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  1. From everything I have seen the architecture is the same with a few small changes that Banks touches on in one of their videos however I imagine they want to do some testing, etc prior to releasing it to the masses as a CYA for themselves.
  2. Last rumor prior to the strike was December
  3. Nope...started moving on Thursday so I'm guessing within a week or two. Got my bed cover and tinted film sitting in the garage ready to go though. It not too bad though..burning up the last of the miles on my Ford lease and planning other purchases (Derringer, etc) but I'm definitely ready to have it.
  4. The fender markers look 100x better tinted. Any chance of a side shot at night with them on?
  5. Curious as to how it is integrated into the truck. I'm guessing a switch at the hitch and wired into the tailgate plug?
  6. Without doing the research, running premium gas only would have noticable benefits if you are running variable timing as the vehicle will pull timing on perceptible knock. Higher octane would raise this limit and gain you more power. As grumpy bear stated, typically the detergents in the fuel can play a factor but those shouldn't yield anything on a new vehicle. Not an HD but with my F150, I run premium when towing as it will give a noticable gain to power on hills, etc but it is the EcoBoost and adjusts power/boost based on a wide variety of things which higher octane helps. I wouldn't have the same benefit with the 5.0.
  7. Got word today it is at the shipping yard now. First movement since 9/27 so finally making progress.
  8. Mine was built the week of 9/9 and has been sitting ever since. Just need it to make it's way to St. Louis
  9. Realtruck.com I messaged them from the F150 forum I am on but if you contact them I'd imagine they will match the deal.
  10. As the sole reason of getting a 3500 and researching hitches like crazy, is the 6'9" bed noticeably better without a slider?
  11. Is the banks working for tuning yet or just data logging?
  12. I got mine a touch under that from them. Best prices around. I called Dennis Dillon and they were a few thousand off. Anything local couldn't touch either of them.
  13. I didn't see a red AT4 in any of the photos so that is relieving.
  14. Having done mountains of research as we are looking at getting a 5th wheel. Due to not knowing true payload capacities initially and what we are looking at I went with a 3500 SRW. From what I've seen we could probably make do with a 2500 but I'm okay with being overly capable/rated of towing what we are getting. Plus without having the truck, luggage, people, etc...who knows what the available payload really would be.
  15. Just ordered up a MX4 online for $775+ tax. Most amazing part is it shipped from Indiana to Syracuse in 2 days. Now to get my truck....
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