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  1. Mine was sparatic also, the filement burned open in such a way that it made contact if I hit it with my hand. I would assume its a bad bulb, and yes it's a pain to replace
  2. Backwards move, no 6'-6" bed for crew cabs? It will force me to a 2500, which I was trying to avoid.
  3. Not to hijack, but what is the hitch weight of the 5th wheel, and did you install Timbren or air bags. Would love keeping the mpgs of the 6.2 for daily driving.
  4. Did mine also, needed to tip battery on it's side to get out, and the new one also, to get in.
  5. Could be brake fluid level, check service bulliten PIT5490. Dealer filled mine to the brim after I was randomly getting error message and no brakes, hadn't had a problem since.
  6. Had same issue with my 2014, cleaned connections and used dielectric grease, still failed periodically. Dealer said there was a TSB pointing to brake fluid level, so they filled it to the brim. So far that seemed to fix the problem, but only pulled a few times since, then winter checked in.
  7. I cross over into a different time zone quite​ often, and it struggles sometimes to regonize when I'm back in my home zone. Do you live close to an area that doesn't observe DST?
  8. That's a fancy looking garage / shop you have to work in.
  9. Its February, its 65+ degrees in NW Indiana, so truck got a bath, vent visors and a little more chrome for the grille.
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