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  1. Yep I know they should be there and the salesman knows they should be there. The Factory did give him a line of shit. He did say he would have them put on for me.
  2. 1GC3YSE78LF179767 Thanks for checking but i did not order it with the 8F2 Ornamental Delete. My salesman just called and he heared back from GM they told him "Not all truck get door emblems depending on color" Let me know if you find anything I'm missing Thank
  3. Every other 3500 WT on the lot has them. Also checked other regular cabs WT online. I guess I'll find out tomorrow.
  4. Going to take delivery of my new work truck on Wednesday. So stopped by the dealer to check it out. Turns out the factory never put the 3500HD door emblems on. Gonna call tomorrow to make sure they get put on but it seems kind of odd.
  5. Hope you have better luck mines been built and sitting for 2 months
  6. Sounds like a good idea but its a company truck so that's out Hopefully there right
  7. Just a quick question hopefully someone can give an answer to. So I placed an order for a truck on Oct. 25 and got a TPW for Nov. 25 and the truck is built as of Dec. 5 and I do have the Vin #. So why is it still sitting in Flint, I figured it would take some time to ship to the dealer but 8 weeks seems like an awful long time to sit around. Talked to my dealer and he told me he has know idea why its just sitting and that we are kind of at the mercy of the factory on when it ships. I know it will get here eventually but just wanted to throw this out here and see if any one has any info. Thanks Also if it helps its Chevy 3500 Reg. cab
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