good place to be. However, two weeks have passed and nothing. So, I spoke with the atty in charge at the AG's office. They were happy to take this one (I already did all the heavy lifting). As I was gathering my docs this AM, I received an email from the sale mgr. They are locating a new replacement pickup for me. Still a crazy amount of hassle, but I'll be content with a new, undamaged, ride (so long as they can find the same model, color, options). It's a 6hr round trip to the dealer and there are other things I'd rather be doing this weekend, but whatever. I'll follow up here if/when resolved.
  7. " (unless you hire a lawyer)". Just so happens... Also, OR law requires a dealer disclose repairs of $1k and up. Getting estimates now. If estimates come back as expected, then I'll hand it over the the state AG's office. They do good work.
  8. Not local. Made problems know via email, with pics, so there is a record (responses so receipt). Taking wife's car (miserable seats). Anyway, I'd better get packing. Thanks.
  9. Can't recall. 15 miles maybe. Wasn't enough to be concerned. Wonder if GM actually pulls completed vehicles back in to re-paint an isolated area. I kinda doubt it. My guess is damaged during transport, and the dealer repaired (poorly), despite claiming lack of knowledge. Suspect they are done talking to me. I'll start the process when we get back from vacation. What a hassle.
  10. All doc'd up. Thanks.
  11. Just venting. Nothing really to see here. Bought a new '19 3500 LTZ Z71 towards the end of Feb (or mid-Feb). It was raining. We have had a hell of a late Winter. Finally got a chance to wash off the pickup last night, and started waxing today (in preparation for installing factory flares). Had a WTF moment followed by several more. Front right fender, on this new pickup, without any disclosures, had been repainted, and repainted poorly. Tape line and paint on leading door seal was but one obvious clue. The real beauty of this is a substantial area that was wet sanded and never painted. Now when wet from rain, you can't tell. Also can't tell once the road film covered everything on the way home with it from the dealer (and snow, ice etc). However, I find it hard to believe no one at that dealership noticed this on a clear day. Its quit noticable on a clear day when clean. Paid for a new pickup, not a "new other" pickup that comes with a needed, second, re-paint job (which is rarely as good as orig). Hope that dealership/GM makes it right. Took the day off to install the factory flares and a set of Gatorback mud flaps in prep for a trip tomorrow. Not touching it now. I'm one chapped dude.
  12. Old post, but... I've ordered a set of 19393290 for my 3500HD. Won't get a chance to install them until the start of April, but happy to report back if still interested.
  13. Thanks. Those certainly look better.
  14. Any more pics of trimmed air dams (Silverado)? This thing is ridiculous.

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