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  1. Tinted the front windows and windshield today. I pulled the door panels because the weatherstrip is in the way and they are not like old trucks where you can just tuck them in. Tuesday the RC leveling 3+1 kit gets installed. I probably need to run the power wire for the aftermarket amp before its leveled. It already seems imposible to hover to get it through the firewall. I guess I will run it through where the upfitter switch power wire would go.
  2. Looks like you’re going be ready for rush-hour traffic Lol
  3. I have checked everywhere and could not find the "mud flaps" that go under the fender flares painted or primed. I did buy the mud flaps that extend out a little more to protect the truck and they have a texture to them so I plan on sanding out the texture and having them painted the same as the fender flares. I have a Red Quartz 2020 Sierra 2500HD Denali so I could only get the fender flares in primer. I also could not find clear in channel vent visors so I got the smoke ones and will have both sides painted the color of the truck as well.
  4. A dealer about 45 minutes from me has its own aftermarket shop so I will get them to do it so if they mess something up I will have more leverage to get them to resolve the issue. I can't believe how much of a pain in the butt it has been to get accurate information on my truck even with the build sheet. I am really reluctant to let them do the work because they are the ones that said I had magnaride and put my plans to level the truck and have 22" chrome contras with 35-12.5-r22 Nitto Trial Grapplers put on. I would have gotten a $1000 trade in credit for the stock wheels and tires if they had not said I could only do keys at first. Because I thought I could not get the kit with the arms I canceled my plans only to later be told by the dealer closest to me that I never had magnaride. As for wheels and tires I will just wear the stock tires out and then get something I want. On a side note I got the same misinformation about our denalis having (ANC) active noise canceling. I was told we have it and then I was told by another source that they no longer have it. This is important if you plan on adding a amplifier and subwoofers to your stock Bose system. If you have ANC you will get feedback as the ANC tries to counteract the additional sound (noise). I spoke to a guy that makes a harness that circumvents the ANC on GM vehicles and he said I don't need one because GM stopped putting them in the sierra 2500hd denali after the 2019s. So I have a harness coming to plug and play with the wires I need to add the amp and subs attached. This way I can just return to the stock setup easy if it gives me any trouble or when I go the sale it. Even though I could and I have a diagram sheet that gives me the info on where to tap into I don't want to tap into any wires that would for sure void the Bose system warranty. This has been unreal to say the least.
  5. I will know for sure next Tuesday as I have made an appointment for the RC 3 + 1 leveling kit. If they can do it than great if not than they will just do keys. Either way I will know Tuesday if my 2020 Sierra 2500 Denali can have the 3 + 1. they said $1320.00 out the door for the kit and labor.
  6. Go to you dealer service department and ask them to check to see if you have magnaride. If they say no then contact RC and tell them what you think of them. Did you read the press release posted earlier on this thread?
  7. You will need a 2 pin 16 gauge wire for power and ground and I put in a 10 amp mini fuse to be safe.
  8. Not to bad to mount. Hot glue gun to temp hold down wires and 100% silicone for more permanent hold long term. The strip has 3m tape but you must alcohol clean good before install them. I also put a bead of the silicone on the sides of the strips to help hold them down. Drill a hole for the power on the right corner on the inside of the vent and seal with the silicone when you are all done. It can be tricky because you have to fish the power and ground wire through the hood channels and under the heat shield to the right hood hinge to travel back to the battery without pinching the wire. Don't forget the wire loom for protection. You can also get a module to control with your phone if you don't like the remote. I also am doing one for a guy with for $250 plus parts. See pics
  9. Read back through. No Magnaride. I was given misinformation also and RC thought all denali had it. Check your build code sheet if you had it it would say it. Most If not all 2500s Denali have Z71 package
  10. GMC but they gave me one that didn’t have an open vent first and then I had to sit up there with them searching and finally found the one with the open vent. I tried to find you a part number but it’s in a pile of papers somewhere.
  11. Hello everyone, On my 2020 GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali I did a hood air induction vent swap for a chrome vent cover and while I was at it I added Led RGB lights inside the vent taking care not to restrict the air flow. Has anyone else done any chrome or Led RGB mods? If so lets see them please.
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