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  1. It really comes down to how much are you wanting it lifted and how much are you willing to spend.
  2. On a 2500, for that reason, it’s best to spend a little more for a traditional suspension lift. I wouldn’t waste my time leveling a 3/4 ton. I always spend more for the upgraded suspension components. But as you know, that’s just my opinion, I can send you some great options for 2500’s if you need some.
  3. FRONT: +2.5” Level (READY-LIFT) REAR: +1” Bigger Block (READY-LIFT) Suspension: Billstein Front/Rear
  4. I put some new wheels & tires on my truck last week. ✭ Wheels: 20x9 +0 offset Tires: 305.55.20 Amp Terrain Gripper
  5. I put some new wheels & tires on mine last week. ✭ Wheels: 20x9 +0 Offset Tires: 305/55/20 Amp Terrain Gripper
  6. I’ve got 33’s on a 3” level and want even bigger. Anything over a 3” you’ve got to go with 35’s at the very least Just my opinion, gorgeous truck though. Post pics when you do it.
  7. I’ve been really happy with the 305’s myself, until my friend put 33x12.5 on his. Not a huge difference, but man they look good. I’m about to put a set on my truck to see how they act.
  8. My 305’s didn’t rub anything but the front valance every once in a while, but only at full lock in reverse. I took that plastic off. My buddy nick has my exact setup and runs 33x12.5x20 and doesn’t rub whatsoever.
  9. 2.5” in front 3” in rear Amp Terrain Gripper 305/55/20
  10. Sorry about the angle, I wasn’t trying to show off my stock wheels. The tires are Amp Terrain Gripper AT 305/55/20
  11. Thanks man. They are just the stock 20” Z71 wheels
  12. De-badged “Sierra” from doors, Added matte black Z71 emblems, & Black Z71 decals on bed




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