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  1. They're made by Bulletproof Bumpers.. but the shop i deal with has them custom made with their logo on it, Farleys Truck & Auto Addictions. CNC cut stainless steel kickback to clear larger tires, heavy duty rubber with all stainless hardware. These are the 12" wide, black powdercoat... but you can get them in plenty of different sizes.
  2. No doubt that would probably look better... but I'm not about to pull the headlights apart. Too much effort for the end result haha, smoking them with film should cut down on how much they stand out.
  3. Rough Country +2.5 level up front and +1 block in back. 20x10 -24 xd820 wheels. 285/55r20 Cooper At3 tires. 12" kickback flaps. Black vinyl wrapped all chrome. PPF over vinyl and full front end. Full Debadge. 5% tint over factory rear tint. 30% front tint. Vinyl smoked rear lights. Vanquish Auto LED's. BakFlip HD Tonneau. Planning on smoking the front amber signals as they stand out too much to me. Also, going to do a muffler delete to give it a little more rumble.
  4. Haha thanks... GM should release the Hutch package. Leveled on 20x10s with AT tires and Kickback Flaps. Debadged/Smoked/Tinted. Black on Black on Black. I've probably done that same setup on half a dozen trucks now....
  5. Someone say black? 10th vehicle in a row I've bought black... Every time I regret it though Haha!
  6. New 17' I just picked up. Traded in the 16' Duramax... didn't have a need for a diesel anymore.
  7. Hey guys, didn't quite find what I was looking for. I have a customer with a 2015 and the LED back up lights in the mirrors. Anyone know of a way to turn them on while the truck is in drive?
  8. Oldddd thread.... but looking convert my parking lights to drl's. All the pictures are gone, anyone have any more or info on this?
  9. *Update* Removed the plastic panel underneath the dash and bottom section of the steering column. Inspected wiring and found that the Grey wire was completely broke off going into the connector at the bottom of the steering wheel. Found a wiring diagram online and sure enough the Grey wire is for the Set/Cancel/Resume function. I haven't fixed it yet, but I'm sure that it will resolve my issue.
  10. Hey, I just recently picked up a new truck, it's a 2012 GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali with 85,000km. So far I'm really enjoying being back in a Duramax, one issue I noticed was that the Cruise Control isn't working. The light on the steering wheel comes on, but nothing on the dash. I did some looking online and rear about a potential brake light or brake pedal switch issue. All brake lights work as they're supposed to, and tapping/wiggling the brake switch does nothing while attempting to set the cruise. I couldn't find a fuse for the cruise control to check??? Also tried playing with the trailer brake controller and parking brake.. still nothing. Then I tried playing with the tilt steering, and voila... I managed to get the cruise to work and the light on the dash to come on for a minute. As soon as I moved the wheel I lost it again. If I cycle the tilt steering up and down and hold it all the way in the lowest position it will intermittently work. This leads me to believe everything is functioning properly, and I either have a broken wire or loose connection somewhere on the steering column. Does anyone have a wiring diagram or insight on where I should be looking for this wiring issue? Thanks!
  11. Bumping this thread... any Silver Ice trucks with Black 22's ? Thinking about selling my black all terrain and going with more of a "street truck"... I'm tired of washing black vehicles. Found a pic of a silver rally edition:
  12. I wonder if they'll finally add rear heat/cool vents and heated 2nd row seating...
  13. I wonder if they'll finally add rear heat/cool vents and heated 2nd row seating..
  14. I like the sounds of those measurements, but I agree not worth it if you're getting vibrations... How about putting the shackles back to stock and pulling the rear block instead?
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