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  1. You can use the GMC chat feature on the GMC website, but you need to have your order number. For now there’s nothing to track because of the strike.
  2. For me, I ordered it before any of the 3500’s were being built. I’m also specifically looking for a Denali 3500 SRW Long Box which I believe they just started building and I have not yet seen on any lots (at least not in their inventory search feature). The ones at Laura all show standard box on their website.
  3. Yeah, admittedly that makes me nervous as well.
  4. Well, had a 3500 SRW GMC Denali Crew Cab on order since mid June. Scheduled to be built this week. Guess not anymore...
  5. Are you using it for commercial purposes? Even in MA it appears to state it is exempt for private use. DOT regulations also seem to state that vehicles exceeding that threshold that are used for Commerce must register. Private use appears to be exempt from DOT - but states may require different drivers licenses when you add trailers (even for private use). There are states that offer CDL type licenses when your rig exceeds 26,001 GVWR, without the Commercial part for things like RV’s and such. Some states require that type of license when you have a 10K+ trailer even if the GVWR is less than 26,000lbs. The key to any of it is whether or not it is used in commercial applications. Some states force a commercial registration for pickup trucks regardless, but there are still exemptions for private use.
  6. It was actually before that. My 2007 Sierra 2500 NBS (not the classic that was also available in MY2007) had a 2.5” receiver and came with an adapter.
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