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  1. My 3500 starts in 2nd as well unless in tow mode.
  2. It's not adaptive cruise. It is the distance warning setting for forward collision
  3. I'll throw out I have a 3500 AT4 (no plow prep / have 5th wheel prep) and have active shutters
  4. Derringer is here. Now I'm trying to figure out how to get it wired...definitely as simple as the 2019 looked. EDIT: Now that I took the time to actually read the manual--it spells out the best way and it is installed. Now I just need my gauge pod to show up.
  5. I've noticed it by the garbage gas mileage the quickest. It happens for me about every 800 miles however I have mostly highway miles
  6. Added a Bakflip when first purchased. Added mudflaps and the center console tray. Now the Derringer is in the mail with a Block8head ventpod. Got another thing about to hit the mail that I will reveal barring it fits the 2020 L5P.
  7. Derringer shipped today and will show up Saturday. Can't wait
  8. Banks was nice enough to reply to me on Instagram and state exhausts are a few weeks out and intakes are near the end of May
  9. I typically only get up to ~170 on the dash indication.
  10. And ordered...let it begin
  11. Reading on some of the RV forums, a few states have recently upped pulling over out of state RVs to verify basic weight restrictions (GCWR, etc) For me, being well within actually ratings is more important as a safety factor than anything.
  12. Depending on modifications it is possible to swap back to OEM but if you do dpf delete etc you are stuck with the modified.
  13. There is a video by Banks that tests all of them versus his which is very enlightening and gives dyno results etc. I'll leave it up to you but after watching it I will only be using the Banks tuner when available.
  14. 2nd regen today. Noticed it on the way to work this morning, crappy gas mileage while cruising on flat road. Off pedal it would barely make 80 mpg which was a dead giveaway
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