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  1. I have just bought my first diesel truck, a 2020 2500HD Denali. The dealership had already lifted and leveled the truck and put 37” Toyo tires on it. But I was just wondering if there are any programmers available for this year model or not? If so what’s the best one overall?
  2. I bought a 2019 AT4 6.2 in May 2019, had the Borla exhaust and cold air. That truck was a beast, but wasn’t great for towing or heavy loads. December 16 a woman ran a stop sign and I totaled the truck. Still dealing with her insurance company today! But I went ahead and bought a 2020 2500HD Denali! What a difference in towing for sure. I pulled a Polaris Ranger crew along with bags of duck decoys and lots of other equipment, I was constantly looking in the mirror because I never felt the trailer behind me. This is my first Duramax and I love it so far.
  3. I just got a 2019 Sierra AT4 in May then totaled it a couple weeks ago, December 16th! I had the 6.2 with Borla exhaust and I loved the truck. Factory lifted and leveled with exhaust upgrade and it would fly, had 35” tires and it would roast them unless it was in 4Hi! Until a woman ran a stop sign and that was all she wrote. Anyway I’m going to go with the 2020 Sierra 2500HD either Denali or the AT4 and would like to know what the best 3-5” lift kit would be. I’m also going to have a winch and bumper installed so that needs to be taken into consideration too. Also are the Amp electrical step boards the best ones available?
  4. I have been doing some searching and have found a couple of tuners/programmers for the 19 Sierra 1500 AT4 with the 6.2liter. AFE Scorcher Pro and one or two others. I was just wondering if there’s any others that I’ve missed and if so what are they? And has anyone tried the AFE Scorcher Pro? The only mods I’ve got are the Borla cat back and a chip from Chip your car, I also have a Cold air intake on the way. I can tell a little difference with the chip plugged in but not like the Superchips tuner I had in my 17’ Sierra 6.2l. I really want to get rid of the lag when I step on the throttle, I guess there are throttle modules that will help with that. But if anyone can offer me any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.
  5. Are you guys available to tune the 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 6.2l?
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