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  1. Looks great. My truck shows up next week and I pick it up shortly after that. Definitely on the top of the todo list.
  2. My F150 has the ideal solution for the carbon buildup as it has dual injection(port and direct). It essentially uses port at idle and very low load and swaps to direct injection when making power and under decent load. The major benefits being smooth idle and clean intake valves.
  3. I was looking at getting a sheet of Lamin-X in Charcoal. It will still pass light but is almost black with no light on and fairly dark when the light is on
  4. The pin weight we are looking at for a 5th wheel is the sole reason I went with a 3500 SRW. It would be close with a 2500 but I'd rather be safe and not be over because then we'd either end up with a 5th wheel we don't really want or over GCWR and chance some nasty tickets while towing.
  5. I believe I received an email from GM stating thanks for my order. My dealer has been giving me updates twice a week. You can also sign up for weekly updates through GM Chat as long as you have your order #
  6. The two biggest options that I have been researching are the Andersen and the Reese goosebox. The goosebox is approved by Lippert who make 95% of 5th wheel frames and Andersen has a warranty that will pay for any damages. Both run off of the gooseneck connection and from what I can find the standard/short bed are good to go for most trailers.
  7. The lack of discounts is solely why I went with a dealer in St. Louis as nobody near me was willing to deal. Ended up with about $9k off of sticker so I'm pretty happy with that being they were just released. Their 2019s are advertised from anywhere from 10-14k off sticker. I mainly want all the new toys of the 2020 however when the interior is updated I'll be trading again as I was torn between the Sierra and Ram but the drivetrain sold it. The GM interior is fairly lack luster and the Rams have nailed it.
  8. That red tintcoat looks fantastic. I was torn between it and the blue and I'm glad I went with the red now.
  9. They all have them but I plan on tinting mine to make it blend with the fender better
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